Opposite of FRAGRANCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for fragrance refer to scents or aromas that lack a pleasant or appealing smell. These are smells that are often perceived as offensive, unpleasant, or lacking in any positive olfactory quality.

While fragrance typically denotes a pleasing and aromatic quality that enhances the overall scent profile of a product or substance, antonyms for fragrance represent the opposite end of the olfactory spectrum. These contrasting scents can range from musty and foul odors to chemical and synthetic smells that evoke feelings of discomfort or aversion.

Identifying antonyms for fragrance can be useful in various contexts, such as fragrance development, quality control, or when describing scents in a negative light. Understanding these opposing olfactory characteristics can provide a more comprehensive perspective on the diverse range of smells that exist in our sensory experiences.

35 Antonyms for FRAGRANCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for fragrance. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FRAGRANCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Fragrance Sentence with Antonym
Odor The fragrance of the flowers filled the room. The odor of garbage pervaded the alleyway.
Stench The fragrance of the perfume was delightful. The stench of rotten eggs filled the kitchen.
Stink The fragrance of freshly baked bread wafted through the air. The stink of the sewer was unbearable.
Smell The fragrance of the roses was intoxicating. The foul smell in the garbage bin made me gag.
Scent The fragrance of lavender was soothing. The scent of burning rubber filled the air.
Aroma The fragrance of coffee brewed in the morning was comforting. There was no aroma of food in the empty kitchen.
Perfume The fragrance of the orchids was captivating. The absence of perfume in the room was noticeable.
Bouquet The fragrance of the freshly baked cookies was enticing. The room was devoid of any bouquet of scents.
Smelliness The fragrance of the pine trees in the forest was invigorating. The smelliness of the wet dog was overwhelming.
Savor The fragrance of the simmering spices made my mouth water. There was no savor in the air of the stale room.
Whiff A fragrance of lilacs greeted us as we entered the garden. A whiff of the skunk’s spray made us recoil in disgust.
Taste The fragrance of the fresh bakery goods was delightful. There was no taste of anything pleasant in the musty room.
Redolence The fragrance of the candles created a warm atmosphere. The absence of redolence in the sterile hospital room was eerie.
Aromatics The fragrance of the herbs in the garden was invigorating. The aromatics of the fish market were overwhelming.
Odoriferous The fragrance of the blooming flowers perfumed the air. The odoriferous smell of the swamp made us plug our noses.
Sweet-smelling The fragrance of the perfume lingered in the room. The room lacked anything that was sweet-smelling.
Floweriness The fragrance of the roses filled the garden. The lack of floweriness in the desert landscape was stark.
Freshness The fragrance of freshly cut grass filled the air. The freshness of the air was tinged with smog in the city.
Wholesomeness The fragrance of the pine forest was invigorating. The lack of wholesomeness in the air of the landfill was nauseating.
Delicacy The fragrance of the blossoms was delicate and lovely. The stark delicacy of the dumpster was repulsive.
Balm The fragrance of the eucalyptus trees was soothing. The balm of the stagnant pond was anything but pleasant.
Bouquet The fragrance of the spring blossoms was enchanting. The lack of bouquet in the air of the train station was stark.
Miasma The fragrance of the incense filled the temple. The miasma that lingered in the swamp was heavy and foul.
Zest The fragrance of the citrus trees was refreshing. The lack of zest in the stagnant room was suffocating.
Pungency The fragrance of the curry wafted through the kitchen. The pungency of the onions made our eyes water.
Muskiness The fragrance of the wildflowers was delightful. The muskiness in the cellar was musty and unpleasant.
Fumaceous The fragrance of the incense was calming. The fumaceous smell of cigarettes permeated the room.
Redolence The fragrance of freshly brewed coffee was invigorating. The lack of redolence in the room was unsettling.
Heaviness The fragrance of the ocean air was fresh and bracing. The heaviness of the smog made it difficult to breathe.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FRAGRANCE

In conclusion, the absence of fragrance can be described as odorless, bland, or unscented. The air in the room lacked any pleasant aroma, as it was devoid of any fragrance. On the contrary, the scent was overpowering, pungent, and unmistakable. The room was filled with a strong, overpowering fragrance that lingered in the air long after the source was removed. Overall, the presence or absence of fragrance can greatly impact the atmosphere and perception of a space.

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