Opposite of DILUTE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for words that have opposite meanings to “dilute,” we are essentially seeking antonyms that convey the concept of making something stronger, more concentrated, or undiluted. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings to a particular term, offering a clear distinction in their definition and usage.

In the context of “dilute,” antonyms play a crucial role in providing language with a diverse range of vocabulary options to express contrasting ideas. By exploring antonyms for “dilute,” we can enhance our communication by accurately conveying the intended meaning of concentration, intensity, or purity.

Identifying antonyms for “dilute” can broaden our understanding of language and help us articulate precise and nuanced descriptions. By recognizing and utilizing antonyms effectively, we can enrich our vocabulary and communicate with greater clarity and specificity.

35 Antonyms for DILUTE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for dilute. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DILUTE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Dilute Sentence with Antonym
Concentrate The chef had to dilute the soup to make it less salty. The chef had to concentrate the soup to enhance the flavors.
Strengthen Adding more water will dilute the solution. Adding more substance will strengthen the solution.
Intensify The rain started to dilute the colors of the painting. The colors need to be made bolder to intensify the painting.
Purer They always dilute the juice with water. They prefer to keep the juice purer by not adding any water.
Enrich The company was told to dilute its products with cheaper ingredients. The company decided to enrich its products with premium ingredients.
Thicken Diluting the paint with water makes it easier to work with. Adding more pigment will help thicken the paint.
Solidify We need to dilute the gelatin before we can use it. We need to let the gelatin solidify before using it.
Strengthen By diluting the mixture, the original taste is lost. By not diluting the mixture, the taste will strengthen.
Boost The most effective way to ruin the flavor of the drink is to dilute it. To enhance the drink’s taste, we should avoid the urge to boost it.
Saturate The artist chose to dilute the paint for a lighter effect. The artist decided to saturate the paint for more vivid colors.
Refine Diluting the perfume with water will lessen its fragrance. Refining the perfume will make the scent more concentrated.
Strengthen To avoid making the medicine weaker, do not dilute it. To ensure the medicine is effective, it must be strengthened.
Dull Over diluting the colors makes the painting look faded and dull. Adding more colors will make the painting vibrant and colorful.
Fortify It is important not to dilute the nutritional content of the drink. Adding vitamins and nutrients will fortify the drink.
Heighten Adding too much water will dilute the flavor of the soup. Increasing the seasoning will heighten the flavor of the soup.
Concentrate Diluting the paint will mute the colors. To make the colors pop, you need to concentrate the paint.
Purify It is essential to dilute the solution for accurate results. To get the best outcome, avoid purifying the solution.
Strengthen By diluting the medication, its effects will be reduced. To benefit fully from the medication, do not strengthen it.
Richen The chef wouldn’t want to dilute the stew’s flavors. Instead, the aim is to enrich them and make them richer.
Heighten Diluting the cocktail with water will make it less potent. To make the cocktail more potent, do not heighten it with water.
Deepen To create a soft, light shade, you can dilute the paint. To intensify the color, you should not deepen the paint.
Strengthen It is unwise to dilute the solution if you want it to be effective. Strengthen the solution to ensure its efficacy.
Clarify Diluting the message with unnecessary details will confuse the audience. To ensure understanding, it’s best to clarify the message.
Collect Diluting the samples with water will reduce the accuracy of the experiment. It is essential not to collect the samples with any extra substances.
Intensify Diluting a scent will make it less noticeable. To make a scent more noticeable, you should intensify it.
Solidify The company had to dilute the shares among new investors. The company wants to solidify its ownership among key stakeholders.
Focus She decided to dilute her attention among various tasks. To achieve better results, she needs to focus on one task at a time.
Sharpen By diluting the vinegar, its acidity was significantly reduced. To enhance the flavor, you can sharpen the vinegar by reducing the water content.
Harden If you dilute the cement too much, it will not harden properly. To ensure that the cement will harden to its full strength, avoid excessive dilution.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DILUTE

In conclusion, when concentrated substances are mixed with solvents that are not diluted, the resulting solution can be strong and potent. Conversely, when substances are blended with diluted solutions, the mixture becomes weaker and less powerful. It is crucial to understand the effects of dilution on the strength and potency of solutions, as it can significantly impact their performance and effectiveness. By being mindful of the antonyms for dilute and how they interact with different substances, one can make informed decisions when preparing solutions for various applications.

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