Opposite of GLUTTONY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for gluttony refer to words that encompass moderation, restraint, and self-control in consuming food or indulging in excesses. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings and are used to convey contrasting concepts. In this context, antonyms for gluttony present a counterbalance to the idea of excessive eating or overindulgence, promoting a more balanced and subdued approach to consumption.

By exploring antonyms for gluttony, one can gain insight into the virtues of temperance, frugality, and prudence when it comes to indulging in food or other pleasures. These antonyms serve as a reminder of the importance of moderation and mindfulness in one’s actions, encouraging a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Embracing antonyms for gluttony can lead to greater self-awareness and a more harmonious relationship with food and other aspects of life.

In a world where excess and extravagance are often glorified, considering antonyms for gluttony offers a refreshing perspective on the value of restraint and moderation. These antonyms provide a linguistic tool to express the opposite of indulgence and help promote a more balanced and mindful approach to consumption. Embracing antonyms for gluttony can foster a greater sense of control, discipline, and well-being in one’s daily choices and habits.

35 Antonyms for GLUTTONY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for gluttony. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GLUTTONY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Gluttony Sentence with Antonym
Moderation He indulged in gluttony at the buffet. She practiced moderation and had just a small serving.
Abstinence His gluttony led him to overeat frequently. Her abstinence from overeating kept her healthy.
Restraint Despite his efforts, gluttony got the best of him. Showing remarkable restraint, she stopped after just one slice of cake.
Temperance His lack of temperance often resulted in gluttony. Her temperance in eating habits prevented any signs of gluttony.
Sobriety Gluttony at the feast caused him to feel sick afterwards. Eating with sobriety, he was satisfied with just a light meal.
Moderateness The excessive gluttony was evident in his eating habits. His moderateness in consumption made him feel content with a small meal.
Frugality Her gluttony for sweets often led her to overindulge. Practicing frugality, she limited herself to just one chocolate.
Inhibition In moments of weakness, gluttony would take over. With strong inhibition, she was able to resist the urge to overeat.
Conscience His gluttony caused him to ignore the warnings of his conscience. Acting on his conscience, he stopped before overeating.
Self-control Gluttony led to his inability to exhibit self-control around food. With strong self-control, she was able to stop after a reasonable portion.
Austerity The sheer gluttony of the meal left him feeling uncomfortable. The austerity of her portions showed a stark contrast to typical gluttony.
Temperateness His lack of temperateness often resulted in gluttony. She showed remarkable temperateness by stopping after a small portion.
Asceticism The wealthy merchant indulged in gluttony at every meal. The monk’s asceticism was evident in his refraining from gluttony.
Abstemiousness Her lack of abstemiousness often led her to gluttony. Demonstrating abstemiousness, he refrained from indulging in gluttony.
Self-discipline Lack of self-discipline fueled his gluttony. By exercising self-discipline, she avoided falling into the trap of gluttony.
Temperance Gluttony seemed to be his default behavior at celebrations. His practice of temperance helped him avoid the pitfalls of gluttony.
Ascetic She devoured the cakes with a display of gluttony. Living like an ascetic, she refrained from all forms of gluttony.
Clean living His lifestyle was marred by constant gluttony. Striving for clean living, she avoided the trap of gluttony.
Abnegation His constant gluttony showed his lack of abnegation. Through abnegation, she was able to resist the lure of gluttony.
Temperance His lack of temperance often resulted in episodes of gluttony. Through practicing temperance, she kept gluttony at bay.
Balance Her lack of balance led to instances of gluttony. By maintaining balance, she avoided falling into the trap of gluttony.
Restraint His lack of restraint often led to bouts of gluttony. Demonstrating restraint, she managed to avoid falling into the trap of gluttony.
Discipline Gluttony showed his lack of discipline in eating habits. Her discipline helped her steer clear of gluttony.
Temperate His lack of temperate behavior often resulted in gluttony. She was known for her temperate eating habits and avoidance of gluttony.
Abstinent His lack of abstinence led to frequent bouts of gluttony. By being abstinent in her eating, she avoided the trap of gluttony.
Moderation Overeating was a sign of his frequent gluttony. She displayed moderation by eating just enough to feel satisfied.
Self-restraint Lack of self-restraint fueled her gluttony. By exercising self-restraint, he avoided overindulging in gluttony.
Reserve His lack of reserve often led to displays of gluttony. She showed remarkable reserve by avoiding gluttony.
Prudence His lack of prudence was evident in his gluttony. She showed great prudence by avoiding situations that could lead to gluttony.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GLUTTONY

Indulging in moderation can help combat the effects of gluttony, which is the excessive and unrestrained consumption of food. By practicing restraint and self-control, one can avoid overeating and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of giving in to gluttonous urges, it’s essential to prioritize mindful eating and savoring each bite.

Choosing to eat in moderation and being conscious of portion sizes can prevent the negative consequences associated with gluttony, such as weight gain and health issues. By embracing balance and moderation in our diets, we can promote overall well-being and enjoy food without overindulging.

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