Opposite of FORBIDDEN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you familiar with antonyms for the word “forbidden”? Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of a given word. In the case of “forbidden,” antonyms would be words that convey permission, approval, or allowance.

Antonyms serve as valuable tools in language to help convey contrasting ideas and emotions. By understanding antonyms for common words like “forbidden,” we can effectively communicate in a more nuanced and precise manner.

Exploring antonyms for “forbidden” can expand our vocabulary and enhance our ability to express ourselves accurately. Through the use of antonyms, we can effectively convey concepts of freedom, permissibility, and acceptance in our communication.

35 Antonyms for FORBIDDEN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for forbidden. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FORBIDDEN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Forbidden Sentence with Antonym
Allowed Swimming was forbidden in the dangerous currents. Swimming was allowed in the clear, calm waters.
Permitted It is forbidden to park in this area. It is permitted to park in the designated spot.
Legal Hunting is forbidden in this wildlife reserve. Hunting is legal in certain designated areas.
Approve The teacher forbids the use of electronic devices. The teacher approves the use of laptops.
Acceptable It is forbidden to bring outside food into the cinema. It is acceptable to eat popcorn during a movie.
Free Entry is strictly forbidden without a valid ticket. Entry is entirely free for children under 6.
Allowed Jumping on the furniture is forbidden in this house. Jumping on the furniture is allowed in the playroom.
Encouraged It is forbidden to eat in the library. It is encouraged to eat in the designated area.
OK The website says it is forbidden to share passwords. The website says it is OK to change your settings.
Legal The use of fireworks is forbidden in the city limits. The use of fireworks is legal during celebrations.
Acceptable It is forbidden to smoke in this building. It is acceptable to smoke in the designated area.
Allowed It is forbidden to run inside the museum. It is allowed to take pictures using flash.
Consent Forbidden love often makes the heart grow fonder. Consent from family made their marriage enjoyable.
Authorize It is forbidden to access this file without approval. You are authorized to access this confidential document.
Legal It is forbidden to drive without a valid license. It is legal to ride a bike without a helmet.
Acceptable It is forbidden to speak out of turn in court. It is acceptable to discuss freely during meetings.
Allow It is forbidden to bring pets into the building. The new policy will allow pets in common areas.
Required It is forbidden to enter the construction zone. Safety gear is required to enter the site.
Approval It is forbidden to access restricted files. Approval is needed to view the confidential data.
Permission It is forbidden to leave the classroom without notice. Students must seek permission to leave early.
Valid It is forbidden to park in the fire lane. Your parking pass is valid for the whole day.
Legal The use of fireworks is forbidden around horses. The use of fireworks is legal near the fireworks show.
Acceptable It is forbidden to drink alcohol on this premises. Drinking coffee is acceptable at the morning meeting.
Sufficient The evidence is forbidden due to legal restrictions. The proof is sufficient to prove the allegations.
Allow It is forbidden to enter this premises without a badge. The new policy will allow entry with a visitor pass.
Jurisprudence The act was forbidden in the eyes of the law. The verdict was based on jurisprudence principles.
Permit It is forbidden to record the event without consent. You need a permit to film inside the theater.
Frequency Loud noises are forbidden in this area. Soft music is played frequently in the garden.
Normal It is forbidden to park in the disabled spot. Parking in a regular spot is considered normal.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FORBIDDEN

Exploring antonyms for forbidden reveals a range of words that convey permission, freedom, and allowance. While “prohibited” restricts an action, “authorized” signals approval to proceed. “Outlawed” indicates something banned, whereas “approved” suggests acceptance or endorsement. “Taboo” denotes a strong social prohibition, while “permitted” conveys the idea of being allowed to engage in an activity.

Understanding antonyms for forbidden provides clarity on what is acceptable or not within certain contexts. By recognizing these contrasting terms, individuals can navigate rules and regulations more effectively, making informed decisions on what is permitted and what is not in various situations. This awareness of antonyms for forbidden can help promote compliance and respect for boundaries while also fostering a sense of autonomy and freedom within established limits.

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