Opposite of EXAMINE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Opposites or antonyms are words that express contrary meanings, providing a stark contrast to one another. They serve as powerful language tools for writers, speakers, and learners, adding depth and nuance to communication. By offering words that convey opposite ideas, antonyms help in expressing varying emotions, thoughts, and perspectives effectively.

In the realm of vocabulary development and language comprehension, antonyms play a crucial role. They offer a way to expand one’s lexicon and enhance linguistic skills by showcasing contrasting concepts that can enrich communication and expression. Understanding antonyms not only sharpens one’s writing and speaking abilities but also aids in deciphering texts, fostering a deeper understanding of language nuances and nuances in meaning.

With antonyms, individuals can create dynamic articulations, drawing attention to subtle differences in meaning and tone. Whether used in creative writing, academic pursuits, or everyday conversations, antonyms act as a key tool in language expression and interpretation. By mastering antonyms, one can elevate their language use, ensuring clarity, precision, and impact in communication.

35 Antonyms for EXAMINE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for examine. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXAMINE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Examine Sentence with Antonym
Ignore The doctor will examine your symptoms. He decided to ignore the warning signs.
Neglect The teacher will examine the students’ homework. She tends to neglect her duties at home.
Overlook The detective will examine the clues carefully. It’s easy to overlook important details when you rush.
Disregard The auditor must examine the company’s financial statements. It’s risky to disregard the findings of the investigation.
Miss The researcher will examine the data for any trends. If you rush, you might miss key information.
Skip Please examine the contract before signing it. Do not skip reviewing the terms and conditions.
Pass over I will examine the evidence before making a decision. He tends to pass over the finer details.
Neglect Examine the patient’s symptoms in detail. It’s important not to neglect any possible indicators.
Omit The professor will carefully examine the research paper. He tends to omit some crucial steps in his analysis.
Dismiss The judge will examine each piece of evidence. It’s not wise to dismiss any significant facts.
Disregard The inspector must examine the safety procedures. It’s dangerous to disregard any potential risks.
Avoid Let’s examine the pros and cons of the situation. Don’t try to avoid facing the facts.
Neglect The mechanic needs to examine the engine for issues. It’s risky to neglect routine maintenance.
Forsake We need to examine the impact of the new policy. Do not forsake analyzing the consequences.
By-pass The doctor will examine the patient for any symptoms. It’s not advisable to by-pass the check-up process.
Skip The auditor will examine the financial records closely. Make sure not to skip any important details.
Overpass Let’s examine the documents thoroughly. Do not overpass any errors or inconsistencies.
Disregard The detective will examine the crime scene for evidence. It’s crucial not to disregard any clues.
Neglect The teacher will examine the students’ work for errors. She tends to neglect grading assignments promptly.
Misjudge It’s essential to examine all possibilities before deciding. Be careful not to misjudge the situation based on assumptions.
Forsake The doctor will examine the patient for any symptoms. Do not forsake seeking medical attention.
Overlook The researcher will examine the data for trends. It’s easy to overlook important information when rushing.
Ignore Let’s examine the evidence before drawing conclusions. Do not ignore any relevant facts.
Skip The professor will examine the student’s thesis carefully. Make sure not to skip any important sections.
Omit The accountant needs to examine the financial reports. She tends to omit critical details during analysis.
Shun The therapist will examine the patient’s concerns. It’s best not to shun addressing uncomfortable topics.
Elude The detective will examine the crime scene thoroughly. Clues should not be allowed to elude investigation.
Disregard The manager will examine the employee’s performance. It’s not advisable to disregard any warning signs.
Disregard The lawyer must examine every detail of the case. It’s risky to disregard any potential loopholes.
Bypass The doctor will examine the patient’s medical history. It’s important not to bypass any crucial information.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXAMINE

In summary, when it comes to exploring contrasts, it is crucial to avoid focusing solely on similarities. By neglecting to scrutinize disparities, we risk overlooking vital distinctions that can provide a deeper understanding of a subject. Instead of examining likenesses, it is valuable to consider differences, as they can offer unique insights and enhance comprehension.

Overall, the act of ignoring resemblances and instead concentrating on disparities can lead to a more comprehensive analysis and a richer appreciation of the complexity within a topic. By embracing the nuances that set things apart, we can uncover new perspectives and enrich our understanding of the world around us.

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