Opposite of GLANCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate, sometimes words hold more weight than we realize. Antonyms for glance are expressions that signify a deeper level of observation or a more deliberate action than a casual or quick look. These antonyms are used to describe the act of closely inspecting or studying something.

Rather than a fleeting and casual act, antonyms for glance suggest a deliberate and intentional focus on an object or person. They indicate a more in-depth examination or analysis, signaling a heightened level of attention and awareness. By using antonyms for glance, we convey the idea of a purposeful, thorough observation rather than a cursory glance.

Antonyms for glance can be words that denote a prolonged or fixed gaze, indicating a more concentrated and sustained visual engagement. They can imply a contemplative or thoughtful attitude towards the subject being observed, emphasizing the importance of taking the time to truly see and understand what is before us.

35 Antonyms for GLANCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for glance. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GLANCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Glance Sentence with Antonym
Stare She glanced at the clock before leaving. She stared at the clock before leaving.
Gaze He glanced over the document quickly. He gazed over the document intently.
Peek The cat glanced curiously into the box. The cat took a thorough peek into the box.
Scrutinize Sarah glanced at the painting briefly. Sarah scrutinized the painting closely.
Examine Please glance at the instructions first. Please examine the instructions carefully.
Stumble He glanced at his feet as he walked. He stumbled due to not watching his steps.
Inspect The detective glanced at the evidence quickly. The detective needs to thoroughly inspect the evidence.
Glare She glanced at him, unimpressed. She glared at him disapprovingly.
Stroll They glanced at the shops while walking. They decided to stroll instead of just glancing.
Scrutiny Their glance was merely a casual observation. Their investigation requires a detailed scrutiny.
Eyeball He quickly glanced at the poster. He took his time to eyeball the poster.
Roam She glanced through the magazine. She chose to roam through the magazine.
Peruse He just glanced at the book cover. He should peruse the entire book.
Perusal Their glance is not enough for a decision. A thorough perusal is necessary before deciding.
Glint Her eyes glanced in the sunlight. Her eyes lost their glint in the darkness.
Pore He only glanced at the report. He needs to pore over the report to understand it.
Observe They glanced at the stars in passing. They need to observe the stars with a telescope.
Cursory A glance is not a substitute for study. Please refrain from a cursory examination.
Survey He quickly glanced at the map. He decided to survey the map thoroughly.
Glance They glanced over the document together. They took the time to carefully glance over the document.
Stalk He glanced at his prey from afar. He decided to stalk his prey quietly.
Glower She would only glance at him coldly. She chose to glower at him angrily.
Observation A quick glance will not suffice here. A detailed observation is required.
Wander They occasionally glanced at the brochure. They opted to wander the brochure thoroughly.
Peak She glanced at the mountain peak. She needs to climb to the peak for a better view.
Ignored She felt hurt when he glanced at her then ignored her. She felt relieved when he looked at her instead of ignored her.
Neglect The teacher would often glance at the students and neglect their questions. The teacher should focus on the students’ questions instead of neglect them.
Eye John glanced at the door briefly. John decided to eye the door with suspicion.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GLANCE

In everyday conversations, when we catch a mere glimpse of something or someone, that quick, passing interaction is often referred to as a glance. However, when we take the time to fully observe, study, or scrutinize someone or something, we delve deeper into the details and truly understand the essence of what we are seeing. This thorough examination allows us to appreciate the intricacies and complexities that may be missed with just a quick glance.

While a glance can serve as a brief and superficial snapshot, a more deliberate and attentive observation provides a richer and more profound understanding. By moving beyond a mere glance and embracing a more thorough scrutiny, we unlock a world of depth and insight that enhances our perception and appreciation of the world around us.

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