Opposite of DOMINATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for dominate are words that signify the opposite of having control, power, or influence over a particular situation, person, or group. These antonyms represent a shift in dynamics from being the primary force to a secondary or subordinate position. They convey the idea of yielding, submitting, or relinquishing authority to another.

When considering antonyms for dominate, it is helpful to explore terms that illustrate collaboration, equality, or harmony rather than one-sided control or supremacy. These words embody notions of sharing responsibility, deferring to others, or working collectively towards a common goal. They offer alternative perspectives on leadership and decision-making, emphasizing cooperation and unity among individuals or factions.

By embracing antonyms for dominate in communication and interaction, we can foster diversity of thought, mutual respect, and inclusive participation within various settings. These contrasting terms encourage balanced power dynamics, open dialogue, and a recognition of different viewpoints and contributions. Incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary can promote a more democratic approach to decision-making and encourage a climate of cooperation and partnership.

35 Antonyms for DOMINATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for dominate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DOMINATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Dominate Sentence with Antonym
Submit The boss decided to dominate the meeting. The team members were encouraged to submit their ideas.
Yield The champion team sought to dominate their opponents. They were forced to yield to the opposing team’s strategies.
Surrender The army was ordered to dominate the battlefield. The losing side had no choice but to surrender.
Relinquish The powerful corporation tried to dominate the market. Eventually, they had to relinquish control to smaller businesses.
Obey The dictator wanted to dominate the citizens. The citizens refused to obey the oppressive ruler.
Follow The influencer aimed to dominate social media. However, many users chose not to follow their content.
Dependent The parent tried to dominate every decision. The child needed to become independent and not remain dependent.
Overthrow The tyrant sought to dominate the entire country. The rebels united to overthrow the oppressive regime.
Fail The goal of the team was to dominate the competition. However, they ended up in last place, securing a fail.
Surrender The queen desired to dominate the opposing kingdom. The king knew he had no choice but to surrender.
Cooperate The company’s strategy was to dominate the market. Competitors decided to cooperate instead of engaging in cutthroat tactics.
Collaborate The team leader aimed to dominate the project. Nevertheless, the team members preferred to collaborate instead.
Compromise The negotiator tried to dominate the discussion. It was crucial for both sides to compromise in order to reach an agreement.
Share The aggressive player wanted to dominate the game. However, it was more beneficial to share the strategies with the team.
Respect The bully attempted to dominate his classmates. It was necessary to teach him to respect others instead.
Abandon The ruler tried to dominate the neighboring lands. The neighboring lands were not willing to abandon their independence.
Blended The strong flavor dominated the dish. The flavors were perfectly blended, creating a harmonious taste.
Emerge One team aimed to dominate the business industry. New startups began to emerge, challenging the established companies.
Embrace The older sibling always tried to dominate the younger one. The younger sibling decided to embrace their own unique personality.
Resist The authoritarian regime attempted to dominate the media. Journalists and citizens began to resist the oppressive control.
Defend The team aggressively tried to dominate the field. The opponents were not going to let them defend their territory easily.
Harmonize The loud voice dominated the conversation. It was important for everyone’s voices to harmonize together.
Persuade The company’s goal was to dominate the market. They had to learn how to engage and persuade customers effectively.
Manage The athlete aimed to dominate the competition. The coach taught them how to efficiently manage their energy.
Autonomous The leader wanted to dominate every decision-making. Employees sought to be more autonomous in their roles.
Disperse The dictator aimed to dominate the entire region. The freedom fighters worked to disperse the oppressive regime.
Allow The strict parent tried to dominate every aspect of their child’s life. The parent realized they needed to allow their child some independence.
Equal The dominant species dominated the ecosystem. It was essential to maintain a balanced and equal environment.
Quiet The loud music dominated the room. The peaceful surroundings quieted the chaotic noise.
Separate The dominant country sought to dominate the world. The other countries wanted to maintain their independence and separate identities.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DOMINATE

In any partnership or team setting, it’s crucial to foster collaboration rather than control or overpower others. Encouraging equal participation and sharing of power ensures that diverse perspectives are considered and respected, leading to more innovative and successful outcomes. By avoiding the tendency to dominate and instead promoting cooperation and inclusivity, organizations can harness the full potential of their members and achieve greater collective achievements.

Embracing a culture of equality and collaboration, where no one individual or group seeks to dominate or overshadow the rest, opens up space for creativity and mutual understanding. When all voices are heard and valued, teams can thrive and excel together, creating a harmonious and productive environment where everyone has a chance to contribute and shine.

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