Opposite of EGRESS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for egress are words that represent the opposite of exiting, leaving, or departing from a place or location. These antonyms convey the idea of entering, arriving, or staying in a particular area.

While egress signifies moving away or out of a space, the antonyms provide a contrast by suggesting movement towards or into a place. Understanding these antonyms allows for a better grasp of language nuances and the ability to express different actions or directions effectively.

By recognizing and utilizing antonyms for egress in communication, one can add depth and precision to their language. This knowledge enhances verbal and written expression by offering alternative perspectives on movement and spatial orientation.

35 Antonyms for EGRESS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for egress. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EGRESS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Egress Sentence with Antonym
Enter The egress of the building was locked. She hesitated to enter the dark room.
Arrival The egress of the train station was bustling with people. The arrival of the train was delayed.
Ingress The emergency exit provided an egress from the building. The main ingress to the mall was through the front doors.
Access The egress to the restricted area was closely monitored. He was denied access to the VIP section.
Stay After the event, it was time to egress from the venue. We decided to stay longer and enjoy the party.
Remain The fire alarm prompted an egress from the building. She chose to remain in the safety of her home.
Departure The egress gate at the airport was congested. The departure gate was relatively quiet.
Exit The emergency protocol required a designated egress route. The sign above the door read “No exit allowed”.
Reentry The security guard ensured that egress was not allowed without proper authorization. Reentry into the building was permitted with the access card.
Exit The egress of the museum was through the gift shop. The entrance and exit of the building were clearly marked.
Leave The emergency procedures necessitated a quick egress from the premise. They decided to leave the party early.
Evacuation The building was evacuated through the designated egress points. The cancelled flight led to the evacuation of the airport terminal.
Accessibility The emergency exit lacked accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The egress path was redesigned to improve accessibility.
Entry The egress of the venue was secure and controlled. Please use the designated entry and exit doors.
Approach After the event, the crowd began to egress from the stadium. The approach to the building was lined with beautiful flowers.
Access The locked gate prevented egress from the restricted area. They were granted access to the exclusive VIP lounge.
Entrance The emergency procedure required a clear egress route from the building. The grand entrance to the palace was adorned with gold.
Arrival The egress process from the subway was smooth and efficient. The delayed arrival of the bus caused frustration among passengers.
Enter The emergency exit signs guided egress from the building. She cautiously decided to enter the haunted house.
Access The emergency exit was always kept clear for easy egress. They were denied access to the exclusive club.
Stay The concert nearing its end signaled the time to egress. Let’s stay a bit longer and enjoy the beautiful view.
Remain The egress procedure was announced over the loudspeaker. She chose to remain seated while others left the room.
Departure The airport terminal had multiple egress points. The delayed departure of the flight frustrated the passengers.
Exit The egress door was easily accessible during emergencies. The employee entrance was separate from the main exit.
Reentry The fire drill practice required a single-file egress from the building. The security checkpoint allowed reentry after scanning.
Exit The emergency protocol emphasized the importance of egress routes. Please use the designated exit doors in case of an emergency.
Leave The impending storm prompted a quick egress from the beach. They announced their intention to leave the party early.
Evacuation The train station had clear signs indicating egress points. The sudden fire alarm led to a swift evacuation of the building.
Accessibility Accessibility considerations were taken into account when designing the egress plan. The lack of egress options highlighted a serious accessibility issue.
Entry The fire drill practiced smooth egress procedures. Please use the designated entry and exit doors.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EGRESS

In conclusion, entrances are just as important as exits. While people often focus on finding a way out, it is equally crucial to pay attention to entry points. The ingress provides access to new opportunities, experiences, and connections. Without proper ingress, the journey ahead may be limited or restricted.

By recognizing the significance of both egress and ingress, individuals can navigate spaces more effectively and fully embrace all that lies ahead. Therefore, let us not forget to appreciate the significance of entrances and the opportunities they bring, in addition to focusing on finding an exit when needed.

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