Opposite of GENEROSITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for generosity, we are exploring contrasting traits and behaviors that involve a lack of giving or sharing. While generosity involves a willingness to give, help, or provide for others without expecting something in return, its antonyms signify a lack of generosity or a selfish approach towards resources and assistance. These contrasting qualities showcase the spectrum of behaviors and attitudes towards generosity in interpersonal relationships and societal interactions.

Antonyms for generosity encapsulate behaviors such as stinginess, selfishness, and greed, where individuals prioritize their own interests and holdings over extending help or support to others. These traits indicate a reluctance or refusal to share resources, time, or care with those in need, highlighting a lack of empathy and communal spirit. By understanding and recognizing these antonyms, we can gain insight into the negative impacts of selfish behaviors on relationships, communities, and the broader society.

Exploring the antonyms for generosity can shed light on the importance of cultivating a giving mindset and practicing altruism in our interactions with others. Recognizing and actively avoiding behaviors associated with its antonyms can contribute to building stronger connections, fostering trust, and creating a more compassionate and supportive environment where individuals are willing to help and uplift one another.

35 Antonyms for GENEROSITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for generosity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GENEROSITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Generosity Sentence with Antonym
Selfish She showed generosity by donating to charity. He demonstrated his selfishness by refusing to share his food.
Stinginess His generosity knew no bounds when it came to helping others. Her stinginess was evident as she refused to contribute any money for the cause.
Greed Their generosity in providing for the less fortunate was inspiring. His greed led him to hoard his wealth and ignore those in need.
Avarice Her generosity extended to all those who needed help. His avarice made him unwilling to give even a small amount to those in need.
Miserly The family’s generosity towards each other was heartwarming. His miserly nature prevented him from parting with any of his possessions.
Self-centered His generosity towards his friends was unmatched. She was known for her self-centered attitude, unwilling to think of others.
Uncharitable The generosity of the community helped rebuild the town after the disaster. His uncharitable reaction to requests for help left many in need.
Tightfisted Their generosity brought joy to those around them. His reputation for being tightfisted made it hard for him to give to others.
Mean They showed generosity by assisting those who were struggling. His mean behavior towards those in need was disappointing.
Niggardly Her generosity towards her family was evident in all she did. His niggardly attitude towards charitable causes alienated him from others.
Grasping Their generosity towards the orphanage was truly touching. His grasping nature made it difficult for him to share with others.
Self-serving The company’s generosity towards the employees boosted morale. His self-serving actions showed his lack of concern for others.
Mercenary His generosity in giving back to the community was commendable. Her mercenary attitude meant she only thought of money and not helping others.
Inhospitable Their generosity towards visitors was well-known. The old man’s inhospitable behavior towards strangers shocked everyone.
Ungenerous She showed generosity by offering to help in any way she could. His ungenerous spirit was evident in his reluctance to offer assistance.
Unmagnanimous His generosity towards those in need never wavered. Her unmagnanimous response to pleas for help was disheartening.
Unkind They showed generosity by giving their time to help others. His unkind words towards the homeless person revealed his true nature.
Uncharitable The generosity of the volunteers made a real difference. Her uncharitable nature prevented her from helping those in need.
Grudging Their generosity in times of crisis was invaluable. His grudging attitude towards sharing was clear to all.
Parsimonious Her generosity towards the less fortunate was well-known. His parsimonious ways left him with more than he needed but no joy in giving.
Unsympathetic The couple’s generosity towards the homeless was heartening. Her unsympathetic response to the beggar made him feel unwelcome.
Harsh Their generosity in helping others shone through in times of need. His harsh words towards the struggling family were unnecessary.
Cruel She demonstrated generosity by donating her time to the shelter. His cruel treatment of the animals showed his lack of compassion.
Constricted His generosity towards his friends knew no bounds. Her constricted mindset made it hard for her to think of others.
Narrow-hearted Their generosity towards the less fortunate made a real impact. His narrow-hearted approach to those in need shocked everyone.
Cold-hearted Her generosity towards the children in need was genuine. His cold-hearted response to the homeless person was a stark contrast.
Unfeeling The company’s generosity in supporting social causes was admirable. His unfeeling reaction to the suffering of others was disappointing.
Reluctant Her generosity towards her family was apparent in all she did. His reluctant attitude towards helping those in need was disheartening.
Self-absorbed Their generosity towards the community had a lasting impact. His self-absorbed nature meant he rarely thought of others before himself.
Unthinking She showed generosity by donating to various causes. His unthinking behavior towards those in need was evident.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GENEROSITY

Being stingy with our resources can create a sense of lack and scarcity, hindering our ability to connect with others and experience the joy of giving. Embracing generosity allows us to foster positive relationships, build trust, and contribute to a more compassionate and connected community.

While selfishness may provide temporary satisfaction, it ultimately leads to isolation and a sense of emptiness. By choosing to be generous, we open ourselves up to a world of abundance, kindness, and fulfillment. Letting go of the antonyms for generosity can lead us towards a more meaningful and purposeful existence, where our actions have a positive impact on those around us.

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