Opposite of DETERMINATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for determination refer to words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning of the characteristic of being firm in achieving one’s goals or objectives. These antonyms often reflect a lack of perseverance, willpower, or resolve in facing challenges or obstacles.

Individuals who lack determination may exhibit traits associated with antonyms such as lethargy, indecision, passivity, or apathy. These contrasting qualities suggest a lack of commitment, dedication, or tenacity in pursuing and achieving desired outcomes.

Understanding antonyms for determination can provide insight into the various attitudes and mindsets that hinder individuals from staying focused and committed to their goals. By recognizing these opposing qualities, one can better appreciate the importance of determination in overcoming adversity and reaching personal milestones.

35 Antonyms for DETERMINATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for determination. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DETERMINATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Determination Sentence with Antonym
Indecision She faced challenges with determination. She faced challenges with indecisiveness.
Apathy He approached the project with unwavering determination. He approached the project with utter apathy.
Laziness Despite setbacks, her determination never wavered. Despite setbacks, her laziness prevailed.
Uncertainty With fierce determination, he pursued his dreams. With persistent uncertainty, he hesitated.
Reluctance Through sheer determination, she achieved her goals. Through evident reluctance, she backed out.
Hesitation His determination led to his success in overcoming obstacles. His constant hesitation hindered his progress.
Surrender She never gives up; her determination is admirable. She easily surrenders; her surrender is noticeable.
Indifference With a strong sense of determination, he reached his objectives. With indifference, he showed no interest in achieving his goals.
Procrastination Overcome with determination, she tackled the assignment. Overcome with procrastination, she postponed the task repeatedly.
Passivity He faced every challenge with unwavering determination. He faced every challenge with passive acceptance.
Complacency Her determination to succeed shone through her efforts. Her complacency led to lackluster performance.
Timidity Her determination enabled her to conquer all obstacles. Her timidity prevented her from taking risks.
Doubt With resolved determination, she pursued her dreams. With nagging doubt, she hesitated to take action.
Weakness Despite his struggles, his determination remained unshaken. Due to his weakness, he gave up easily.
Aimlessness He approached each task with determination and focus. He approached each task with aimlessness and confusion.
Inaction Her persistent determination propelled her towards success. Her consistent inaction held her back.
Irrationality With rational determination, she made thoughtful decisions. With irrational decisions constantly, she seemed lost.
Half-heartedness He tackled the project with all his determination. He tackled the project with half-heartedness.
Feebleness His fierce determination impressed everyone around him. His feebleness made it hard for him to reach his goals.
Dithering With unwavering determination, she pursued her ambitions. With constant dithering, she was unable to make progress.
Defeatism Despite the challenges, her determination never wavered. Due to his defeatism, he gave up easily.
Flexibility Through sheer determination, she achieved her goals. Through too much flexibility, her goals remained unmet.
Vacillation Overcome with a sense of determination, he took on the task. Overcome with vacillation, he couldn’t make up his mind.
Disinclination She faced each obstacle with determination and resilience. She faced each obstacle with disinterest and disinclination.
Spinelessness His determination never faltered, leading him to success. His spinelessness prevented him from standing up for his beliefs.
Lethargy Despite feeling tired, her determination spurred her on. Due to excessive lethargy, she failed to make any progress.
Resignation With relentless determination, she conquered each challenge. With a sense of resignation, he accepted defeat.
Pusillanimity Her fierce determination drove her towards her goals. Her pusillanimity prevented her from taking action.
Inertia He faced every obstacle with unwavering determination. He faced every obstacle with inertia, making no progress.
Fickleness Her determination to excel was evident in her work. Her fickleness led to inconsistent efforts.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DETERMINATION

Having a lack of determination can lead to procrastination and failure to achieve goals. On the other hand, possessing determination is essential for success. It enables individuals to overcome obstacles, stay focused, and persist even in the face of challenges. Without determination, individuals may struggle to reach their full potential and may give up easily when faced with difficulties.

In conclusion, determination is a crucial trait that drives individuals towards achieving their objectives. It empowers individuals to stay motivated, persevere through setbacks, and ultimately succeed in their endeavors. Therefore, it is important to cultivate determination in order to reach one’s goals and fulfill their potential.

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