Opposite of EXAMINATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for examination refer to terms that represent opposite meanings of the word “examination.” An examination typically involves assessing or scrutinizing someone or something in detail to evaluate their knowledge, skills, or performance. In contrast, antonyms for examination encompass concepts that deviate from this process of thorough investigation or assessment.

These antonyms may encapsulate ideas related to neglect, disregard, or oversight, wherein a lack of scrutiny or inspection is evident. They may also touch upon themes of acceptance, trust, or faith, suggesting a high level of confidence or belief without the need for extensive examination or verification.

By exploring antonyms for examination, we can gain a holistic understanding of the term “examination” and its various nuances. This examination of opposites sheds light on alternative perspectives and approaches that deviate from the conventional methods of scrutiny and evaluation.

35 Antonyms for EXAMINATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for examination. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXAMINATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Examination Sentence with Antonym
Neglect She passed the examination without studying. She failed due to her neglect of the material.
Ignorance The examination revealed his lack of knowledge. His ignorance was evident as he answered the questions.
Avoidance It is impossible to avoid an examination in school. Her constant avoidance of tests led to poor grades.
Disregard The teacher carefully reviewed every examination. He nonchalantly disregarded the tests given to him.
Omit The final examination covered all course materials. She decided to omit the last section of the test.
Dismissal She prepared thoroughly for the examination. His dismissal of studying resulted in a low score.
Overlook The examination results were published online. Students tend to overlook their grades after exams.
Blindness Pupils need to take an examination to assess skills. His blindness to his weaknesses hindered his progress.
Inattention Controlling nerves is crucial during an examination. Her inattention to instructions caused mistakes in the test.
Disinterest My heart races before every important examination. He showed his complete disinterest in academic tests.
Resistance The urge to cheat may arise during a challenging examination. Her resistance to temptation prevented cheating.
Ignore He aced the examination without any additional help. She chose to ignore the resources available for studying.
Dismiss It is essential to follow the rules during an examination. He decided to dismiss the guidelines and got in trouble.
Forgetting The examination brought back memories of past exams. Her forgetting to review the material led to failures.
Shun She aced the examination by working hard. He chose to shun studying and hoped for the best.
Bypass Passing an examination requires dedication. He tried to bypass studying but regretted his decision.
Refusal Nervousness before an important examination is common. Her refusal to acknowledge the anxiety led to panic.
Disbelief The examination results disproved their assumptions. His disbelief in his abilities affected his performance.
Negligence Passing the examination requires consistent effort. Her negligence towards studying caused repeated failures.
Disapproval Scoring well in examinations boosts confidence. His disapproval of academic achievements is concerning.
Evade Sitting for an examination can be stressful. She tried to evade taking the test by pretending to be sick.
Snooze Last-minute preparation for an examination is risky. He decided to snooze rather than revise for the test.
Nonchalance Preparing for the examination helped manage anxiety. His nonchalance towards academics resulted in failures.
Spurn An examination is a standard evaluation method. He chose to spurn the educational system and dropped out.
Disregard The examination schedule was posted on the notice board. Her disregard for the timetable caused her to miss the exam.
Lack Success in examinations is a result of hard work. Her lack of preparation led to disappointing grades.
Disregard Students eagerly wait for examination results. His disregard for the outcome showed his carefree attitude.
Avoidance It is essential to study all topics for an examination. She resorted to avoidance tactics instead of studying.
Overlook Memorization plays a crucial role in examinations. Students often overlook the importance of comprehension.
Oversee Teachers diligently monitor examinations. He was asked to oversee the class instead of taking the test.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXAMINATION

In conclusion, the process of evaluating students’ knowledge and understanding through tests and assessments is vital for measuring their progress and learning. However, avoiding scrutiny, neglecting reviews, or ignoring investigations can hinder educational development and leave gaps in understanding. It is important to embrace examination as a tool for growth and improvement, rather than shying away from it. By actively engaging in examinations, individuals can identify areas for improvement, enhance their learning, and strive towards academic excellence.

Furthermore, steering clear of analysis, overlooking inspections, and sidestepping evaluations can undermine the effectiveness of educational systems. Assessments play a crucial role in gauging competency and shaping future educational strategies. Therefore, acknowledging the significance of examinations and valuing their role in honing skills and knowledge will contribute to a more enriching and impactful learning experience for students at all levels.

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