Opposite of DREAM – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for dream refer to words that are direct opposites in meaning to the concept of dreaming. “Antonyms” are words that have opposite meanings to each other. In this case, antonyms for dream are words that represent the opposite of dreaming or the pursuit of one’s desires and aspirations.

Dreams are often associated with hope, ambition, and a vision for the future. Antonyms for dream, on the other hand, convey a sense of reality, practicality, and sometimes pessimism. By exploring the antonyms for dream, we can gain a better understanding of the various perspectives and attitudes towards goals and aspirations.

Understanding antonyms for dream can provide insights into the contrasts between optimism and pessimism, idealism and reality. By examining these opposing concepts, we can deepen our understanding of the complexities of human emotions and motivations. Through the exploration of antonyms for dream, we can broaden our knowledge and appreciation of the diverse ways in which individuals perceive and pursue their goals.

35 Antonyms for DREAM With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for dream. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DREAM antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Dream Sentence with Antonym
Reality He woke up from his dream. He faced the harsh reality.
Forgetful She often dreams about the future. She is always mindful and never forgetful.
Nightmare He had a terrible dream last night. He is relieved that he didn’t have a nightmare.
Wakefulness I dreamt about flying last night. I was consumed by wakefulness all night.
Conscious She is aware that it is just a dream. In his deep sleep, he is unconscious of his surroundings.
Misery His dream of a happy future was shattered. He was content and free from misery.
Actual What you think is a dream can be actual. The reality was far from his actual dreams.
Awareness She has no awareness of her dreams. He has a clear awareness of his surroundings.
Actuality His dreams never turned into actuality. What he thought was just a dream became a harsh actuality.
Realize He hoped to realize his dreams soon. He found it hard to realize that his dream was just a fantasy.
Disillusioned She was dreaming of a perfect life. She is now disillusioned with reality.
Consciousness His consciousness faded as he dreamed. He was fully aware in his consciousness and never in a dream.
Aware She wasn’t aware that it was just a dream. He was fully aware of the reality around him.
Delusion He was stuck in a dream of success. The delusion of his dreams shattered.
Alert She is always alert in her dreams. He was not alert and not dreaming in reality.
Blunder His dreams were smooth without any blunder. Reality contained every blunder his dream escaped.
Sensible She had wild dreams that were far from sensible. His sensible approach to life was a contrast to his dreams.
Nightmare He wished his dreams weren’t turning into a nightmare. His nightmare day turned into a peaceful dream.
Authentic His dream felt so authentic. In reality, nothing was close to authentic in his dream.
Truth The truth is often hidden in our dreams. His dreams were far from the truth of reality.
Aware She was unaware that it was all a dream. He was always aware of the truth and not lost in dreams.
Neglect He neglected his dreams and focused on reality. Reality forced her to neglect her dreams.
Conscious She is conscious of her dreams. He was in a conscious state and not in dreams.
Glimpse A glimpse of reality shattered his dream. His dreams were a farfetched glimpse of reality.
Lucid He always dreams in a lucid state. His lucid mind was far from the world of dreams.
Perceive She couldn’t perceive reality in her dreams. He started to perceive the difference between reality and his dreams.
Ignore He chose to ignore his dreams and focus on reality. Reality made it hard for her to ignore her dreams.
Ignorant She was ignorant of the fact that it was just a dream. He was far from ignorant and fully aware that it was a dream.
Fact Dreams don’t align with facts. The fact was far from his ideal dreams.
Aware She was unaware she was in a dream. He was always aware and alert, never in a dream.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DREAM

In life, we often encounter challenges and obstacles that may make our goals seem out of reach. While some may see these setbacks as the opposite of dreams, they are essential for growth and resilience. Instead of being discouraged by challenges, we can view them as opportunities to learn, adapt, and ultimately succeed.

By embracing the antonyms of dreams, such as reality, practicality, and work, we can cultivate a realistic and sustainable approach to turning our aspirations into reality. It’s through hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to face the difficulties head-on that we can transform our dreams into achievable goals.

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