Opposite of FORGIVENESS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for forgiveness refer to words or phrases that represent the opposite of forgiveness. These antonyms denote feelings, attitudes, or actions that are characterized by resentment, grudges, or a lack of willingness to pardon or excuse someone for their actions.

When considering antonyms for forgiveness, it is essential to acknowledge the range of emotions and behaviors that signify a refusal to forgive. These antonyms can encompass feelings of bitterness, vindictiveness, or a desire for retribution instead of extending understanding and mercy towards others.

Exploring the spectrum of antonyms for forgiveness sheds light on the complexity of human emotions and the challenges that can arise when one is unable or unwilling to let go of past wrongs. By understanding these antonyms, we gain insight into the various ways in which people may struggle to move past feelings of anger, resentment, or a desire for payback.

35 Antonyms for FORGIVENESS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for forgiveness. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FORGIVENESS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Forgiveness Sentence with Antonym
Blame She forgave him for his mistake. She placed all the blame on him for his mistake.
Grudge He always forgives and forgets. He holds a grudge for every little thing.
Resentment Forgiveness is key to moving forward. Resentment only hurts the one holding onto it.
Vengeance Seeking forgiveness can bring peace. Seeking vengeance will only lead to more conflict.
Retaliation Choosing forgiveness over retaliation is wise. Responding with retaliation will only escalate the issue.
Hostility Showing forgiveness can diffuse hostility. Holding onto anger only fuels hostility in relationships.
Spite Forgiveness is a powerful act of kindness. Acting out of spite will only lead to more negativity.
Grudging She forgave him reluctantly. She held onto her anger grudgingly.
Retribution Showing forgiveness instead of seeking retribution. Seeking retribution will only perpetuate the cycle of harm.
Revengeful He was known for his forgiving nature. He was known for being revengeful towards those who wronged him.
Animosity Letting go of anger and practicing forgiveness is liberating. Holding onto animosity towards others only poisons oneself.
Malice Forgiving those who wrong us can heal wounds. Holding onto malice will only perpetuate the pain.
Hatred Forgiveness can help replace hatred with love. Holding onto hatred only breeds more negativity.
Revilement Choosing forgiveness over revilement is admirable. Responding with revilement will only create more bitterness.
Animus Forgiveness can break the cycle of animosity. Holding onto animus only leads to further conflict.
Acrimony Choosing forgiveness over acrimony demonstrates maturity. Responding with acrimony will only escalate tensions.
Guilt Forgiveness can release the burden of guilt. Holding onto guilt can be detrimental to emotional well-being.
Resent Choosing to forgive is better than holding resentment. Resenting someone only depletes one’s own energy.
Retaliatory She chose a path of forgiveness rather than retaliatory actions. Her retaliatory attitude only caused more harm.
Anger Letting go of anger and practicing forgiveness is liberating. Fostering anger only leads to more conflict.
Bitterness Releasing bitterness through forgiveness is freeing. Holding onto bitterness only poisons the soul.
Rancor Forgiveness can dissolve feelings of rancor. Holding onto rancor can eat away at one’s happiness.
Retaliate Choosing to forgive rather than seek to retaliate. Deciding to retaliate will only escalate the situation.
Spiteful She was forgiving despite his spiteful actions. She returned his spiteful comments with kindness.
Hatred-filled She was known for her forgiving nature. She was known for her hatred-filled heart.
Oppression Forgiveness can bring liberation from oppression. Choosing oppression leads to a cycle of pain and suffering.
Malevolence Replacing malevolence with forgiveness brings peace. Carrying malevolence in one’s heart only fuels negativity.
Injustice Choosing forgiveness over dwelling on injustice leads to healing. Holding onto feelings of injustice only breeds resentment.
Judgement Practicing forgiveness instead of passing judgement can mend relationships. Passing judgement without forgiveness only leads to conflict.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FORGIVENESS

It is clear that holding onto resentment and bearing grudges only sow seeds of negativity and turmoil. By choosing to harbor animosity instead of extending forgiveness, we trap ourselves in a cycle of bitterness and discord. Refusing to forgive can lead to prolonged feelings of anger and hostility, making it harder to move forward and find peace within ourselves.

On the other hand, embracing forgiveness allows us to let go of past grievances and break free from the chains of resentment. Choosing to forgive others not only promotes healing and reconciliation but also fosters personal growth and inner peace. By releasing the weight of anger and choosing forgiveness, we pave the way for a brighter and more harmonious future.

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