Opposite of DETERMINED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Opposite to the state of being determined is the concept of having a lack of resolve or commitment. This attitude is characterized by a lack of motivation or purpose, resulting in a sense of uncertainty or wavering in decision-making. Individuals who exhibit this trait may find it challenging to set and pursue goals, often feeling aimless or indifferent towards accomplishing tasks.

A contrasting quality to determination is marked by a lack of persistence and perseverance. This mindset is often associated with giving up easily or abandoning efforts in the face of obstacles or setbacks. Rather than showing resilience and dedication to overcoming challenges, individuals with this trait may quickly lose interest or motivation when faced with difficulties.

In opposition to being determined is the tendency to be easily swayed or influenced by external factors. This lack of steadfastness can lead to inconsistency in actions and decisions, as individuals may change course frequently based on changing circumstances or the opinions of others.

35 Antonyms for DETERMINED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for determined. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DETERMINED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Determined Sentence with Antonym
Indecisive She was determined to finish the project on time. She was indecisive about whether to start the project or not.
Wishy-washy He was always determined to achieve his goals. He was typically wishy-washy and unsure about his aspirations.
Uncertain Despite facing obstacles, she remained determined to succeed. She was feeling quite uncertain about her chances of success.
Hesitant They were determined to reach the summit of the mountain. They were hesitant to even begin the climb.
Indistinct Her determined expression showed she was ready for the challenge. Her indistinct expression made it unclear if she was up for the challenge.
Disinclined John was determined to overcome his fear of public speaking. John was disinclined to confront his fear of speaking in front of others.
Fickle Laura was determined to stick to her exercise routine. Laura’s fickle nature caused her to constantly change her workout plan.
Variable The team was determined to win the championship. The team’s performance was variable, leading to an uncertain outcome.
Wavering Despite the criticism, she remained determined to follow her passion. Her resolve began wavering in the face of opposition.
Uncommitted He was determined to make a positive impact in the community. He seemed uncommitted to any cause or goal.
Inconstant She was determined to learn a new language. Her interests were inconstant, making it hard for her to focus on learning.
Vacillating He was determined to break the world record. His actions remained vacillating as he struggled with his commitment.
Unresolved Despite the challenges, she remained determined to finish the marathon. The issue was unresolved, creating a sense of uncertainty.
Faint-hearted She was determined to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Those who are faint-hearted often give up on their dreams too easily.
Wavering He was determined to start his own business. His confidence was wavering as doubts crept in.
Unsure Even though the task was difficult, she was determined to complete it. She was unsure if she had the skills needed for the job.
Unsettled She was determined to make a difference in the world. Her mind was unsettled, making it hard for her to focus on any one goal.
Reluctant Mary was determined to break free from her comfort zone. Mary was reluctant to step out of her routine and try new things.
Fickle The team was determined to win the championship. They had a fickle approach to training, often skipping sessions.
Changeable Sarah was determined to improve her grades. Her attitude was changeable, affecting her ability to focus on studying.
Vacillating Despite the setbacks, she remained determined to reach her goal. Her commitment was vacillating, resulting in inconsistent progress.
Half-hearted He was determined to implement new strategies at work. His efforts seemed half-hearted, lacking true commitment.
wavering She was determined to learn how to play the guitar. Her motivation kept wavering, leading to inconsistent practice.
Unstable The team was determined to win the championship. However, their performance was unstable, making victory uncertain.
Unreliable Despite the challenges, she remained determined to finish the project on time. The source of her unreliable behavior was her lack of commitment.
Discouraged She was determined to succeed in her career. However, she was easily discouraged by setbacks along the way.
Flexible Karl was determined to stick to his daily routine. His approach was more flexible, allowing for spontaneity and change.
Nervous She was determined to confront her fear of public speaking. Her constant fidgeting showed she was nervous about the upcoming speech.
Pliable Despite criticism, she remained determined to follow her dreams. Her goals were pliable and changed frequently based on others’ opinions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DETERMINED

In conclusion, being unfocused can lead to inefficiency and confusion, while hesitant decision-making can result in missed opportunities and delayed progress. It is essential to avoid being indecisive and distracted in order to achieve success and reach your goals. By being resolute and committed, you can overcome obstacles and make steady strides towards your objectives. Embracing perseverance and decisiveness will pave the way for fruitful outcomes and personal growth.

Determination is the key to unlocking your full potential and making meaningful contributions in various aspects of your life. By shunning uncertainty and disorganization, and instead embracing resolve and dedication, you can build a path to success and fulfillment. Stay driven and steadfast in your pursuits, and you will be empowered to tackle challenges head-on and realize your ambitions with confidence and purpose.

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