Opposite of FOLLOW – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for the verb “follow” are words that convey opposite meanings to the act of pursuing, adhering to, or imitating something or someone. While the term “follow” typically involves trailing behind or conforming to a particular entity, antonyms diverge from this principle by suggesting actions that oppose or contradict the concept of following.

The exploration of antonyms for “follow” allows for a broader understanding of language and the nuances in communication. By identifying antonyms, individuals can articulate ideas in a more diverse and contrasting manner, fostering clarity and precision in their expressions. Recognizing antonyms for “follow” can enhance one’s ability to convey contrasting perspectives, sentiments, or actions in various contexts.

Opportunities to incorporate antonyms for “follow” into daily discourse can enrich communication by offering alternative viewpoints or approaches to situations. By utilizing antonyms effectively, individuals can enhance the depth and complexity of their expressions, enabling them to communicate with greater subtlety and sophistication. An awareness of antonyms for “follow” can empower individuals to craft more nuanced and dynamic narratives in both verbal and written communication.

35 Antonyms for FOLLOW With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for follow. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FOLLOW antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Follow Sentence with Antonym
Lead The dog will follow its owner The owner will lead the dog
Precede Please follow the guidelines Please precede the guidelines
Go ahead Follow the main road Go ahead and take a shortcut
Guide The teacher will follow along The teacher will guide the students
Disregard I will follow your advice I will disregard your advice
Obey You must follow the rules You must disobey the rules
Forerun Clouds follow thunderstorms Thunderstorms forerun clouds
Head I followed behind the group I headed in front of the group
Precede You should follow the prelude You should precede the prelude
Antedate The movie will follow the book The book will antedate the movie
Lead The ship will follow the lighthouse The lighthouse will lead the ship
Forward Soldiers will follow the general Soldiers will march forward ahead
Precede The meeting will follow the presentation The presentation will precede the meeting
Initiate After the meeting, I will follow up with an email After the meeting, I will initiate further communication
Disobey It is crucial to follow traffic laws It is dangerous to disobey traffic laws
Pursue The cat will follow the mouse The cat will give up, not pursue the mouse
Resist The students will follow the teacher’s instructions The students will resist the teacher’s instructions
Outstrip The students will follow the teacher’s pace The students will outstrip the teacher’s pace
Ignore Don’t follow strangers alone at night Don’t ignore strangers’ warning
Forgo I decided to follow through with the plan I decided to forgo the plan altogether
Disassociate I chose to follow my intuition I chose to disassociate from my intuition
Oppose The crowd will follow the speaker The crowd will oppose the speaker’s ideas
Depart Cars follow the traffic signals Cars depart from the traffic signals
Empty Make sure to follow the itinerary Make sure to leave nothing empty on the itinerary
Lead away The temptation to follow negative influence The wisdom to lead away from negative influence
Avoid It is wise to follow health guidelines It is unwise to avoid health guidelines
Predate Technological advancements often follow scientific discoveries Scientific discoveries often predate technological advancements
Disrupt Student performance may follow a consistent study routine Student performance may disrupt a sporadic study routine
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FOLLOW

In conclusion, instead of leading, guide, succeed, or comply, consider diverging, straying, failing, or disobeying. Opt for a different path, break away from the norm, challenge the status quo, or march to the beat of your own drum. By embracing opposition to “follow,” you can explore independence, creativity, and innovation in your endeavors.

Ultimately, by refraining from adhering, conforming, copying, or imitating, you open yourself up to unprecedented possibilities and limitless potential. So, dare to diverge, resist the urge to follow, and carve out your unique way forward.

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