Opposite of DILAPIDATED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When searching for antonyms for “dilapidated,” it is essential to explore words that describe things that are well-maintained and in good condition. Antonyms convey the opposite meaning of the original word, providing a clear contrast in the descriptions used.

One key factor to consider when looking for antonyms for “dilapidated” is to focus on terms that signify strength, durability, and overall good condition. These antonyms help to create a vivid and striking contrast to the state of disrepair associated with the term “dilapidated.”

By identifying antonyms for “dilapidated,” we can enhance our vocabulary and better articulate the state of well-maintained objects or structures. This exploration of opposite meanings can greatly improve our ability to communicate effectively and paint a more detailed picture in our descriptions.

35 Antonyms for DILAPIDATED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for dilapidated. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DILAPIDATED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Dilapidated Sentence with Antonym
Pristine The dilapidated house had broken windows and peeling paint The house was in such pristine condition that it looked brand new
Intact The dilapidated bridge was not safe to cross The newly constructed bridge was completely intact
Well-maintained The dilapidated building was in need of repairs The well-maintained building was regularly cared for
Immaculate The dilapidated room was messy and unkempt The room was immaculate, with everything in its place
Sound The dilapidated car broke down frequently The new car ran smoothly and was in perfect sound condition
Stable The dilapidated foundation of the house was crumbling The foundation was rebuilt to be strong and stable
New The dilapidated furniture was old and worn out The furniture in the showroom was shiny and new
Modern The dilapidated technology was outdated and slow The technology was updated and cutting-edge, very modern
Robust The dilapidated fence was falling apart The new fence was sturdy and robust
Polished The dilapidated floor was covered in scratches The floor had been refinished and was now polished
Lively The dilapidated neighborhood was run down and quiet The neighborhood had been revitalized and was now lively
Fresh The dilapidated garden was overgrown and neglected The garden had been replanted and looked fresh
Functional The dilapidated equipment was no longer working The new equipment was fully functional
Secure The dilapidated door could not be locked properly The door was replaced with a strong and secure one
Vibrant The dilapidated painting was faded and dull The new painting was colorful and vibrant
Renovated The dilapidated house was falling apart The house was beautifully renovated and looked brand new
Solid The dilapidated wall was cracked and weak The new wall was strong and solid
Tidy The dilapidated room was cluttered and messy The room had been cleaned and was now tidy
Prosperous The dilapidated town was struggling financially The town had turned around and was now prosperous
Spotless The dilapidated kitchen was dirty and grimy The kitchen had been scrubbed clean and was now spotless
Fixed The dilapidated roof leaked whenever it rained The roof was repaired and no longer fixed
Well-kept The dilapidated garden was full of weeds The garden was now beautifully well-kept
Brand-new The dilapidated car barely ran The brand-new car was a smooth ride
Revitalized The dilapidated downtown area was deserted The area was revitalized and filled with bustling shops
Structurally sound The dilapidated building was falling apart The rebuilt building was structurally sound
Valetudinarian The dilapidated hospital lacked basic facilities The state-of-the-art hospital was a valetudinarian‘s dream
Salvaged The dilapidated ship was on the verge of sinking The ship was successfully salvaged and restored
Strengthened The dilapidated bridge was unsafe to use The bridge underwent repairs and was strengthened
Pruned The dilapidated garden was overgrown The garden was properly pruned and looked well-manicured
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DILAPIDATED

Renovated and well-maintained buildings can enhance the overall aesthetics of a city and improve its reputation. Preservation of historic structures not only conserves the cultural heritage but also contributes to sustainable urban development. In contrast, neglected and deteriorating buildings can detract from the urban landscape, decreasing property values and attracting crime.

Investing in the restoration and upkeep of buildings helps create a vibrant and attractive environment for residents and visitors. By choosing to revitalize instead of neglect, communities can foster a sense of pride and belonging. Ultimately, prioritizing the maintenance of buildings promotes a safer and more prosperous city for all its inhabitants.

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