Opposite of ETERNITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for eternity, we are exploring words that represent the opposite of this concept. Eternity signifies timelessness, an endless duration without a definitive beginning or end. In contrast, antonyms for eternity refer to finite, limited periods or moments with clear boundaries.

One way to understand antonyms for eternity is to consider the idea of impermanence. While eternity suggests never-ending continuity, its opposites connote transience and impermanence. These antonyms highlight the fleeting nature of existence, emphasizing the ephemeral quality of time and life itself.

By exploring antonyms for eternity, we gain insights into the nature of time, existence, and the cyclical patterns that shape our understanding of reality. These contrasting concepts provide a valuable perspective on the limits and boundaries that define our experiences, encouraging contemplation on the fleeting nature of moments and the transient nature of life.

35 Antonyms for ETERNITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for eternity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ETERNITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Eternity Sentence with Antonym
Temporary She promised eternity but only stayed for a short while. She thought he would leave soon but ended up staying temporary.
Brief Their love felt like it would last for eternity. Their conversation was brief and to the point.
Finite The concept of eternity is beyond our understanding. Time is finite and runs out eventually.
Limited The possibilities seemed endless, stretching into eternity. The options were limited and constrained.
Time-bound Their relationship was meant to last for eternity. Their relationship was time-bound and had an expiration date.
Temporary The feeling of eternity enveloped them as they danced. The feeling was fleeting and temporary.
Short-lived Their joy seemed to last for eternity. The happiness was short-lived and fleeting.
Bounded The universe is said to go on for eternity. The universe is not bounded and has an end.
Limited He yearned for eternity with her. His time with her was limited and constrained.
Finite Their memories together would last for eternity. The memories eventually faded, as all things finite do.
Transient The moment seemed to last for eternity in their memory. The feeling was transient and fleeting.
Temporary She wished for eternity with him. Her hope was temporary and short-lived.
Brief The moment stretched into eternity as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Their interaction was brief and quickly forgotten.
Limited Love that lasted for eternity was the ultimate goal. Their love was limited and came to an end.
Temporary The euphoria felt like it would last for eternity. The high was temporary and soon dissipated.
Short-lived Their romance was meant to last for eternity. The love affair was short-lived and quick to end.
Bounded The sense of eternity lingered in the air. The feeling was not bounded and dissipated quickly.
Finite Their bond would last for eternity. The bond was finite and broke over time.
Transient The peace she felt seemed to stretch into eternity. The serenity was transient and momentarily felt.
Temporary The promise of eternity was too good to be true. The promise turned out to be temporary and short-lived.
Brief Moments with her felt like they could stretch into eternity. Their time together was brief and forgotten.
Limited The dream of eternity together was shattered. Their time together was limited and finite.
Temporary Their commitment was meant to last for eternity. Their loyalty was temporary and easily broken.
Short-lived Their happiness seemed to stretch into eternity. The joy was short-lived and quickly faded.
Bounded She prayed for eternity with him. Her time with him was bounded and constrained.
Finite Their love was to be remembered for eternity. The love was finite and had an end.
Transient The feeling of peace stretched out as if it would last for eternity. The calmness was transient and fleeting.
Temporary The couple swore their love would last for eternity. The commitment was temporary and easily broken.
Brief In his arms, time seemed to stretch into eternity. Their embrace was brief and quickly forgotten.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ETERNITY

The concept of eternity can be better understood by considering its antonyms: temporary, fleeting, and finite. While eternity signifies timelessness and endlessness, its antonyms help grasp the limitations and impermanence of earthly experiences. From the fleeting nature of a sunset to the temporariness of a passing moment, these antonyms remind us to cherish the present, appreciating the fleeting beauty of life.

By reflecting on the antonyms of eternity, we can embrace the transient nature of our existence, finding meaning in the fleeting moments and impermanent experiences that shape our lives. Instead of being overwhelmed by the idea of eternity, we can find solace in the temporary joys and experiences that make each moment unique and precious.

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