Opposite of FATED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for fated are words that convey the opposite meaning of being destined or preordained. These antonyms suggest free will, choice, and the ability to change outcomes through individual decisions and actions. By exploring antonyms for fated, one can delve into concepts of uncertainty, agency, and the potential for change in one’s life trajectory.

The study of antonyms for fated opens up a spectrum of possibilities and divergent paths, highlighting the varied ways in which our lives can unfold. It invites reflection on the role of chance, willpower, and external factors in shaping our journey. By examining these antonyms, we confront the idea that our future is not set in stone, but rather influenced by our choices and circumstances.

In a world where the notion of fate can be both comforting and limiting, exploring antonyms for fated offers a fresh perspective on personal agency and the power of human agency to defy expectations and forge new destinies. By considering these antonyms, we are reminded of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of life, where opportunities for change and growth abound.

35 Antonyms for FATED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for fated. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FATED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Fated Sentence with Antonym
Uncertain She felt fated to meet him at the party. She felt uncertain about whether she would meet him at the party.
Optional Their relationship seemed fated to end. Their relationship seemed optional and could have continued.
Chance It was fated that they would cross paths. It was by chance that they crossed paths.
Random The meeting was fated to happen as per destiny. The meeting happened on a random occurrence.
Avoidable The situation felt fated to occur despite their efforts. The situation was avoidable had they taken proper precautions.
Unplanned Their reunion was fated to happen after years of separation. Their reunion was completely unplanned and unexpected.
Deliberate She believed their love was fated from the start. She thought their love was not deliberate but purely accidental.
Optional They considered their relationship to be fated. They believed their relationship was optional and could end anytime.
Arbitrary The decision seemed fated to lead to success. The decision was not arbitrary but well thought out.
Controlled Their emotions felt fated to be intertwined. They kept their emotions controlled and separate from each other.
Unplanned The accident felt fated to occur at that moment. The accident was completely unplanned and unexpected.
Chosen She believed her career path was fated. She thought her career path was not chosen but happened by chance.
Spontaneous Their chemistry felt fated from the moment they met. Their chemistry was not spontaneous but something that was planned.
Accidental Their encounter seemed fated by a higher power. Their encounter was purely accidental and not predestined.
Unforeseen The outcome seemed fated from the beginning. The outcome was completely unforeseen and unexpected.
Preventable The tragedy felt fated and unavoidable. The tragedy was actually preventable had they taken the necessary precautions.
Optional They believed their meeting was fated. They believed their meeting was optional and could have not happened.
Haphazard Their relationship felt fated from the start. Their relationship was anything but haphazard in its development.
Changeable Their paths seemed fated to cross. Their paths were actually changeable and could have gone in different directions.
Coincidental Their connection felt fated. Their connection was purely coincidental and not planned.
Careless Their actions felt fated to have consequences. Their actions were actually careless and not predestined.
Potential She believed their love was fated to happen. She thought their love was just a potential and not predetermined.
Serendipitous Their friendship seemed fated. Their friendship was purely serendipitous and not preordained.
Voluntary They saw their partnership as fated. They viewed their partnership as voluntary and not forced upon them.
Unintentional Their separation felt fated. Their separation was purely unintentional and not meant to happen.
Query It seemed fated that they would succeed. It was a query of whether they would succeed.
Avoided She felt fated to make that decision. She avoided making the decision she felt fated to.
Forecast The event felt fated to occur as predicted. The event was not what forecasted to happen.
Fortuitous Their meeting felt fated. Their meeting was purely fortuitous and not destined.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FATED

In life, we often encounter options rather than being bound by predetermined outcomes. While some may believe in fate, others find solace in the freedom to make choices. The contrast between being destined and having agency plays a significant role in shaping individuals’ perspectives and paths.

By embracing the absence of a predetermined fate, individuals can empower themselves to make deliberate decisions and take responsibility for the results. This realization opens up a world of possibilities and allows for growth through personal experiences and choices. Ultimately, accepting the antonyms of being fated can lead to a sense of liberation, autonomy, and purpose in navigating the journey of life.

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