Opposite of EUPHORIA – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for euphoria are words that represent the opposite emotional state of intense happiness and excitement. These antonyms provide a range of feelings and moods that contrast with the overwhelming sense of joy associated with euphoria.

In contrast to euphoria, antonyms evoke emotions such as sadness, despair, apathy, and gloom. They offer a vocabulary to express and describe a variety of negative or subdued emotional states that stand in opposition to the euphoric highs that individuals may experience.

Exploring antonyms for euphoria allows for a deeper understanding of the breadth and complexity of human emotions. By recognizing and acknowledging these contrasting feelings, individuals can better navigate the ups and downs of life and appreciate the nuances of emotional experiences beyond just euphoria.

35 Antonyms for EUPHORIA With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for euphoria. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EUPHORIA antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Euphoria Sentence with Antonym
Melancholy After winning the championship, he felt overwhelming euphoria. Losing the competition left him consumed by deep melancholy.
Depression The news of her promotion filled her with euphoria. The loss of her job led to a state of deep depression.
Misery He couldn’t help but feel a sense of euphoria on his wedding day. The breakup brought upon feelings of intense misery.
Sorrow The unexpected surprise brought euphoria to her heart. His betrayal left her drowning in sorrow.
Despair The accomplishment filled her with an overwhelming sense of euphoria. The failure brought upon an immense feeling of despair.
Gloom The unexpected good news washed away all the dark clouds of gloom. A sense of gloom lingered in the room after the bad news.
Sadness We were overcome with pure euphoria when our team won the championship. The heavy feeling of sadness engulfed us when our team lost.
Anguish The sense of euphoria was uncontainable when she received the scholarship. An immense feeling of anguish took over when she failed to qualify.
Displeasure The delightful news brought them immense euphoria. The disappointing result left them full of displeasure.
Dejection He felt an incredible sense of euphoria upon receiving the award. His sense of dejection was evident when he didn’t win.
Dismay There was an overwhelming feeling of euphoria upon the successful completion of the project. Dismay clouded the atmosphere when the project failed.
Despondency The unexpected win brought a wave of euphoria to the team. Their sense of despondency was palpable after losing consecutively.
Regret The decision filled him with a sense of euphoria like never before. The wrong choice made him full of regret.
Agony The joyful news filled her heart with euphoria. The loss of her loved one plunged her into deep agony.
Unhappiness Their reunion after years evoked an incredible sense of euphoria. The constant arguments brought about a feeling of unhappiness.
Sorrows She couldn’t contain her euphoria upon hearing she was accepted into her dream school. The multiple failures brought forth numerous sorrows.
Desolation The happiness and laughter filled the room with endless euphoria. His departure left behind a complete sense of desolation.
Wretchedness Their lives were filled with moments of pure euphoria. Living in poverty, they knew only of wretchedness.
Disgust His achievement evoked a sense of euphoria in the team. His arrogant behavior brought feelings of disgust to everyone.
Mournfulness Their euphoria was contagious after the unexpected news. The feeling of mournfulness took over after the tragic incident.
Suffering Her face was lit up with euphoria when she got the good news. The constant suffering showed in her eyes during hard times.
Torment The sense of euphoria was overwhelming upon hearing the exciting news. The constant torment of the past haunted him every day.
Regretful He couldn’t hide the overflowing sense of euphoria at the party. She was visibly regretful after making the wrong decision.
Sufferance The gratifying news brought a strong sense of euphoria to her heart. Sufferance became a part of her life due to continuous struggles.
Pain Their accomplishments brought about a wave of pure euphoria. The loss of their beloved pet led to immense pain.
Discontent The unexpected good news filled him with euphoria. The constant state of discontent gnawed at him every day.
Desperateness They were on cloud nine with the sense of euphoria after winning. The feeling of desperateness crept in after losing everything.
Woe The festive spirit brought an air of joy and euphoria. The constant state of woe lingered after the tragic incident.
Calamity The unexpected good news lifted their spirits high with pure euphoria. Calamity struck the village, taking away all happiness.
Dreary Their euphoria was unmatched as they celebrated the victory. The day felt dreary after the news of the cancellation.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EUPHORIA

In life, we encounter moments of both joy and sorrow. While euphoria brings exhilaration, its antonyms like desolation, melancholy, and disappointment signify periods of sadness and distress. We may experience highs and lows, but it’s the balance of emotions that shapes our journey.

Embracing the full spectrum of feelings is essential for personal growth and resilience. Just as euphoria is a fleeting emotion, so are its opposites. By acknowledging and navigating through both peaks and valleys, we cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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