Opposite of DISCRIMINATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for discriminate refer to the opposite of making unjust distinctions or showing prejudice against a particular group of people based on their characteristics, such as race, gender, or religion. When individuals do not discriminate, they treat everyone equally and with fairness, regardless of differences.

Being inclusive is a key antonym for discriminate, as it promotes acceptance and diversity by welcoming people from all backgrounds and cultures. By being inclusive, individuals embrace the uniqueness of others and create a sense of belonging for everyone involved.

Another antonym for discriminate is to be unbiased, meaning to make decisions without favoring or excluding any specific group. When individuals are unbiased, they make choices based on merit and objective criteria, rather than allowing personal biases or stereotypes to influence their judgments.

35 Antonyms for DISCRIMINATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for discriminate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISCRIMINATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Discriminate Sentence with Antonym
Include The company discriminated against applicants based on their age. The company made sure to include applicants of all ages.
Accept Some schools discriminate against students with disabilities. All schools should accept students with disabilities without discrimination.
Unbiased The judge was accused of discriminating during the trial. The judge remained unbiased and fair throughout the trial.
Equal The old policy discriminated against women in the workplace. The new policy ensures that both men and women are treated equally.
Fair The hiring manager was caught discriminating against minorities. It is important to be fair and treat all applicants equally.
Include The country has laws against discrimination based on race. The country prides itself on laws that include all races.
Equitable The supervisor was found guilty of discriminating against employees based on their religion. The supervisor should promote an equitable work environment for all religions.
Respect Some regions discriminate against individuals from different cultural backgrounds. It is important to respect all cultural backgrounds and avoid discrimination.
Indiscriminate The policy was criticized for being discriminatory against certain groups. A good policy should be indiscriminate and treat all groups equally.
Unprejudiced The club was accused of discriminating against people of certain social classes. The club should aim to be unprejudiced and welcome people from all social classes.
Include The organization actively works to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation. The organization aims to include people of all sexual orientations.
Equitable The manager was fired for discriminating against employees based on their gender. The new manager should ensure an equitable treatment for employees of all genders.
Just The college has a policy to prevent discrimination against students with disabilities. The college strives to be just and provide equal opportunities for all students.
Nonpartisan The study showed that the hiring process was discriminatory towards people of color. The hiring process should be nonpartisan and treat all candidates equally.
Broad-minded Some businesses have a history of discriminating against employees with tattoos. Businesses should be broad-minded and embrace diversity in appearance.
Impartial The government faces criticism for discriminating against refugees seeking asylum. It is important for the government to be impartial and treat refugees fairly.
Unbiased The company was accused of discriminating against employees based on their political beliefs. The company must ensure that its practices are unbiased and fair for all employees.
Inclusive The university prohibits discrimination against students of different races. The university prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to students from all backgrounds.
Tolerant The country’s laws prohibit discrimination based on religious beliefs. The country promotes itself as tolerant and inclusive of all religious beliefs.
Impartial The judge recused himself from a case to avoid discriminating against a particular party. The judge remained impartial and fair to all parties involved.
Impartial The manager was accused of discriminating based on employees’ political affiliations. The new manager should strive to be impartial and not let personal bias affect decisions.
Unbiased The organization has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on gender. The organization aims to be unbiased and fair in its treatment of all genders.
Indifferent The new policy ensures that there is no discrimination based on age. The policy is designed to be indifferent to the age of individuals and treat everyone equally.
Equitable The company faces backlash for discriminating against employees with disabilities. The company should make sure to provide an equitable environment for employees with disabilities.
Unprejudiced The company’s hiring practices were found to be discriminatory against individuals of a certain race. The company should strive to be unprejudiced and provide equal opportunities regardless of race.
Tolerant The school has strict policies against discrimination based on sexual orientation. The school prides itself on being tolerant and accepting of all sexual orientations.
Indifferent The committee vowed to investigate any claims of discrimination within the company. The company must aim to be indifferent to personal characteristics and treat all employees fairly.
Inclusive The organization strives to promote inclusion and prevent discrimination against diverse groups. The organization’s goal is to be inclusive and ensure equal treatment for all individuals.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISCRIMINATE

It is important for society to promote inclusivity and equality by treating everyone with fairness and respect. Discrimination, which involves prejudiced treatment based on differences, should be eradicated in all aspects of life. Embracing tolerance, acceptance, and equality fosters a sense of unity and understanding among diverse groups of individuals.

By valuing diversity and rejecting discrimination, individuals can create a more harmonious and respectful community where everyone is valued for who they are. Embracing inclusion and equality not only benefits individuals but also promotes a more just and equitable society for all.

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