Opposite of FRIENDSHIP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to the concept of friendship, it is crucial to acknowledge its counterpart: antonyms for friendship. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a way to understand a concept by recognizing what it is not. In the context of interpersonal relationships, exploring antonyms for friendship can offer insights into the qualities and dynamics that are not associated with this significant bond.

By examining antonyms for friendship, we can highlight qualities such as animosity, enmity, and hostility, which stand in stark contrast to the positive and nurturing aspects of friendship. Understanding these antonyms can deepen our appreciation for the genuine connections and support that friendships provide in our lives. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of cultivating healthy relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and companionship.

Exploring antonyms for friendship can broaden our perspective on what it means to truly bond with others. By recognizing the opposite qualities and behaviors, we can gain a deeper understanding of the essential elements that contribute to meaningful and fulfilling friendships. Embracing the concept of antonyms for friendship allows us to reflect on the value of genuine connections and the positive impact they have on our well-being.

35 Antonyms for FRIENDSHIP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for friendship. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FRIENDSHIP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Friendship Sentence with Antonym
Enmity Friendship knows no boundaries. The enmity between them was evident.
Hostility They built a strong bond of friendship. There was an air of hostility between them.
Animosity True friendship lasts a lifetime. They parted ways with lingering animosity.
Rivalry In times of need, true friendship shines. Their rivalry was always present.
Estrangement They shared a deep sense of friendship. Over time, estrangement crept in between them.
Antagonism A strong sense of friendship united them. Their mutual antagonism led to conflict.
Dislike Friendship brings out the best in people. The mutual dislike was palpable.
Hatred Their friendship was built on trust. The deep-seated hatred fueled their actions.
Detestation Their friendship was unwavering. Detestation was all that remained between them.
Aversion A true friendship withstands the test of time. There was a strong sense of aversion between them.
Animus The bond of friendship was unbreakable. Animus filled the room as they argued.
Alienation They cherished their friendship dearly. The feeling of alienation grew stronger.
Contention Through thick and thin, friendship endures. The constant contention strained their bond.
Discord The essence of friendship is understanding. Discord tainted their interactions.
Enmity Their friendship brought joy to their lives. Their enmity created tension in the room.
Animosity The depth of their friendship was remarkable. The brewing animosity could not be ignored.
Rivalry Friendship is a source of comfort and support. Their rivalry often turned hostile.
Strife They valued their friendship above all else. Internal strife threatened to tear them apart.
Malice The purest form of friendship is selfless. Malice seeped into their once warm relationship.
Hostility Their friendship was built on mutual respect. The underlying hostility poisoned their bond.
Dislike Friendship is a beautiful treasure to have. Their mutual dislike hindered any progress.
Hatred The memories shared in friendship last forever. The deep-rooted hatred was hard to overcome.
Alienation Their friendship brought light to their lives. The feeling of alienation gnawed at them.
Animus True friendship transcends any obstacles. The growing animus made communication difficult.
Contention Friendship is the foundation of trust. The constant contention eroded their bond.
Discord Mutual understanding is key in friendship. The underlying discord sowed seeds of doubt.
Estrangement The beauty of friendship is in its simplicity. Estrangement now clouded their once strong bond.
Antagonism In times of hardship, friendship prevails. Their mutual antagonism reached a breaking point.
Detestation The bond of friendship is unbreakable. Detestation consumed their interactions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FRIENDSHIP

In life, connections can be fluid and change over time. Relationships that bring joy and comfort can also face challenges and evolve into distant or unsteady interactions. While bonds may weaken, they can also be strengthened through communication and effort.

It is important to recognize the different phases relationships go through and to cherish the memories and lessons learned, even when the dynamics shift. Embracing the ebb and flow of connections allows for personal growth and understanding of the complexities of human interactions.

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