Opposite of GIFT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for gift are terms that represent the opposite of giving or receiving something without payment or obligation. While a gift is typically an expression of love, gratitude, or celebration, antonyms for gift reflect scenarios where items are not freely given or received.

The concept of antonyms for gift can encompass words or phrases that signify taking, borrowing, purchasing, confiscating, or stealing items with or without consent. These terms emphasize transactions or actions that do not involve generosity, kindness, or altruism, which are often associated with the act of giving a gift.

Understanding antonyms for gift can provide insight into contrasting behaviors or intentions related to exchanges of items between individuals. By recognizing these opposing concepts, one can appreciate the complexities and nuances of human interactions and the various ways in which goods and services can be transferred or acquired.

35 Antonyms for GIFT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for gift. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GIFT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Gift Sentence with Antonym
Refuse She graciously accepted the gift from her friend. He decided to refuse the offering from his colleague.
Take The children were excited to receive gifts on their birthday. They chose to return the present as they did not want it.
Keep She always gives gifts to her loved ones on special occasions. He decided to discard the present as it was of no use to him.
Neglect He gifted her a beautiful bouquet of flowers on their anniversary. She chose to neglect the offering as she was upset with him.
Seize They exchanged gifts as a token of their friendship. She decided to seize the possession from him as a form of revenge.
Surrender She donated a gift to the charity event. He refused to surrender the offering and kept it for himself.
Consume They exchanged presents during the holiday season. He decided not to consume the gift and kept it as a keepsake.
Conceal She shared gifts with her family during the festive season. He tried to conceal the offering from his friend, but she found out.
Steal The children eagerly opened their Christmas presents. They caught the thief trying to steal the gifts from under the tree.
Demand He loved to receive gifts from his admirers. She did not demand any present on her birthday this year.
Lend She gave gifts to her siblings as a sign of affection. He did not want to lend the offering to his friend as he feared losing it.
Take back He proudly offered a gift to his mentor. She felt the need to take back her present upon hearing the news.
Distribute They exchanged gifts with each other during the festival. He chose not to distribute the offering among his friends.
Forfeit She donated a gift to a local shelter for the less fortunate. He had to forfeit the present due to a misunderstanding.
Deny He gave presents to his family members on their birthdays. She could not deny the offering from her best friend.
Receive The kids were thrilled to open their gifts on Christmas morning. They did not want to receive any presents for their anniversary.
Disown She gave away gifts to the orphanage on Children’s Day. He had to disown the offering from his relative due to certain reasons.
Oppose He purchased a gift for his sister’s graduation ceremony. She chose to oppose the present given to her by her colleague.
Keep The parents gifted their daughter a new bicycle for her birthday. She did not want to keep the offering and returned it to the store.
Reject She offered a gift as a token of appreciation for his help. He felt the need to reject the present due to personal reasons.
Loss They exchanged gifts with their neighbors during the holidays. He experienced a great loss when his gift was stolen.
Return She gave him a gift as a token of their friendship. He did not want to return the offering as he cherished it too much.
Abstain They exchanged presents with each other on New Year’s Eve. She chose to abstain from accepting any gifts this year.
Deny He presented a gift to his girlfriend on their anniversary. She could not deny the offering from her admirer.
Bestow She gave a gift to her colleague as a gesture of gratitude. He did not want to bestow the offering upon his friend.
Reject They swapped gifts with each other on Valentine’s Day. He felt the need to reject the present from his partner.
Loss She showered gifts on her friends on Friendship Day. He experienced a tragic loss when his gift was destroyed.
Withdraw He exchanged gifts with his family during the festive season. She chose to withdraw the offering before it was received.
Hold She sent gifts to her loved ones on their birthdays. He did not want to hold on to the present and decided to give it away.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GIFT

In life, we encounter situations where we receive gifts and also where we lack them. When blessings surround us, we feel grateful and cherished; however, when we face adversity, we grow stronger and more resilient. These contrasting experiences remind us of the ebb and flow of life, with moments of abundance and scarcity shaping our journey.

The absence of gifts is not a mere void but an opportunity for growth and introspection. It allows us to appreciate the value of what we have, fostering humility and gratitude. By acknowledging the contrasts between receiving gifts and facing their absence, we can better understand the richness and complexity of our human experience.

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