Opposite of EXTOL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking to communicate effectively, it is essential to have a varied vocabulary to convey nuanced meanings. Antonyms for extol are words that represent the opposite of praising or lauding someone or something. While extol emphasizes admiration and approval, antonyms for this term highlight criticism or disapproval instead.

One antonym for extol is to criticize, which involves pointing out flaws or shortcomings. While extolling focuses on highlighting positive attributes, criticizing focuses on pointing out negative aspects. Another antonym for extol is to condemn, which signifies strong disapproval or censure towards a person, action, or idea.

By incorporating antonyms for extol in our language, we are able to express a broader range of perspectives and opinions. Utilizing these contrasting terms allows for a more balanced and comprehensive communication style.

35 Antonyms for EXTOL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for extol. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXTOL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Extol Sentence with Antonym
Belittle Critics extol his achievements, but others belittle his efforts. While some praise her work, others consistently belittle her accomplishments.
Criticize Sarah’s parents always extol her hard work, never criticize it. Instead of criticize, they appreciate and extol his dedication.
Condemn The church members would regularly extol their pastor’s leadership and never condemn him. The media tends to condemn her actions while others continuously extol her virtues.
Disparage It is inappropriate to extol someone’s efforts behind their back and then disparage them in public. While some disparage his work, others genuinely extol his contribution.
Depreciate Although some extol the beauty of the old building, others often depreciate its value. Sarah’s kindness is always extolled, but unfortunately, her talents are often depreciated.
Devalue Instead of devaluing someone’s hard work, we should extol their efforts and dedication. While critics may devalue her art, her fans will always extol its beauty.
Underestimate It is essential not to underestimate the impact of extolling someone’s contributions to a project. Instead of extolling the importance of something, they tend to underestimate its value.
Denounce The manager would always extol the teamwork of the employees and never denounce their efforts. Some people tend to denounce his decisions instead of recognizing them and extolling his wisdom.
Discredit Instead of discrediting his achievements, they should extol his hard work and dedication. Critics often try to discredit his success, while supporters continue to extol his expertise.
Degrade Instead of constantly degrading her accomplishments, we should extol her achievements. She is always extolled for her compassion, never degraded for her mistakes.
Deprecate Extolling someone’s success is much better than deprecating their efforts. People often deprecate his work, but his supervisor always extolls his dedication.
Deride Instead of deriding his choices, we should extol his confidence in decision-making. Some individuals tend to deride his opinions while others choose to extol his insight.
Despise While some despise his work, others truly extol his creative genius. It is better to extol someone’s efforts than to despise them for their hard work.
Oppose The team leader would regularly extol the unity of the team and never oppose their unity. Instead of opposing the organization’s efforts, we should extol the progress being made.
Trivialize Instead of constantly trivializing her achievements, they should extol her hard work. People tend to trivialize his accomplishments while others sincerely extol his dedication.
Vilify Some individuals may vilify her actions, but others genuinely extol her character. It is harmful to vilify someone’s efforts instead of choosing to extol them.
Detract Critics often try to detract from her work, while supporters consistently extol her accomplishments. Instead of detraction, we should focus on extolling the positive aspects of their work.
Belittle Critics sometimes belittle his achievements, even though others extol his contributions. While some may belittle his efforts, his colleagues will always extol his dedication.
Deplore It is meaningful to extol the team’s success rather than constantly deploring their efforts. Instead of deploring the mistake, they should extol the hard work that went into the project.
Disparagement Instead of indulging in disparagement, we should focus on extolling the virtues of his work. Despite the disparagements, she continues to extol her team for their dedication.
Disparage Don’t disparage her achievements; instead, extol her for her hard work. While some choose to disparage his work, others genuinely extol his talents.
Minimize Instead of trying to minimize her accomplishments, we should extol her achievements. While some minimize his contributions, others choose to extol his hard work.
Understate Instead of understating the impact of her work, we should extol her efforts. Although she might understate her achievements, others will surely extol her success.
Demean Her boss would never demean her work; instead, he would always extol her dedication. While some tend to demean his ideas, others consistently extol his ingenuity.
Disparaging Instead of making disparaging remarks, it is more constructive to extol someone’s attributes. Despite the disparaging comments, she continues to extol the team’s achievements.
Diminish Some people tend to diminish his achievements, while others always extol his efforts. Instead of diminishing the value of his work, we should extol the positive impact he has.
Devaluate Instead of trying to devaluate his contributions, we should extol his hard work. They should extol his creativity instead of devaluating his efforts.
Lower Instead of trying to lower his reputation, it is better to extol his skills and talents. While some may try to lower his worth, others will always extol his virtues.
Misprize Instead of misprizing his achievements, we should extol his success. Despite the misprizing, she continues to extol his expertise.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXTOL

It is important to recognize that while some may criticize or belittle, others may praise or highlight achievements. Expressing appreciation, acknowledging merit, and giving credit where it is due can boost morale and foster a positive environment. Constructive feedback can be valuable in helping individuals improve, but it is equally crucial to celebrate successes and strengths.

Rather than focusing solely on faults or shortcomings, incorporating words of commendation, applause, or admiration can inspire and motivate individuals to strive for greatness. By balancing constructive criticism with words of praise, we can create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth.

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