Opposite of GRAB – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for “grab,” we are exploring words that convey the opposite action or concept. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings, creating a sense of opposition or contrast. By examining antonyms for “grab,” we can gain a better understanding of the diverse range of language and how words can represent opposing ideas.

One antonym for “grab” is a term that signifies a gentle or delicate approach that involves handling something with care instead of seizing it abruptly. This antonym highlights the contrast between forceful action and a more restrained or considerate behavior. Another antonym for “grab” might suggest releasing or letting go of something, emphasizing the act of allowing an object to be free rather than catching or securing it.

Exploring antonyms for “grab” allows us to appreciate the richness and complexity of language by showcasing the variety of ways we can express opposing meanings. By understanding antonyms, we can enhance our vocabulary and communication skills by grasping the nuances and subtleties of different words and their contrasting connotations.

35 Antonyms for GRAB With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for grab. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GRAB antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Grab Sentence with Antonym
Release He quickly grabbed the bag of chips He gently released the bag of chips
Let go She grabbed the dog’s leash and didn’t let go She released the dog’s leash and let go
Withdraw He grabbed a handful of candies He withdrew his hand from the candies
Drop She was about to grab the mic, but she dropped it She was about to drop the mic, but she grabbed it
Lose He frantically grabbed the falling phone He carelessly lost the falling phone
Release She grabbed onto the railing as the ship rocked, then finally released her grip She intentionally released her grip on the railing
Free She grabbed the pen and held it tightly, unwilling to let go She freely left the pen where it was
Unfasten He grabbed his keys from the desk and then unfastened his seatbelt He carefully put his keys on the desk and fastened his seatbelt
Pick up She quickly grabbed her jacket before it flew away She calmly put her jacket down instead of picking it up
Reject The musician grabbed the guitar from its case The musician rejected playing the guitar
Push He forcefully grabbed the handle and pulled He gently pushed the door instead of grabbing
Relinquish She grabbed a hold of the rope, but later relinquished the grip She avoided grabbing onto the rope and instead relinquished it
Emancipate She grabbed the shackles, needing to emancipate herself She refused to grab the shackles, feeling already emancipated
Unclasp He grabbed the necklace and fastened the clasp He decided not to grab the necklace and left it unclasped
Release He barely managed to grab the edge of the cliff Eventually, he had to release the edge of the cliff for his safety
Retain She grabbed the money from the table She chose not to grab the money and retain it for its rightful owner
Restrain He had to grab his friend to restrain him He decided not to grab his friend and allow him freedom
Resist She grabbed her phone and resisted putting it down She refrained from grabbing her phone and showed no resistance
Avoid In order to grab his attention, she avoided eye contact To avoid grabbing his attention, she made direct eye contact
Leave She grabbed her suitcase and walked out She opted to leave her suitcase behind and not grab it
Free He grabbed hold of the chains and tried to free himself He did not grab the chains, feeling already free
Let go He grabbed her hand so tightly, she couldn’t let go He intentionally avoided grabbing her hand, allowing her to let go easily
Surrender The thief grabbed the loot and ran, refusing to surrender The thief decided not to grab the loot and willingly surrendered
Skip She eagerly grabbed the skipping rope and started jumping She chose to skip grabbing the skipping rope and didn’t start jumping
Give up He grabbed the prize, unwilling to give up He didn’t grab the prize, deciding to give up
Abandon She grabbed hold of the child, making sure not to abandon him She refrained from grabbing hold of the child, opting to abandon him
Forsake He grabbed his guitar, making sure to never forsake it He chose not to grab his guitar, signifying his desire to forsake it
Dispense She grabbed the medication to dispense to the patient She avoided grabbing the medication to dispense, opting for another method
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GRAB

In conclusion, it is important to be mindful of the way we acquire things, whether it’s through taking or receiving them. Instead of seizing opportunities, we should learn to let them come to us naturally. By relinquishing the impulse to snatch or clasp onto things, we open ourselves up to a more organic, patient approach to life.

Choosing to release rather than clutch, to yield instead of snatch, can lead to a more harmonious and balanced existence. Embracing the antonyms of “grab” allows us to appreciate the value of patience, humility, and respect in our interactions with the world around us.

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