Opposite of EXTRA – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms, we are referring to words that have opposite meanings. By understanding antonyms, we can enhance our vocabulary and communication skills. Antonyms work to provide contrast by offering alternatives to a given word or concept.

Exploring antonyms can be a useful tool for enhancing our writing and speaking abilities. By incorporating different antonyms, we can add depth and variety to our language usage. Antonyms allow us to convey nuances in meaning and create vivid contrasts in our expressions.

By recognizing and utilizing antonyms effectively, we can enrich our language and communication. This enables us to express ourselves more precisely and creatively. Overall, antonyms offer a valuable resource for expanding our vocabulary and enhancing our overall language proficiency.

35 Antonyms for EXTRA With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for extra. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXTRA antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Extra Sentence with Antonym
Required Extra time was given to complete the project. Only the required time was given to complete the project.
Insufficient The soup had extra salt. The soup had insufficient salt.
Ordinary She ordered an extra large pizza. She ordered an ordinary sized pizza.
Deficient He added extra sugar to his coffee. He added deficient sugar to his coffee.
Core The candidate had extra qualifications. The candidate had only the core qualifications.
Essential He received extra credit for the assignment. He received only the essential credit for the assignment.
Essential They brought extra food to the party. They brought only the essential food to the party.
Sparse The cake had extra cream on top. The cake had sparse cream on top.
Inadequate The team worked on the project for an extra hour. The team worked on the project for an inadequate hour.
Normal The family ordered an extra large fries. The family ordered a normal serving of fries.
Deficiency He has extra talent in playing the piano. He has a deficiency in playing the piano.
Necessary She brought extra clothes for the trip. She brought only the necessary clothes for the trip.
Meager The car had an extra set of keys in the drawer. The car had a meager set of keys in the drawer.
Fundamental The teacher added extra examples to the lesson. The teacher explained only the fundamental examples in the lesson.
Lack She received an extra present on her birthday. She didn’t lack any presents on her birthday.
Include I have done some extra research on the topic. I didn’t have to include any extra research on the topic.
Reduce He has extra weight on him. He needs to reduce that extra weight.
Primary The school provides extra learning resources. The school focuses on the primary learning resources.
Wanting The report had extra information in it. The report was not wanting in any information.
Minimum She wore an extra layer of clothing. She wore the minimum amount of clothing required.
Limited He received extra allowance from his parents. He was given limited allowance for the week.
Exceed She purchased an extra ticket for the show. She did not exceed in purchasing tickets for the show.
Core The course required extra study time. The course required only the core study time.
Beneath The dress had extra sequins on it. The dress was simple and had nothing beneath it.
Inadequate She put extra effort into her presentation. She did not put inadequate effort into her presentation.
Diminish The savings account had some extra money in it. The savings account did not diminish from that extra money.
Periphery The extra decorations in the room were beautiful. Only the periphery of the room had decorations.
Base He received extra praise for his work. He received only the base praise for his work.
Scarce The book had an extra chapter added to it. The book was scarce in length and did not have the extra chapter.
Partial He was given extra responsibilities at work. He was given only partial responsibilities at work.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXTRA

In essence, minimizing excess is key to simplicity. By eliminating unnecessary elements, one can streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Cutting back on superfluous items or activities can lead to a more focused and uncluttered approach, ultimately fostering a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle. It is crucial to prioritize essential tasks and belongings while discarding anything that is surplus or redundant. This approach not only saves time and resources but also promotes a sense of clarity and purpose in everyday life.

In a world full of distractions and overstimulation, embracing simplicity by reducing the unnecessary can pave the way for a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. By embracing the opposite of extra, one can find peace in minimalism and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in all aspects of life. Striving for balance and moderation allows for a more intentional and mindful way of living, where quality takes precedence over quantity, and where the focus is on what truly matters.

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