Opposite of DISPLAY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing the concept of antonyms for display, it is important to understand the essence of contrasting terms within this context. Antonyms refer to words that have opposite meanings or contrasts in relation to one another. In the case of display, antonyms would entail terms that represent the opposite action or idea to presenting something visibly or prominently.

Exploring antonyms for display enables us to delve into language’s intricate web of opposites, providing a broader understanding of vocabulary and communication. By identifying antonyms for display, we gain insight into alternative ways of expressing ideas and concepts where visibility or presentation is not the focal point.

Recognizing antonyms for display can enrich our linguistic capabilities by offering a spectrum of contrasting terms that expand our expression and communication. This exploration not only enhances our grasp of language nuances but also cultivates a deeper appreciation for the diverse ways in which words can convey meaning.

35 Antonyms for DISPLAY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for display. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISPLAY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Display Sentence with Antonym
Hide She displayed her artwork at the gallery. She prefers to hide her artwork in a secret room.
Conceal The magician displayed a wonderful trick on stage. The magician knew how to conceal his tricks from the audience.
Cover The librarian displayed the new books on a shelf. The librarian decided to cover the new books to protect them.
Camouflage The chameleon can display various colors to blend into its surroundings. The chameleon uses camouflage to camouflage itself in the jungle.
Bury The archaeologist carefully displays ancient artifacts in the museum. The archaeologist decided to bury the ancient artifacts for preservation.
Mask The actor displays a range of emotions on stage. The actor uses a mask to mask his true feelings during performances.
Suppress He displays his anger when things don’t go as planned. He tries to suppress his anger to avoid conflict in challenging situations.
Conceal She displays her emotions openly to those around her. She tends to conceal her emotions to maintain a professional demeanor.
Disguise The spy displayed his true identity at the meeting. The spy planned to disguise himself for the secret mission.
Conceal The company displays its products in the storefront. The company decides to conceal its new line to surprise customers later.
Veil She displayed her feelings with tears in her eyes. She wore a veil to veil her emotions from the outside world.
Bury The treasure hunter displays the newfound artifacts in a museum. The treasure hunter intends to bury the artifacts to keep them safe.
Wrap The gift shop displays beautifully wrapped presents for sale. The gift shop decided to wrap gifts discreetly for a special event.
Shield The superhero displays extraordinary strength to save the city. The superhero uses a shield to shield innocent civilians from danger.
Obfuscate The presenter displays charts and graphs to illustrate key points. The presenter chose to obfuscate details to confuse the audience.
Tuck away She displayed her jewelry collection in a glass case. She prefers to tuck away her jewelry in a secret drawer for safekeeping.
Enshroud The artist displays his abstract paintings in a well-lit gallery. The artist might enshroud his artwork in mystery for an upcoming exhibition.
Swathe The vendor displays fresh produce at the market. The vendor decided to swathe the produce to keep it fresh longer.
Shroud The medium displays an otherworldly talent during seances. The medium uses a shroud to shroud the room in an eerie atmosphere.
Wrap The boutique displays luxurious scarves for customers to see. The boutique prefers to wrap their scarves attractively for gift-giving.
Obscure He displays incredible intelligence during academic discussions. He uses complex language to obscure his lack of understanding on the topic.
Shadow The actor displays his charisma on the big screen. The actor decided to shadow his characters with an air of mystery.
Suppress The team captain displays great sportsmanship on and off the field. The team captain knows when to suppress his competitive side for the team.
Gag The comedian displays a knack for making people laugh. The comedian occasionally uses self-deprecating humor to gag the audience.
Shroud The fog displays an eerie quality as it blankets the graveyard. The fog tends to shroud the landscape, creating an aura of mystery.
Obscure The author displays vivid imagery through descriptive writing. The author sometimes uses ambiguity to obscure the true meaning of the story.
Deceive The politician displays honesty in addressing the public. The politician might deceive the public with false promises during the speech.
Eclipse The grand statue displays the nation’s history in its intricate design. The dark clouds threaten to eclipse the historical monument from view.
Muffle The musician displays immense talent during live performances. The musician uses a soft cloth to muffle the sound of the instrument.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISPLAY

In plain view: Concealing information can prevent inadvertent disclosure. The act of showing can be substituted with the act of hiding in order to maintain confidentiality and discretion. Quelling any desire to exhibit details can be a safeguard against sharing sensitive information unintentionally. By keeping details under wraps, one can safeguard against unintended exposure.

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