Opposite of DORMANT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for dormant refer to words that are opposite in meaning to the term dormant. Dormant signifies a state of inactivity or dormancy, usually referencing something that is temporarily inactive or has the potential to become active in the future. Antonyms for dormant are terms that denote activity, liveliness, or alertness.

These opposite terms highlight a state of being active, lively, or awake rather than dormant, indicating a state of readiness or ongoing operation. Antonyms for dormant can be used to describe entities that are currently in motion, vibrant, or fully functional, contrasting the idea of being inactive or asleep.

By understanding the antonyms for dormant, one can appreciate the diversity of language and how words can convey different states and concepts. Through contrasting dormant with its antonyms, one can effectively communicate the presence of action, vitality, or alertness in a particular context.

35 Antonyms for DORMANT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for dormant. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DORMANT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Dormant Sentence with Antonym
Active The dormant volcano suddenly erupted. The volcano has been active for days.
Awake The bear was in a dormant state all winter. Now, it is awake and ready to hunt.
Functioning The organization is currently dormant. The organization is now functioning as usual.
Operative The system was dormant during maintenance. After the work was done, the system became operative.
Vibrant The garden looks dormant in the winter. In the spring, the garden will be vibrant with colors.
Lively The party was rather dormant until music started. Soon, everyone was lively and dancing.
Alive The virus lies dormant in the host’s body. Once triggered, it becomes fully alive.
Active The dormant volcano suddenly erupted. The volcano has been active for days.
Energized The project has been dormant for too long. Time to get it energized and moving again.
Functioning The machine has been dormant for years. Finally, it is fully functioning once more.
Alert He lay dormant until he heard the alarm. Now, he is fully alert and ready to act.
Dynamic The market was dormant until the new product launch. Now, it is dynamic and full of opportunities.
Mobile The caterpillar looked dormant on the leaf. But soon, it would become a mobile butterfly.
Energetic She appeared dormant after the long flight. Once rested, she was energetic and ready for adventure.
Operational The device was kept dormant during testing. After that phase, it became fully operational.
Operational The factory has been dormant due to maintenance. With everything fixed, it is now operational once more.
Revived The patient woke up dormant after surgery. The medicine worked, and he was completely revived.
Running The system was dormant until the power came back. Now, it is running smoothly like before.
Aroused The dormant volcano showed no signs of activity. Suddenly, it became highly aroused and ready to erupt.
Functional The old machinery was kept dormant for years. After refurbishment, it was back to being functional.
Active The dormant bear woke up hungry in spring. It stayed active and seeking food thereafter.
Moving The river looked dormant on hot summer days. But it was always moving beneath the surface.
Mobile The dormant tortoise came out of its shell. Slowly, it started to be mobile once again.
Animated The meeting room was rather dormant until the discussion started. Soon, it was lively and animated in debates.
Revived The project seemed dormant until new ideas were introduced. With fresh innovations, it was thoroughly revived.
Vigorous The athlete seemed dormant before the race. Once the whistle blew, he turned vigorous and swift.
Dynamic The website felt dormant with no new content. As soon as updates came in, it became dynamic again.
Enlivened The small town seemed dormant during winter. Festivals and events enlivened the atmosphere soon.
Restored The old car remained dormant in the garage. After repairs, it was fully restored to its former glory.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DORMANT

In contrast to being inactive or sluggish, actively engaged or dynamic attitudes can invigorate tasks and relationships. Rather than remaining stagnant or motionless, lively and vibrant interactions can foster growth and progress in various aspects of life. Embracing proactivity, enthusiasm, and energy can lead to exciting opportunities and fulfilling experiences, encouraging continuous learning and development.

By eschewing dormancy and adopting vitality, individuals can cultivate a more vibrant and fulfilling existence. Instead of being idle or immobile, embracing activity and engagement can enhance productivity and creativity. Choosing to be dynamic and lively can spark new ideas, foster innovation, and cultivate a sense of fulfillment, ultimately leading to a more enriching and rewarding life experience.

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