Opposite of EXTENSIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for extensive, we are referring to words that represent the opposite meaning of extensive. The concept of antonyms involves words that have contrasting meanings, providing clarity and depth to language. In this case, antonyms for extensive can help to convey ideas concisely and with precision.

Antonyms serve as valuable tools in communication by offering alternatives that highlight differences in meaning. By understanding antonyms for extensive, one can enhance their vocabulary and express themselves more effectively. Exploring antonyms can also lead to a deeper comprehension of language and foster clearer communication in various contexts.

In summary, antonyms for extensive play a crucial role in language by offering contrasting meanings that contribute to a more nuanced and precise mode of expression. Understanding these antonyms allows for enhanced communication and a more comprehensive grasp of language nuances.

35 Antonyms for EXTENSIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for extensive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXTENSIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Extensive Sentence with Antonym
Limited She conducted an extensive research study on the topic. His knowledge on the subject is limited and he needs to learn more.
Narrow The extensive highway system allowed for easy travel across the country. The narrow dirt road was only wide enough for one car to pass at a time.
Scarce The library had an extensive collection of rare books. Resources were scarce during the time of the drought.
Brief The official provided an extensive explanation of the new policy. She only had time to give a brief overview of the project.
Superficial His understanding of the topic was extensive and thorough. Her knowledge of the subject was superficial and lacked depth.
Concise The teacher gave an extensive lecture on the history of the region. She preferred to give concise presentations to keep her students engaged.
Shallow The article provided an extensive analysis of the economic situation. The journalist’s reporting was shallow and did not delve into the details.
Sparse The garden was filled with an extensive variety of flowers. The barren land had only sparse vegetation growing on it.
Limited The company had an extensive product line catering to different markets. Due to budget constraints, they had to work with a limited selection.
Compact The city was known for its extensive urban sprawl. The town was known for its compact layout where everything was within walking distance.
Selective The art gallery featured an extensive collection of modern art. The boutique gallery had a selective collection with only a few curated pieces.
Inadequate Her thesis included an extensive literature review of existing studies. The data collected was inadequate for drawing any meaningful conclusions.
Restricted He was given extensive access to the company’s financial reports. Due to confidentiality concerns, his access was restricted to certain files.
Thrifty They went on an extensive shopping spree during the holiday season. She preferred to be thrifty and only buy items that were on sale.
Cursory The inspector conducted an extensive examination of the machinery. The technician only did a cursory check and missed some crucial details.
Economical The project involved an extensive use of resources to complete on time. They decided on a more economical approach to reduce costs and stay within budget.
Bounded Her creativity had extensive reach across various mediums and disciplines. His creativity was bounded by his fixed ideas and lack of experimentation.
Frugal Despite having extensive financial resources, she lived a frugal lifestyle. The wealthy heiress had an extensive collection of luxury items, leading a lavish lifestyle.
Shallow His understanding of the complex topic was extensive and comprehensive. Her knowledge of the subject was shallow and only surface-level.
Essential The report provided an extensive overview of the key findings. The new guidelines focus on the essential aspects, skipping unnecessary details.
Surplus The farmer had an extensive harvest this season, yielding a surplus of crops. Due to poor weather conditions, the harvest was meager, and there was no surplus.
Scant They conducted an extensive investigation into the matter, gathering abundant evidence. However, the evidence against him was scant and inconclusive.
Sequestered The villa had an extensive garden surrounded by greenery. The apartment in the city was sequestered with no view of the outdoors.
Rarefied His vocabulary was extensive, including rarefied words from different languages. Her language skills were basic, and she did not use any rarefied terms.
Limited Her experience in the field was extensive, having worked on various projects. His experience, however, was limited, with only a few basic assignments.
Superficial She preferred an extensive conversation that went into detail about the topic. However, he liked keeping discussions superficial and light-hearted.
Block The protest covered an extensive area along the main street, disrupting traffic. The parade was limited to one block and did not cause much inconvenience.
Confined The wildlife sanctuary had an extensive area for the animals to roam freely. In contrast, the zoo had small enclosures where the animals were confined.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXTENSIVE

In conclusion, while some may prefer compact or limited options, others may find them restrictive or confining. It is essential to consider the balance between extensive and restricted choices to cater to various preferences and needs. Instead of solely focusing on extensive selections, narrowing down options can sometimes lead to more efficient decision-making processes and tailored outcomes for individuals. Ultimately, understanding and appreciating the antonyms of extensive can help create a more inclusive and adaptable approach in various aspects of life.

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