Opposite of FRAGILE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for fragile refer to words that describe objects or beings that possess a sturdy, robust, or resilient quality. These antonyms stand in direct contrast to the notion of fragility, implying strength, durability, and resistance to damage or breakage. By understanding the antonyms for fragile, we gain insight into the diverse spectrum of characteristics that exist across the spectrum of vulnerability to resilience.

One antonym for fragile is robust, denoting something that is strong, solid, and capable of withstanding force or pressure without breaking or deteriorating easily. Another antonym is resilient, which describes the ability of an object or person to recover quickly from difficult conditions or setbacks, showcasing a strong capacity for adaptation and endurance in the face of challenges. These antonyms serve as valuable tools for expanding our vocabulary and enhancing our ability to articulate the characteristics of items or individuals that possess qualities contrary to fragility.

35 Antonyms for FRAGILE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for fragile. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FRAGILE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Fragile Sentence with Antonym
Strong The fragile vase shattered into a hundred pieces. The sturdy vase remained intact even after the fall.
Durable Fragile items should be handled with extra care. The durable items can withstand rough use without damage.
Resilient Her fragile spirit was easily crushed by criticism. She showed a resilient spirit in the face of adversity.
Robust The fragile glass figurine was easily broken. The robust metal sculpture stood firm against impact.
Tough He avoided physical activity due to his fragile nature. She proved her tough nature by completing the challenging task.
Sturdy The fragile cardboard box tore open in transit. The metal container remained sturdy even under pressure.
Solid The fragile ice sculpture melted in the warm sun. The solid stone statue endured the weather conditions.
Firm Holding the fragile egg required a delicate touch. The firm grip ensured the object wouldn’t slip away.
Hardy The fragile flowers wilted quickly in the heat. The hardy plants thrived despite the harsh conditions.
Invincible Despite his brother’s fragile frame, he was kind. His training had made him almost invincible in battle.
Unbreakable Be careful with the fragile glassware, it can break easily. The diamond is unbreakable and can withstand any impact.
Stable The fragile structure wobbled in the strong wind. The stable building stood tall, unaffected by the storm.
Secure Her fragile heart was guarded after the betrayal. His constant love made her feel safe and emotionally secure.
Reliable The fragile old car broke down on the highway. The new car proved to be a reliable mode of transportation.
Long-lasting The fragile relationship crumbled under pressure. A strong foundation makes for a long-lasting bond.
Indestructible She dropped the fragile toy and it broke instantly. The toy made of steel was practically indestructible.
Impervious The fragile glass was easily scratched and chipped. The clear plastic proved to be impervious to damage.
Unyielding His fragile health made him susceptible to illness. Her unyielding attitude gave her strength in troubled times.
Hardy The delicate flower was considered fragile. The hardy plant thrived in different climates.
Rugged His fragile skin bruised easily from minor bumps. The rugged mountain terrain was challenging but safe to traverse.
Toughened The fragile glass shattered on impact. The toughened glass remained intact even after the fall.
Steadfast Despite his fragile appearance, he showed courage. She stood steadfast in her beliefs despite opposition.
Muscular The fragile structure collapsed under its own weight. The muscular frame of the building stayed upright in the earthquake.
Flexible His fragile resolve wavered in the face of adversity. The flexible approach allowed him to adapt to changing circumstances.
Inflexible The fragile ice sculpture melted in the sun. The metal sculpture remained inflexible and unchanged in the heat.
Intact The fragile antique clock shattered into pieces. The modern clock remained intact even after the fall.
Unswerving The fragile rope snapped under the weight. The unswerving cable held firm even under the heavy load.
Inviolable Her fragile trust was broken by the betrayal. The family’s bonds were inviolable, even in times of crisis.
Tough The fragile balloon popped as soon as it touched the thorn. The tough rubber ball bounced off the hard surface without harm.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FRAGILE

It is important to recognize the strength and resilience of something that is not fragile. This could include items that are sturdy, robust, or enduring. While fragile items may break easily, those that are resilient can withstand pressure, wear, or rough handling. Understanding the antonyms for fragility can help us appreciate the qualities that make things durable and long-lasting.

By acknowledging the opposite of fragility, we gain a greater appreciation for the toughness and durability of objects or individuals. Recognizing strength in things that are not fragile can help us value resilience, stability, and sturdiness in our surroundings and ourselves.

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