Opposite of FEASIBILITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for feasibility refer to characteristics, conditions, or situations that are incompatible with the likelihood of success or accomplishing a particular goal. While feasibility focuses on whether something is practical, achievable, or realistic, antonyms for feasibility denote aspects that hinder or prevent the realization of an idea or project.

These antonyms encompass factors that make something unviable, impractical, or improbable. They may include obstacles, limitations, or challenges that render a plan unworkable or infeasible. Antonyms for feasibility highlight the impossibility or impracticability of a proposed action or endeavor.

By understanding the antonyms for feasibility, one can gain insight into the barriers, constraints, or risks that may impede the execution of a plan. Recognizing these opposing factors is essential for comprehensive decision-making and strategic planning, allowing individuals and organizations to assess the viability and potential challenges of their projects.

35 Antonyms for FEASIBILITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for feasibility. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FEASIBILITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Feasibility Sentence with Antonym
Impossibility The feasibility of completing the project is high. The impossibility of completing the project is evident.
Infeasibility The feasibility study shows the project can be done. The infeasibility of the project is apparent.
Impracticality There is feasibility in implementing the new system. The impracticality of implementing the system is clear.
Improbability The feasibility analysis indicates success is likely. The improbability of success is apparent from the analysis.
Unlikeliness The feasibility study suggests the plan will work. The unlikeliness of the plan succeeding is evident.
Hopelessness There is a sense of feasibility in the proposed solution. The hopelessness of the proposed solution is palpable.
Improbability The feasibility of the project is quite high. The improbability of the project’s success is high.
Impossibility The feasibility of the plan is being evaluated. The impossibility of the plan’s success is being considered.
Infeasibility Feasibility studies are being conducted to assess the project. The infeasibility of the plan is being analyzed.
Unrealistic The feasibility of the timeline for completion is being examined. The timeline set is considered unrealistic due to various constraints.
Impossibility The feasibility of launching the product is being assessed. The impossibility of launching on time is a concern.
Infeasibility The team is working on establishing the feasibility of the concept. The lack of resources is leading to the infeasibility of the concept.
Improbability Feasibility reports indicate the project will likely succeed. The analysis points to the improbability of the project’s success.
Unfeasible The project is underway because the team found it feasible. The new plan was scrapped as it was deemed unfeasible by the management.
Unattainable The feasibility of reaching the goal is being considered. The goal seems unattainable based on the current resources available.
Unviable The team is discussing the feasibility of the proposed changes. The changes were deemed unviable as they would cost too much to implement.
Impracticality The feasibility of the proposal is yet to be determined. The proposal is facing criticism due to its perceived impracticality.
Unworkable The team is analyzing the feasibility of the new system. The new system is considered unworkable due to technical limitations.
Uncertain The feasibility of the venture is being evaluated by experts. Experts found several uncertainties that may hinder the project.
Unsound The project’s feasibility is being reviewed by the committee. The business model was deemed unsound due to several risks identified.
Impracticable The feasibility of the proposal is being studied meticulously. The proposal is deemed impracticable given the current circumstances.
Unacceptable The team is debating the feasibility of the proposed strategy. The proposed strategy was deemed unacceptable by the stakeholders.
Untenable The feasibility of scaling the business is under consideration. The current financial situation makes scaling untenable at the moment.
Unreasonable Feasibility tests are indicating that the plan will succeed. Some suggest the plan is unreasonable due to its ambitious nature.
Unjustifiable The feasibility of the project is currently being discussed. Some stakeholders find the project unjustifiable given the risks involved.
Unsound Feasibility research shows that the expansion is viable. The proposed investment was considered unsound by financial analysts.
Unpractical The team is evaluating the feasibility of the proposed timeline. The timeline was deemed unpractical due to the complexity of the project.
Unadvisable The feasibility of the decision is being examined thoroughly. The decision was considered unadvisable due to potential negative consequences.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FEASIBILITY

In summary, exploring alternatives to feasibility can lead to more innovative solutions. By considering impossibility, instead of feasibility, we can challenge the status quo and push boundaries. While viability is often preferred, unviability can spark new perspectives and opportunities for growth. Embracing uncertainty over certainty can foster creativity and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Overall, delving into the opposite of feasibility can open up new avenues for problem-solving and decision-making. It highlights the importance of thinking beyond the obvious and being open to unconventional ideas. By incorporating unfeasibility into the discussion, we can expand our understanding and approach to finding effective solutions.

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