Opposite of EXPRESSED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for expressed are words that convey the opposite meaning of something that has been clearly communicated or stated. These antonyms serve to offer alternative ways to articulate ideas, feelings, or concepts in a manner that contradicts or differs from the original expression.

When we seek antonyms for expressed, we aim to find words that can provide a contrasting viewpoint or interpretation to what has been previously conveyed. By utilizing these antonyms, we can introduce diversity in our language and enrich our communication by presenting differing perspectives or emotions.

Exploring antonyms for expressed allows us to enhance our language skills and broaden our ability to communicate effectively in various contexts. It provides us with a toolkit of vocabulary that can be applied to add depth and nuance to our expressions, enabling us to convey complex meanings with precision and clarity.

35 Antonyms for EXPRESSED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for expressed. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXPRESSED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Expressed Sentence with Antonym
Concealed She expressed her emotions openly to her friends. She concealed her emotions and didn’t show them to anyone.
Suppressed He expressed his opinion but it was quickly suppressed. His opinion was suppressed and he was unable to express it fully.
Repressed She expressed her frustrations today after years of repressed feelings. Her feelings were repressed for a long time before she expressed them.
Unvoiced The concerns of the employees remained unvoiced until they were expressed in a meeting. Once the concerns were expressed, they were no longer unvoiced.
Silenced Her creativity was silenced for years but finally expressed through her artwork. The artist was silenced for a long time until she expressed her creativity.
Hidden His true feelings were expressed in a way that the underlying message wasn’t hidden anymore. The real issue was hidden until it was expressed explicitly.
Untold The story he expressed was one that had previously remained untold. The story was once untold until he finally expressed it.
Unstated The contract expressed some terms, while others were left unstated. The terms that were unstated were finally expressed in a new agreement.
Bottled up Her emotions were bottled up for so long but were finally expressed during the therapy session. She had expressed everything she had bottled up inside for years.
Withheld The information was expressed to the public, nothing was withheld. Nothing was withheld once the details were expressed openly.
Retain It’s important to express your feelings rather than retain them inside. It’s not healthy to retain emotions; they should be expressed.
Concealed She often concealed her true feelings and rarely expressed them. Her emotions remained concealed because she never expressed them.
Censored In some countries, opinions that are expressed freely in the US are censored. Freedom of speech is censored in places where opinions cannot be expressed openly.
Restrained He expressed his excitement freely, not holding back or being restrained. He had restrained himself before but now openly expressed his feelings.
Muted Her voice was often muted, but today she expressed herself with confidence. She used to be muted but now speaks up and expresses her thoughts clearly.
Unspoken Sometimes feelings are unspoken until they are expressed through action. Once feelings are expressed, they are no longer unspoken.
Inhibited He was usually inhibited but today he expressed himself freely. His true self was often inhibited, but today he openly expressed his thoughts.
Repressed Her struggles were repressed for too long; it was time to express them. She finally decided to stop repressing her emotions and expressed them.
Buried Memories were buried deep inside, waiting to be expressed and dealt with. The pain was buried but finally expressed through tears and words.
Unsaid It was left unsaid until she finally expressed her true feelings. Once her feelings were expressed, nothing was left unsaid.
Hidden Secrets that were once hidden were finally expressed during the confrontation. The truth had always been hidden until it was expressed aloud.
Unrevealed The mystery of the final chapter remained unrevealed until the author expressed it. The ending was unrevealed, waiting to be expressed through the author’s words.
Unarticulated The idea was still unarticulated until she expressed it in full detail. The concept was unarticulated, but after being expressed, it became clear.
Gagged Journalists are sometimes gagged from expressing their true opinions. The truth was gagged, preventing anyone from truly expressing their thoughts.
Pent-up Years of pent-up frustration were finally expressed in her emotional outburst. She had been pent-up for too long until everything was expressed openly.
Unuttered Her feelings for him remained unuttered until she expressed them today. The words were unuttered before today, when they were finally expressed.
Bottled in Don’t keep your emotions bottled in, find a healthy way to express them. It’s not good to keep feelings bottled in; they should be expressed.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXPRESSED

In communication, understanding the various antonyms for “expressed” can help convey different degrees of emotions or opinions. By using words such as “implied,” “concealed,” or “suppressed,” individuals can subtly communicate their thoughts without stating them explicitly. This versatility in language allows for a more nuanced and nuanced expression of ideas, enabling individuals to express themselves in a variety of ways.

By exploring these antonyms for “expressed,” individuals can enhance their communication skills and better navigate complex conversations. Whether choosing to imply rather than state outright or conceal instead of reveal, understanding the range of possibilities in expression can lead to more effective and impactful communication in various contexts.

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