Opposite of EMERGENCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for emergence are words or phrases that represent the opposite of arising, appearing, or becoming known. These antonyms convey the ideas of disappearance, concealment, or existing in a pre-existing state rather than coming into view. As opposed to the concept of something new emerging or becoming visible, antonyms for emergence refer to things vanishing, staying hidden, or already being present.

Words that serve as antonyms for emergence include terms like dissipation, withdrawal, or obscurity. These words capture the notion of something fading away, retreating from view, or remaining concealed from sight. By understanding the antonyms for emergence, one can grasp the range of possibilities in describing the absence or opposite of the process of things coming into existence or notice.

35 Antonyms for EMERGENCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for emergence. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EMERGENCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Emergence Sentence with Antonym
Disappearance The issue has emerged as a major concern. The issue has surprisingly disappeared from our radar.
Concealment New trends in technology are emerging rapidly. Innovation in this field is currently shrouded in concealment.
Hiding The truth eventually emerges to the surface. The truth remains hidden beneath the layers of deception.
Submersion Ideas often emerge from collaboration and exchange. Creativity tends to submerge in environments lacking open dialogue.
Recession Opportunities may emerge in times of crisis. Opportunities may recede during times of economic instability.
Convergence The team’s unity emerged during the challenging project. The team’s division diverged as conflicts arose.
Departure The reality of the situation slowly emerged. The reality of the situation suddenly faced departure.
Fading Memories of the past slowly emerge in his mind. Memories of that day slowly start fading from his memory.
Hiddenness Clues started to emerge during the investigation. The clues remained in hiddenness until a breakthrough occurred.
Vanishing The hope of reconciliation emerged among the group. The hope of reconciliation was vanishing as tensions soared.
Obscuration The truth will eventually emerge in the investigation. Falsehoods can often lead to obscuration of the actual facts.
Diminishment With time, the significance of the issue emerges. With negligence, the significance of the issue diminishes.
Inactivity New ideas are emerging from the creative team. The project has been stagnant with inactivity in its development.
Imprisonment Opportunities might emerge from unexpected places. One can feel imprisonment within a lack of opportunities.
Deterioration A sense of unity emerged among the diverse team members. The team’s dynamic was marked by a clear path of deterioration.
Decline The problem emerged as the project progressed. The project’s success declined steadily in the face of challenges.
Darkness The sun slowly emerged from behind the clouds. The skies were engulfed in darkness, veiling the beauty of the day.
Immobilization New possibilities emerged as the situation unfolded. The situation was met with an unexpected state of immobilization.
Suppression The truth eventually emerges despite efforts to hide it. Truth is often the casualty of suppression when it challenges power.
Obfuscation Clarity may emerge once all factors are considered. Clarity is often lost in the web of obfuscation that surrounds it.
Extinction New talents emerged during the audition process. Old talents faced the threat of extinction due to lack of recognition.
Concealment The issue unexpectedly emerged at the meeting. The issue was met with concealment as key details were omitted.
Invisibility New opportunities emerge with every challenge faced. Opportunities can often seem to be invisible amidst struggles.
Dissolution Perspectives may emerge in the midst of discussions. Unity might dissolve in times of disagreement and misunderstandings.
Extinction A new species emerged in the depths of the rainforest. The old species faced the threat of extinction as habitats were destroyed.
Obstruction The truth will eventually emerge from the lies told. Lies can create a veil of obstruction, hindering the truth from surfacing.
Separation Common ground can emerge in the midst of differences. The unity of a group may face interruption through separation.
Eradication New ideas and solutions may emerge in moments of crisis. Progress can be hindered by the threat of eradication of innovative approaches.
Immersion Learning opportunities emerge in unexpected situations. Stagnation can lead to a state of perpetual immersion in the mundane.
Inhibition Great potential for innovation emerges from diverse perspectives. Progress can face inhibition in environments that discourage creativity.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EMERGENCE

In the absence of emergence, disappearance prevails. Instead of growth, we observe decline and regression. When evolution halts, stagnation takes hold. The antonyms for emergence signify the lack of progress and development. In a world without emergence, there is a standstill, a state of inertia where change is absent.

Without emergence, there is no innovation, no advancement, and no new beginnings. Society thrives on the opposite of emergence, which leads to obsolescence and regression. It is essential to recognize the importance of emergence in creating opportunities for growth, evolution, and positive change in our lives and communities.

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