Opposite of EVIDENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking to express ideas in writing or speech, we often rely on the use of antonyms to convey contrasting meanings. Antonyms serve as pairs of words that have opposite meanings, providing a clear distinction between concepts or qualities. By employing antonyms, we can enhance our communication by offering varied perspectives and emphasizing differences.

Exploring antonyms for words that may not seem readily apparent can deepen our understanding and strengthen our vocabulary skills. While some antonyms are widely recognized, there are also lesser-known pairs that can enrich our ability to articulate thoughts effectively. By actively seeking out antonyms for common words and phrases, we sharpen our linguistic dexterity and broaden our expressive capabilities.

In discussions and written compositions, incorporating antonyms for words that lack obvious contrasting terms can introduce nuance and complexity to our communication. By integrating less common antonyms, we invite our audience to engage critically with the contrasting elements of our message and consider multiple viewpoints. Overall, harnessing the power of antonyms for less evident terms elevates our communication and fosters a deeper appreciation for the nuances of language.

35 Antonyms for EVIDENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for evident. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EVIDENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Evident Sentence with Antonym
Unclear The benefits of exercise are evident in his improved fitness. The reasons for his poor health are still unclear.
Hidden Her true feelings were evident from the tears in her eyes. She carefully hid her emotions from everyone.
Obscure The meaning of the poem was not evident to most readers. The message was obscure and difficult to decipher.
Hidden The thief’s identity was evident in the security footage. The criminal’s face was hidden by a mask.
Invisible The impact of climate change is evident in the melting ice caps. The effects of the new policy were invisible to the public.
Unobvious The answer to the riddle was evident once he thought about it. The solution to the puzzle was unobvious and required a different approach.
Implicit The message in his words was evident though he never explicitly said it. The implication of her statement was implicit and required reading between the lines.
Vague Her instructions were not evident, leading to confusion among the team. The details in the report were vague and unclear.
Indistinct The outline of the figure was evident in the foggy distance. The boundaries of the property were indistinct due to the overgrown bushes.
Subtle The changes to the recipe were barely evident in the final dish. The influence of her actions was subtle but effective.
Undefined The goal of the project was evident from the detailed plan. The path to success was undefined and needed to be clarified.
Imperceptible The difference in the twins was evident in their personalities. The shift in public opinion was imperceptible to the politician.
Concealed The truth was evident once the evidence was revealed. The secret was carefully concealed from public knowledge.
Inconspicuous Her presence in the room was evident due to her loud laughter. His arrival at the party was inconspicuous as he slipped in unnoticed.
Unnoticeable The error in the document was evident upon closer inspection. The change in the policy was unnoticeable to most employees.
Unapparent The cause of the issue was evident after thorough investigation. The solution to the problem was unapparent at first glance.
Nonobvious The flaw in the plan was evident to everyone except the team leader. The hidden agenda behind his actions was nonobvious at first.
Inexplicit The instructions for assembly were evident in the manual. The meaning of the poem was inexplicit and left readers puzzled.
Latent His potential for leadership was evident in his actions and decisions. The dormant volcano showed no latent signs of eruption.
Unobtrusive The music in the background was evident but not disturbing. The changes in the policy were unobtrusive and went unnoticed by many.
Clouded Her judgment was evident from the wise choices she made. His vision of the future was clouded by uncertainty and doubt.
Shrouded The truth was evident once the lies were uncovered. Her past was shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions.
Opaque The reasons for her behavior were evident if you looked closely. The motives behind his actions remained opaque and confusing.
Mysterious The meaning behind her words became evident after the explanation. The disappearance of the artifact was mysterious and baffled investigators.
Unknown The cause of the fire was evident from the faulty wiring. The identity of the anonymous caller stayed unknown to the authorities.
Dark The truth was evident in the light of day. His intentions remained dark and unclear.
Imperceptible The change in her mood was evident to those who knew her well. His influence on the decision was imperceptible due to his low profile.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EVIDENT

In summary, while some details may be unclear, the overall picture is obvious. Despite the lack of clear evidence, the underlying truth remains unequivocal. Ambiguity may cloud certain aspects, but the central theme remains unmistakeable. It is important to see beyond the obscured and focus on the fundamental element that is unmistakably clear, even in the midst of contradictory information. By recognizing the implicit rather than the explicit, a deeper understanding of the subject can be gained.

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