Opposite of FEEBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for feeble, one searches for words that convey strength, vigor, and vitality. These antonyms are the polar opposites of feeble, representing power, energy, and robustness.

Antonyms for feeble stand in stark contrast to the characteristics of weakness, frailty, and inadequacy typically associated with the word feeble. By identifying and using these antonyms, one can accurately convey the opposite meanings and paint a vivid picture of vigor and resilience.

Understanding antonyms for feeble enables us to express ourselves more effectively by choosing words that convey the desired level of strength and vitality in our communication. By incorporating these antonyms, we can create a more dynamic and impactful narrative that resonates with the audience.

35 Antonyms for FEEBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for feeble. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FEEBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Feeble Sentence with Antonym
Strong His feeble attempts were easily thwarted Her strong determination paid off
Mighty The storm reduced the tree to a feeble stump He displayed his mighty strength and uprooted the tree
Vigorous His feeble voice was barely audible She sang with a vigorous voice that filled the room
Robust The old man’s feeble health kept him bedridden The young athlete’s robust health allowed him to compete
Vibrant The feeble colors of the painting faded with time The artist used vibrant colors that breathed life into the painting
Potent The medicine had no effect on his feeble body The new drug proved to be potent and cured him overnight
Sturdy The feeble bridge couldn’t withstand the flood The villagers rebuilt the bridge with sturdy materials
Tough She lost to her opponent due to her feeble defense He won the match with his tough offense
Healthy His feeble diet consisted of only soup and crackers She maintained a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables
Energetic His feeble attempts at exercise left him exhausted She was energetic and completed the workout with ease
Lively The feeble party ended early due to lack of energy The lively party went on all night with music and dancing
Resilient The feeble plant withered in the harsh sunlight The resilient plant flourished despite the heat
Powerful His feeble arguments failed to convince anyone She presented a powerful case that changed their minds
Robust The feeble old car sputtered to a stop The robust new car sped down the road
Tenacious Despite his feeble attempts, he never gave up She showed a tenacious spirit that carried her through challenges
Vigorous His feeble punches did little damage in the fight The boxer delivered vigorous blows that knocked out his opponent
Stalwart The feeble support for the cause dwindled over time The community showed stalwart support and rallied behind the cause
Fit Her feeble body could not keep up with the others He was fit and ran the marathon without breaking a sweat
Robust The feeble structure collapsed under pressure The robust building stood strong in the face of the storm
Bright The feeble light barely illuminated the room The bright sunshine flooded in through the windows
Loud His feeble voice was drowned out by the crowd She yelled in a loud voice to be heard over the noise
Sturdy The feeble chair broke under his weight The sturdy chair held up even under the heaviest load
Tough His feeble resolve wavered in the face of adversity She showed a tough attitude and pushed through the challenges
Resilient The building’s feeble structure crumbled in the earthquake The resilient building stood tall and survived the tremors
Robust The feeble wind could not push the sailboat The robust wind filled the sails and propelled the boat forward
Healthy His feeble body struggled to recover from the illness She was healthy and bounced back quickly after getting sick
Energetic The feeble performance lacked excitement and energy The energetic performance had the audience cheering and clapping
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FEEBLE

In comparison to frail, vigorous signals strength and energy, showcasing robustness and vitality. The sturdy tree stood tall and flourishing amidst the forest, displaying a stark contrast to the feeble shrubs struggling to survive in the harsh environment.

In contrast to powerless, potent implies great force and authority, exemplifying a commanding presence and influence. The influential leader’s potent speeches inspired change and unity among the populace, in stark comparison to the feeble attempts of the opposition to sway public opinion.

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