Opposite of DISTAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing anatomical relationships and positions in the body, it is essential to understand the concept of antonyms for distal. Distal refers to a position that is located farther away from the point of attachment or reference, while its antonym describes a position that is closer to the point of attachment or reference.

In medical terminology, the term “antonyms for distal” is used to describe positions that are proximal in relation to a specific point of reference in the body. Proximal refers to a location that is nearest to the point of attachment or center of the body, providing a contrasting perspective to distal positions.

Understanding antonyms for distal is crucial in accurately describing the location of body parts, joints, and organs in relation to each other. By grasping the concept of proximal as the opposite of distal, one can effectively communicate anatomical relationships and better comprehend medical terminologies related to spatial orientation in the human body.

35 Antonyms for DISTAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for distal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISTAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Distal Sentence with Antonym
Proximal The distal end of the bone is further away from the body. The proximal end of the bone is closer to the body.
Near The distal town is quite far from here. The town near here is not distal at all.
Close The distal planet in the solar system is Neptune. Earth is close to the sun compared to Neptune.
Adjacent The distal houses are on the other side of the street. The houses adjacent to this one are not distal.
Immediate The distal cause of the problem was a lack of communication. The problem was not due to an immediate cause.
Nearby The distal park is ten miles away. There is no park nearby this far.
Closely The distal relationship between them was strained. They work together quite closely despite the distance.
Neighboring The distal country had a different culture. The culture of the neighboring country was more similar.
Connected The distal towns were linked by a long road. The towns were not just connected, they were quite far apart.
Surrounding The distal forest looked endless. The trees in the surrounding area were closer.
Central The distal part of the city is still underdeveloped. Development is focused on the more central urban area.
Inward The river flows from the mountain towards the distal valleys. The water doesn’t return inward towards the mountain.
Center The distal regions of the country are sparsely populated. The cities are more towards the center of the country, with dense populations.
Local The distal markets cater to a different clientele. People prefer the local markets that are closer to them.
Median The distal income bracket was struggling financially. Those falling into the median range were faring better.
Minor The distal details in the painting were hard to discern. The minor details were more visible up close.
Moderate The distal part of the project required major revisions. The closer areas only needed moderate adjustments.
Outlying The distal villages lacked access to basic services. The outlying areas were remote but well-served.
Peripheral The distal areas of the city were not well-maintained. The more peripheral regions were cleaner and more developed.
Rural The distal landscape was dotted with farmlands. The city borders were not rural, but quite urbanized.
Internal The distal mechanisms of the machine were complex. The internal components were simpler and more accessible.
External The distal causes of the conflict were geopolitical. The external factors had a more minor role to play.
Distant The distal galaxies were beyond reach. The galaxies were not distant like the others.
Limited The resources in the distal regions were scarce. The options were not limited in the more central areas.
Common The artwork in the distal gallery was avant-garde. It was more traditional and common in the nearby galleries.
Centralized The distal governance led to communication gaps. More centralized decision-making improved coordination.
Unknown The distal trail was uncharted territory. The path was well-trodden and known to everyone.
Further The distal end of the road led to a dead-end. The road did not lead further beyond that point.
External The distal factors affected the economy globally. The external factors did not have a significant impact.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISTAL

In conclusion, the opposite of distal is proximal, meaning closer or more central. Understanding this antonym allows for clear communication about the relative positions of body parts or objects. For instance, while the hand is distal to the wrist, the elbow is proximal to the wrist. Recognizing and using these antonyms helps provide precise descriptions in various fields, such as anatomy, biology, or geography.

By grasping the concept of antonyms for distal, we enhance our ability to describe spatial relationships accurately. This knowledge is valuable in fields where precise terminology is essential for effective communication and understanding. So, remembering the antonym proximal can help in clearly defining the relative positions of objects and locations in different contexts.

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