Opposite of ELUSIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for elusive are words that represent the opposite of something that is difficult to grasp, comprehend, or achieve. They provide clarity and specificity, offering direct and tangible alternatives to concepts that may be hard to pin down.

By offering antonyms for elusive terms, we are able to enhance our understanding and communication by providing concrete and straightforward language to describe ideas that may otherwise be slippery or hard to define. These opposites create a contrast that helps to shed light on the elusive nature of certain concepts, making them more accessible and easier to comprehend.

Overall, exploring antonyms for elusive words can lead to a deeper grasp of complex ideas, improve communication by offering clearer alternatives, and help us navigate through abstract or hard-to-define concepts with more precision and clarity.

35 Antonyms for ELUSIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for elusive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ELUSIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Elusive Sentence with Antonym
Clear The solution to the puzzle remained elusive. The answer to the question was clear.
Obvious The thief managed to stay elusive from the police. The criminal’s identity was obvious to everyone.
Evident The true meaning of the painting was elusive. The artist’s message was evident in the artwork.
Transparent The company’s financial records were elusive. The organization’s financial status was transparent.
Accessible Information about the new product launch was elusive. Details about the event were easily accessible.
Manifest The ghostly figure was elusive and disappeared quickly. The presence of the spirit was manifest and clear.
Apparent The reasons behind her actions were elusive. Her motivations were apparent to everyone.
Distinct The outline of the mountain was elusive in the fog. The silhouette became distinct as the sun rose.
Revealing The true nature of the problem remained elusive. Further investigation eventually led to some revealing information.
Overt His intentions were elusive from his actions. His true feelings became overt in his words.
Recognizable The face in the photograph was elusive and hard to discern. The portrait was recognizable to those who knew the subject.
Conspicuous The key clue to the mystery was elusive. The vital evidence was conspicuous and easily spotted.
Transparent The politician’s intentions were elusive. The leader’s motives became transparent with time.
Unmistakable The meaning of her dream was elusive. The interpretation of the symbol was unmistakable.
Definite The solution to the problem seemed elusive. The correct answer was definite and clear.
Visible The ghostly figure was elusive and unseen. The apparition became visible through the mist.
Unambiguous The artist’s message in the painting was elusive. The meaning of the artwork was unambiguous.
Certain The truth behind the rumors was elusive. The facts of the case were certain to those involved.
Susceptible The virus was elusive in its ability to be detected. The bacteria was susceptible and easily identified.
Apprehensible The concept was elusive to the students. The theory became apprehensible once explained.
Prominent The desired outcome remained elusive despite efforts. The main goal became prominent and achievable.
Clear-cut The details of the deal were elusive. The terms and conditions were clear-cut for all to understand.
Nonambiguous The final explanation remained elusive to the jury. The verdict was nonambiguous and easily understood.
Distinctive The characteristics of the specter were elusive. The unique features of the ghost were distinctive.
Understandable The reasons behind her actions were elusive. Her motivations were understandable once explained.
Obvious The answer to the riddle remained elusive. The solution to the puzzle became obvious eventually.
Detectable The hidden object remained elusive during the search. The presence of the item became detectable by sound.
Apprehensible The concept was elusive to most people. The idea was easily apprehensible and made sense.
Evident The truth about the situation was elusive. The reality of the matter became evident in the end.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ELUSIVE

Understanding and grasping information can sometimes be quite challenging, but with persistence and effort, one can unravel even the most puzzling concepts. By being clear, straightforward, and accessible in our communication, we can ensure that our message is conveyed effectively and understood by all. The key is to avoid ambiguity and obscurity, opting for clarity and transparency instead.

By making information explicit, unambiguous, and tangible, we can make it more accessible and easy to comprehend. When we strive to be direct and unambiguous in our communication, we can bridge the gap between confusion and understanding, ensuring that our message is clear and easily grasped by others.

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