Opposite of EXTENSION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for extension refer to words or phrases that express the opposite meaning of extending or lengthening something. These antonyms typically convey the idea of shortening, reducing, or limiting in contrast to extending or expanding. By using antonyms for extension, speakers and writers can effectively convey ideas of decrease or confinement instead of growth or expansion.

When discussing antonyms for extension, it is essential to consider the context in which these terms are used. By incorporating these antonyms into communication, individuals can create a more nuanced and balanced expression of concepts related to space, time, or quantity. Utilizing antonyms for extension can help provide a clearer and more comprehensive understanding in various forms of discourse, enhancing the clarity and precision of language.

In a wide spectrum of fields such as linguistics, mathematics, or technology, the use of antonyms for extension plays a vital role in articulating diverse concepts and ideas. By exploring and applying these opposites of extension, individuals can enrich their vocabulary, leading to more effective communication and interpretation of complex topics. Understanding the antonyms for extension enables individuals to express a broader range of meanings with precision and accuracy.

35 Antonyms for EXTENSION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for extension. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXTENSION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Extension Sentence with Antonym
Reduction The deadline for the project has been extended. The deadline for the project has been shortened.
Contraction The road construction work will cause the extension of our commute. The road construction work will cause the contraction of our commute.
Compression With the extension of urban areas, green spaces are shrinking. With the compression of urban areas, green spaces are increasing.
Limitation The extension of the meeting has allowed for more thorough discussion. The limitation of the meeting has led to less discussion.
Narrowing The extension of the bridge made it safer for pedestrians. The narrowing of the bridge made it unsafe for pedestrians.
Shortening The extension of the store hours provides more convenience for customers. The shortening of the store hours inconveniences customers.
Decrease The extension of the sale period attracted more customers. The decrease in the sale period resulted in fewer customers.
Contraction Due to the extension of the holiday, more people were able to travel. Due to the contraction of the holiday, fewer people could travel.
Compression The extension of the festival brought in a larger crowd. The compression of the festival resulted in a smaller attendance.
Limitation The extension of the exhibition allowed for more art to be displayed. The limitation of the exhibition restricted the amount of art on display.
Reduction The teacher’s extension of the deadline eased stress for students. The teacher’s reduction of the deadline heightened stress for students.
Contraction The extension of the store hours accommodates more shopping time. The contraction of the store hours limits shopping time.
Compression The extension of the park improved accessibility for visitors. The compression of the park restricted access for visitors.
Limitation The extension of the trial period allows for further evaluation. The limitation of the trial period prevents thorough evaluation.
Contraction The extension of the runway permitted larger planes to land. The contraction of the runway restricts the size of planes that can land.
Contraction The extension of library hours benefits late-night students. The contraction of library hours inconveniences late-night students.
Compression The extension of the conference attracted attendees from afar. The compression of the conference limited attendance to local participants.
Reduction The extension of bus services expanded transportation options. The reduction of bus services limited transportation choices.
Decrease The extension of store hours accommodated more shopping time. The decrease in store hours limited shopping opportunities.
Widening The extension of the rental period allowed for more flexibility. The narrowing of the rental period restricted flexibility.
Contraction The extension of summer break provided additional vacation time. The contraction of summer break reduced vacation time.
Compression The extension of the exhibit duration attracted a diverse crowd. The compression of the exhibit duration narrowed the audience.
Limitation The extension of office hours gives employees more flexibility. The limitation of office hours imposes rigid working schedules.
Decrease The extension of the event’s duration drew in a larger crowd. The decrease in the event’s duration resulted in a smaller audience.
Reduction The extension of the school day allows for more learning time. The reduction of the school day limits learning opportunities.
Contraction The extension of restaurant hours caters to late-night diners. The contraction of restaurant hours restricts dining options.
Compression The extension of the show’s run attracted visitors from all over. The compression of the show’s run narrowed the visitor demographic.
Limitation The extension of the performance permits additional rehearsal time. The limitation of the performance restricts rehearsal opportunities.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXTENSION

In contrast to extension, which signifies lengthening or stretching, opposition suggests resistance or contradiction. While extension conveys the idea of inclusion, exclusion implies leaving out or withholding. Instead of prolonging, curtailment signifies reducing or limiting. Contrary to extension, compression denotes the act of squeezing or compacting.

Understanding antonyms for extension helps to grasp contrasting concepts and enriches vocabulary. By recognizing words with opposite meanings, we develop a clearer comprehension of language and communication. Hence, exploring antonyms such as opposition, exclusion, and curtailment broadens our linguistic abilities and enhances our ability to express ideas effectively.

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