Opposite of ENEMY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for enemy are words that represent the opposite of an adversary or opponent. These terms denote individuals or entities that are friendly, supportive, or in a positive relationship. They serve as counterparts to the term “enemy” and emphasize cordial, harmonious connections between parties.

In various contexts, the use of antonyms for enemy helps to convey themes of collaboration, unity, and cooperation. By employing these contrasting terms, speakers or writers highlight the importance of camaraderie, understanding, and mutual respect in interactions. Antonyms for enemy can range from words denoting friendship to those symbolizing reconciliation or alliance.

Using antonyms for enemy in communication can promote diplomacy, empathy, and peaceful relations within a group or society. These terms offer a way to foster goodwill, build bridges, and facilitate constructive dialogue among conflicting parties. By acknowledging the existence of antonyms for enemy, individuals can shift focus towards building connections and resolving disputes through dialogue and mutual understanding.

35 Antonyms for ENEMY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for enemy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ENEMY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Enemy Sentence with Antonym
Ally She considered him her worst enemy. She considered him her closest ally.
Friend They have been sworn enemies for years. They have been best friends for years.
Peace War broke out between the two enemies. Peace prevailed between the two peacemakers.
Foe He saw his coworker as his enemy. He saw his coworker as his longtime foe.
Rival In the competitive world of business, there are many enemies. In the competitive world of business, there are also many rivals.
Opponent The athlete trained hard to defeat his enemy in the upcoming match. The athlete trained hard to play against his opponent in the upcoming match.
Supporter The politician’s enemies tried to ruin his reputation. The politician’s supporters helped boost his reputation.
Protector She has dedicated her life to helping those who are facing enemies. She has dedicated her life to being a protector to those in need.
Defender The soldiers bravely fought against the enemy troops. The soldiers bravely acted as the defender of their homeland.
Adversary The two companies have been fierce enemies in the market. The two companies have been friendly adversaries in the market.
Advocate The lawyer defended her client against the enemy claims. The lawyer acted as an advocate for her client’s innocence.
Supporter The team had to face a tough enemy in the final round. The team had a strong supporter in the crowd cheering them on.
Harmonizer The leader believed in creating unity among enemies. The leader believed in being a harmonizer among conflicting parties.
Peacemaker He worked tirelessly to settle disputes between enemies. He is known for being a skilled peacemaker in resolving conflicts.
Defender The superhero fought against the evil enemy to save the city. The superhero acted as a defender of justice in the city.
Cohort The criminal had many enemies but very few cohorts. The criminal had many enemies but very few cohorts backing him up.
Backer The athlete faced his enemy on the field with confidence. The athlete had a strong backer supporting him in the stands.
Advocate She stood up against her enemies and fought for what was right. She was a passionate advocate for justice, regardless of opposition.
Supporter The team faced off against their biggest enemies in the championship game. The team had loyal supporters cheering them on through all the games.
Peacemaker Her goal was to bring together enemies and create harmony. She was recognized for being a skilled peacemaker in resolving conflicts.
Defender The knight bravely defended the castle against the attacking enemies. The knight was a valiant defender of the kingdom against all threats.
Follower The cult leader brainwashed his devoted followers into seeing everyone else as enemies. The cult leader had many followers ready to follow his lead against any adversaries.
Challenger The two chess grandmasters faced off as the greatest enemies of the game. The two chess grandmasters faced off as the greatest challengers of the game.
Friend The detective was determined to track down his arch enemy. The detective had a loyal friend ready to assist him on the case.
Harmonizer He was known for bringing together even the bitterest of enemies. He was known for being a skilled harmonizer in resolving conflicts.
Supporter The team struggled against their enemies in every match. The team had a dedicated supporter who believed in their potential.
Peacemaker Her approach to resolving conflicts was to find common ground between enemies. She acted as a skilled peacemaker in bringing two sides together.
Defender The guardian angel watched over the child protectively from enemies. The guardian angel acted as a defender against all evil forces.
Follower The dictator silenced all dissenting followers to eliminate his enemies. The dictator surrounded himself with loyal followers to fight against his adversaries.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ENEMY

In the realm of human relations, it is essential to cultivate friendships and alliances instead of harboring enmity and hostility. Constructive interactions and collaborations are far more beneficial than engaging in confrontations and conflicts. By fostering goodwill and understanding, individuals can create a harmonious environment where differences are respected and celebrated.

Embracing harmony and cooperation over animosity and rivalry paves the way for progress and prosperity. By recognizing the value of camaraderie and teamwork, individuals can work together towards common goals and mutual success. Ultimately, choosing to view others as friends rather than foes enriches personal relationships and contributes to a more peaceful and inclusive society.

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