Opposite of ESTEEM – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for esteem are words that convey the opposite meaning of respect, admiration, and regard. These terms are used to express feelings of disapproval, contempt, and disregard towards someone or something. Antonyms for esteem are often employed to illustrate a lack of regard or value attributed to a person or object.

Common antonyms for esteem include words like disdain, scorn, and disrespect. When using these antonyms, one is indicating a lack of admiration or esteem towards a particular individual or concept. People may use antonyms for esteem to express their negative feelings or disapproval towards someone or something.

In contrast to esteem, antonyms present an opposing viewpoint that diminishes the value, respect, or regard attributed to a person, action, or object. By understanding and recognizing antonyms for esteem, one can better articulate feelings of disapproval or contempt in communication.

35 Antonyms for ESTEEM With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for esteem. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ESTEEM antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Esteem Sentence with Antonym
Disdain She esteem her mentor’s advice She looked at her mentor’s advice with disdain
Contempt He was held in high esteem by his colleagues He was regarded with contempt by his colleagues
Disrespect The teacher esteemed hardworking students The teacher showed disrespect towards lazy students
Distrust The politician is highly esteemed by the public The politician is distrusted by the public
Disparage She esteemed her professional achievements Her colleagues constantly disparage her work
Detest He esteemed his father for his wisdom He detests his father’s views on life
Defame The author is highly esteemed in the literary community His rival attempted to defame his credibility
Humiliate The employees were esteemed for their hard work The employees were humiliated for their mistakes
Despise The manager esteems loyalty in his team The manager openly despises disloyal employees
Disregard She esteemed the efforts of her team She disregards the contributions of her team
Belittle The professor esteems critical thinking skills The professor likes to belittle his students
Neglect The parents esteem their children’s opinions The parents tend to neglect their children’s thoughts
Condemn The community esteemed the philanthropist’s actions The community condemns the philanthropist’s deeds
Ignore She esteem her colleague’s innovative ideas She chooses to ignore her colleague’s creative suggestions
Loathe He esteemed his grandfather’s wisdom He loathes his grandfather’s advice
Inveigh The team esteemed the coach’s motivational speeches The team members constantly inveigh against the coach’s talks
Discredit The scientist is highly esteemed in his field His rivals try to discredit his research
Insult She esteem the hard work put in by her team She insulted the efforts of her team members
Misjudge He esteemed his friend’s honesty He tends to misjudge his friend’s intentions
Detract The author’s novels are highly esteemed The critics always try to detract from his success
Mock She esteemed her grandmother’s wisdom She often mocked her grandmother’s advice
Dishonor The officer is esteemed for his bravery The officer faced dishonor for his cowardice
Belch The students esteem their teacher’s guidance The students belch at their teacher’s words
Abhor He esteemed his sister above all others He abhors his sister’s choices
Sneer The professor esteem his students’ dedication The professor tends to sneer at their mistakes
Ridicule She esteem her brother’s point of view She often ridicules her brother’s opinions
Flout The manager esteem punctuality in his team The manager flouts the importance of being on time
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ESTEEM

Having low self-worth can lead to feeling unvalued, unappreciated, and unacknowledged in various aspects of life. It can result in self-doubt, insecurity, and a lack of confidence in one’s abilities and worth.

On the other hand, having high self-worth can bring about feelings of value, appreciation, and recognition from both oneself and others. It results in confidence, self-assurance, and a positive outlook on one’s abilities and worth.

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