Opposite of FRACTIONAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for fractional, it is important to understand the concept of fractions. Fractions represent a part of a whole or a ratio of two numbers, typically expressed as one number divided by another. In contrast, antonyms for fractional refer to whole amounts or complete units that are not divided or expressed in terms of fractions.

These antonyms are words or phrases that convey the idea of entirety or fullness, rather than representing a portion or fraction of something. By exploring antonyms for fractional, we can gain a clearer understanding of when something is considered as a whole or complete entity, without any division or fraction involved.

In essence, antonyms for fractional provide us with a different perspective on numerical quantities and expressions. They highlight the boundary between parts and wholes, underscoring the distinction between fractions and complete units. By recognizing and applying antonyms for fractional, we can enhance our grasp of mathematical concepts and language.

35 Antonyms for FRACTIONAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for fractional. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FRACTIONAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Fractional Sentence with Antonym
Whole He drank a fractional amount of the juice. He drank the whole bottle of juice.
Complete She only finished a fractional part of her homework. She completed the entire homework assignment.
Entire Only a fractional number of students attended the lecture. The entire class was present at the lecture.
Full He has only a fractional understanding of the topic. He has a full understanding of the topic.
Total She has only completed a fractional of the project. She has completed the total project.
Integral His knowledge of the subject is only fractional. He has an integral understanding of the subject.
Complete The project is only fractional without the final touches. The project is complete with all necessary elements.
Unbroken The glass shattered into fractional pieces when it fell. The glass remained unbroken after it fell.
Absolute There is only fractional truth in what he says. There is absolute truth in what he says.
Primary The committee could only agree on a fractional issue. The committee had consensus on the primary issue.
Full She only understood a fractional of the instructions given. She had a full understanding of the instructions.
Intact The painting was left hanging by a fractional nail. The painting remained intact on the wall.
Aggregate The company earned only a fractional profit last quarter. The company earned an aggregate profit last quarter.
Plenary The council approved only a fractional number of proposals. The council approved plenary proposals at the meeting.
Integral She has mastered only a fractional part of the dance routine. She has mastered the integral dance routine.
Uncut The cake was divided into fractional slices. The cake remained uncut on the plate.
Inclusive The survey only sampled a fractional number of the population. The survey was extended to be inclusive of the entire population.
Unabridged He read only a fractional excerpt of the book. He read the unabridged version of the book.
Unqualified His success is only fractional without completing the task. His success is unqualified since he completed the task.
Total She has only consumed a fractional portion of her meal. She has consumed the total portion of her meal.
Complete His knowledge on the subject is only fractional. His knowledge is complete regarding the subject.
Overall He exhibited a fractional focus in his presentation. He demonstrated an overall focus throughout his presentation.
Universal The law only applies to a fractional segment of the population. The law is universal and applies to everyone.
General She gave a fractional response to the specific question. She gave a more general response to the specific question.
Intact The vase was smashed into fractional shards. The vase remained intact on the shelf.
Whole They only finished a fractional section of their assignment. They completed the whole assignment.
Unimpaired The car sustained damage to a fractional part of the bumper. The car remained unimpaired in most areas.
Complete The picture was only fractional with missing details. The picture was complete with all details included.
Full She only displayed a fractional amount of her abilities. She displayed her full range of abilities.
Consistent The results were only a fractional match to the previous data. The results were consistent with the previous data.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FRACTIONAL

Understanding the concept of whole numbers is vital as they represent complete units without fractions. While fractions divide a whole into parts, wholes stand for undivided entities in their entirety. Recognizing the distinction between the two helps in grasping the fundamental aspects of numerical representation.

In mathematics, the difference between whole and fractional numbers lies in the presence or absence of parts. Whole numbers, lacking fractions, signify complete quantities, whereas fractional numbers denote a division of a whole into equal parts. grasping the contrasting characteristics of whole and fractional numbers boosts comprehension and fluency in mathematical operations.

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