Opposite of DEVOTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for devotion are words or phrases that convey a lack of commitment, loyalty, or dedication to a particular cause, belief, or relationship. These terms represent a contrary sentiment to the strong sense of devotion or faithfulness that is typically associated with the concept.

While devotion is characterized by unwavering support, antonyms for devotion suggest a lack of loyalty or steadfastness towards a person, idea, or commitment. These contrasting words or expressions can convey indifference, detachment, or disinterest in the subject at hand.

Understanding antonyms for devotion helps to paint a clearer picture of the spectrum of emotions and attitudes that individuals may experience in various aspects of their lives. By recognizing these opposite sentiments, one can gain insight into the complexities of human relationships, beliefs, and behaviors.

35 Antonyms for DEVOTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for devotion. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEVOTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Devotion Sentence with Antonym
Neglect She showed tremendous devotion to her family. She demonstrated persistent neglect of her family.
Indifference His deep devotion to his work was evident. His complete indifference towards his work was noticeable.
Apathy Her unwavering devotion to her cause inspired others. Her evident apathy towards her cause disappointed her supporters.
Disinterest The team’s devotion to winning was commendable. The team’s disinterest in winning was evident.
Carelessness Her devotion to her studies paid off. Her carelessness towards her studies resulted in poor grades.
Unconcern His devotion to his pet was heartwarming. His unconcern towards his pet was disheartening.
Detachment Their mutual devotion was palpable. Their detachment towards each other was noticeable.
Inattention Her consistent devotion to the project was remarkable. Her inattention to the project was disappointing.
Disregard The employees’ loyal devotion to the company was commendable. The employees’ blatant disregard for the company’s rules was concerning.
Disloyalty His devotion to his country was unwavering. His disloyalty to his country was treasonous.
Infidelity Her deep devotion to her partner was evident. Her infidelity shattered the trust in their relationship.
Unfaithfulness The couple’s mutual devotion was inspiring. The impact of their unfaithfulness on their relationship was heartbreaking.
Betrayal His unwavering devotion to his friends was commendable. His act of betrayal shattered the trust among them.
Inconstancy The team’s devotion to their practice paid off. The team’s inconstancy in their efforts led to poor performance.
Disloyalty Her devotion to her best friend was genuine. Her friend’s act of disloyalty was a painful betrayal.
Fickleness His consistent devotion to his studies paid off. His fickleness resulted in fluctuating grades.
Perfidy Their shared devotion to the project was evident. The act of perfidy derailed their progress.
Infidelity The couple’s devotion to each other was clear. The act of infidelity led to the breakdown of their relationship.
Inconsistency Her deep devotion to her craft was evident. Her inconsistency in her efforts led to unsatisfactory results.
Irreverence His steadfast devotion to his beliefs was admirable. His irreverence towards his beliefs was disrespectful.
Neglect Their devotion to their garden was evident. Their long neglect of the garden was apparent.
Sloppiness The chef’s unwavering devotion to his craft was evident. The sloppiness in his cooking technique was noticeable.
Dispassion Her unwavering devotion to her art was admirable. Her dispassion towards her art was concerning.
Ice Their deep devotion to each other was evident. The ice between them was palpable.
Coldness His consistently unwavering devotion to his family was moving. His coldness towards his family was hurtful.
Hostility The team’s mutual devotion was inspiring. The hostility between team members was damaging.
Alienation Her deep devotion to her community was evident. Her ongoing alienation from the community was concerning.
Dislike Her dedicated devotion to her job was evident. Her dislike for her job was palpable.
Absence His unwavering devotion to his studies was commendable. His absence of dedication resulted in poor grades.
Disinclination Their wholehearted devotion to the cause was evident. Their disinclination to make an effort was disappointing.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEVOTION

The antonyms of devotion include neglect, indifference, and disregard. Instead of showing commitment and loyalty, one might display apathy or disinterest towards a cause or person. For example, while some may be dedicated and passionate in their relationships, others may exhibit detachment and lack of concern.

In relationships, work, or personal goals, it is important to recognize when one is veering towards indifference or neglect. By being mindful of these contrasting behaviors to devotion, one can strive to cultivate a deeper sense of commitment, passion, and dedication in various aspects of life.

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