Opposite of FEEDBACK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for feedback are words or phrases that represent the opposite of giving or receiving feedback. These terms are often used to describe communication styles or actions that do not involve providing or receiving input, opinions, or suggestions.

Feedback, a key element in communication and personal growth, involves sharing thoughts, reactions, or evaluations to help improve understanding, performance, or relationships. It serves as a crucial tool for learning, development, and progress in various areas of life.

By understanding antonyms for feedback, individuals can recognize different communication dynamics that lack constructive criticism, reflection, or exchange of ideas. These opposite terms shed light on how interactions can be one-sided, dismissive, or non-collaborative, highlighting the importance of effective feedback for meaningful and reciprocal communication.

35 Antonyms for FEEDBACK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for feedback. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FEEDBACK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Feedback Sentence with Antonym
Praise Positive feedback is essential for improvement. Criticism is essential for improvement.
Approval I appreciate your feedback on this project. I appreciate your disapproval on this project.
Acknowledgment Thank you for your feedback on the presentation. Thank you for your denial on the presentation.
Validate The feedback from the focus group confirmed our hypothesis. The invalidation from the focus group contradicted our hypothesis.
Support Your honest feedback will help us make necessary changes. Your honest opposition will help us make necessary changes.
Endorsement We are seeking your feedback on the new policy. We are seeking your objection on the new policy.
Commendation Her feedback was commendable and greatly appreciated. Her criticism was condemnable and greatly appreciated.
Acclaim The artist received positive feedback from the critics. The artist received condemnation from the critics.
Affirmation Your feedback confirmed our suspicions. Your denial contradicted our suspicions.
Console I was grateful for the teacher’s feedback after failing the exam. I was grateful for the teacher’s reprimand after failing the exam.
Esteem Feedback from senior management is valued in this organization. Disdain from senior management is valued in this organization.
Recognition Customer feedback is crucial to improving our services. Customer ignorance is crucial to improving our services.
Recognition The team received recognition for their hard work. The team received disapproval for their hard work.
Rave The product received glowing feedback from users. The product received scathing criticism from users.
Validate Their feedback served to validate our hypothesis. Their objection served to invalidate our hypothesis.
Embrace I wholeheartedly welcome your feedback on the proposal. I wholeheartedly welcome your rejection of the proposal.
Adoption The company decided to move forward with the changes based on feedback. The company decided to move backward with the changes based on rejection.
Cheer The team cheered at the positive feedback from the client. The team groaned at the negative criticism from the client.
Embrace The organization embraces feedback as a tool for growth. The organization rejects feedback as a tool for growth.
Gratify It was gratifying to receive such positive feedback. It was disheartening to receive such negative criticism.
Validate Your feedback will help to validate our research findings. Your denial will help to invalidate our research findings.
Appreciate We appreciate your constructive feedback on the project. We appreciate your destructive criticism on the project.
Approval Your approval of the plan means a lot to us. Your disapproval of the plan means a lot to us.
Recognize The company recognized the importance of customer feedback. The company recognized the insignificance of customer ignorance.
Boost The positive feedback from the mentor boosted her confidence. The negative criticism from the mentor crushed her confidence.
Gratitude The team expressed their gratitude for the valuable feedback. The team expressed their resentment for the destructive criticism.
Embrace The coach urged the team to embrace feedback for personal growth. The coach urged the team to reject feedback for personal growth.
Validation The project manager sought validation through feedback from stakeholders. The project manager sought invalidation through criticism from stakeholders.
Endorsement Her public endorsement of the product boosted sales. Her public opposition of the product decreased sales.
Critique The artist welcomed constructive feedback on her artwork. The artist welcomed harsh criticism on her artwork.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FEEDBACK

In conclusion, feedback and silence are two contrasting elements in the realm of communication. While feedback offers constructive criticism and encouragement, silence inhibits the exchange of information and growth. It is essential to embrace feedback as it leads to personal and professional development, enabling individuals to learn from their mistakes and progress. Conversely, overlooking feedback or turning a deaf ear to it can hinder advancement and hinder understanding.

By recognizing the importance of feedback and actively seeking it out, individuals can foster a culture of openness, continuous improvement, and collaboration. Embracing feedback, rather than shunning it, paves the way for success and ensures that individuals are on the path to reaching their full potential.

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