Opposite of FORTITUDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for fortitude, it is important to understand the concept of fortitude itself. Fortitude is characterized by courage, strength, and resilience in facing adversity or difficult situations. An individual with fortitude exhibits mental and emotional toughness in persevering through challenges.

Antonyms for fortitude, therefore, would refer to qualities or characteristics that contrast with courage, strength, and resilience. These antonyms might describe a lack of courage, weakness in the face of adversity, or an inability to withstand difficult situations. Understanding the antonyms for fortitude can provide valuable insights into contrasting attitudes and behaviors when encountering challenges.

Exploring antonyms for fortitude can help broaden our understanding of human responses to difficulties. By considering what qualities oppose fortitude, we gain a deeper perspective on the spectrum of emotional and mental capacities individuals possess when confronted with obstacles. These insights can offer valuable reflections on personal growth and resilience.

35 Antonyms for FORTITUDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for fortitude. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FORTITUDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Fortitude Sentence with Antonym
Cowardice She faced the challenges with strength and courage. She was filled with fear and timidity.
Weakness Despite everything, she showed unwavering bravery and persistence. She displayed fragility and vulnerability in the face of adversity.
Timidity His resolve and determination never wavered in difficult times. He was plagued by hesitation and shyness when confronted with obstacles.
Faintheartedness The soldiers faced the enemy with great fortitude and fearlessness. The soldiers were overcome with faintheartedness and apprehension.
Spinelessness She handled the situation with remarkable courage and backbone. She showed spinelessness and weakness under pressure.
Wavering His steadfastness and resilience were evident in his actions. His indecisiveness and wavering were apparent in his behavior.
Yielding She approached the challenge with resolute determination and strength. She gave in to the pressure, showing yielding and submissiveness.
Surrender In the face of adversity, she stood her ground with boldness and fearlessness. He chose to surrender to the difficulties rather than face them head-on.
Quailing She faced the storm with steadfastness and daring. The thought of the storm had her quailing with fear.
Timorous Despite the risks, he approached the challenge with great fortitude and resolve. He was too timorous to tackle the challenge, displaying hesitance and fear.
Submissiveness She demonstrated courage and confidence in her decisions. He exhibited submissiveness and trembling in the face of difficulties.
Pallid Her strength and bravery helped her endure the tough times. His spirit appeared pallid and faint-hearted, lacking the courage to face challenges.
Despair She faced the hardships with unwavering determination and boldness. He was consumed by despair and hopelessness, lacking the courage to persevere.
Fearfulness The team showed immense courage and confidence during the crisis. Individuals succumbed to fearfulness and dread, unable to exhibit fortitude.
Reluctance Despite the odds, she tackled the challenge with unwavering persistence and resolve. He showed reluctance and hesitation, lacking the necessary courage and strength.
Vulnerability She faced the adversities with unmatched fortitude and courage. He displayed vulnerability and weakness, lacking the strength and resilience required.
Pusillanimity Her boldness and steadfastness shone through in the most challenging times. His actions were marked by pusillanimity and cowardice, lacking the courage and fortitude needed.
Craven He tackled the challenges with unwavering courage and determination. He displayed craven behavior, shying away from obstacles and lacking fortitude.
Faltering She showed unyielding strength and bravery in the face of adversity. His resolve was faltering, showing weakness and indecision instead of fortitude.
Feeble With immense courage and perseverance, she navigated through the hardships. He proved to be feeble and faint-hearted, lacking the necessary fortitude and strength.
Flinching Despite the danger, she approached the challenge with unwavering resilience and courage. He showed flinching and timidity, lacking the required bravery and fortitude.
Unmanliness Her determination and courage never faltered in the face of adversity. He succumbed to unmanliness and fear, lacking the necessary fortitude and strength.
Receding Faced with an obstacle, she tackled it with boldness and daring. He was receding, showing cowardice and weakness instead of fortitude.
Hesitation She tackled each challenge with unwavering courage and strength. He was plagued by hesitation and timidity, lacking the necessary fortitude and bravery.
Softness She showed great strength and courage in dealing with the difficult situation. He exhibited softness and fear, lacking the resilience and fortitude required.
Lackadaisical Despite the uncertainty, she faced the challenge with unwavering determination and resolve. He was lackadaisical and displayed apathy, lacking the necessary fortitude and courage.
Trembling She faced adversity with unyielding bravery and fortitude. He was trembling with fear and apprehension, lacking the courage to face challenges.
Wimpish Her courage and steadfastness helped her overcome all obstacles. He was wimpish and timid, lacking the required fortitude and strength.
Cringing She faced challenges with unwavering courage and bravery. He was cringing with fear and apprehension, lacking the fortitude and confidence needed.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FORTITUDE

While some may lack fortitude, others display weakness in challenging situations. It’s important to recognize that resilience and courage are key traits that help individuals overcome difficulties. By acknowledging the difference between strength and frailty, we can better understand the importance of perseverance and determination in facing adversity. Instead of wavering in the face of challenges, it’s crucial to develop inner qualities that help build mental strength and endurance.

When individuals show timidity and hesitation, it highlights the absence of fortitude. On the contrary, displaying bravery and determination indicate the presence of inner strength. By embracing resilience and facing challenges head-on, individuals can develop the fortitude needed to navigate life’s obstacles with confidence and grace.

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