Opposite of HALAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for halal refer to practices, objects, or actions that are considered forbidden, impure, or prohibited in Islam. These antonyms represent the opposite of what is permissible and allowed according to Islamic rulings.

In Islamic teachings, the concept of halal encompasses a wide range of aspects, from food and drinks to practices and behaviors. Antonyms for halal are therefore anything that goes against these guidelines and is deemed haram, meaning forbidden or unlawful in Islam.

Understanding antonyms for halal is essential for followers of the Islamic faith to ensure that they adhere to the teachings and principles laid out in the religion. By being aware of what is considered forbidden, individuals can make informed decisions and strive to lead a life that is in accordance with Islamic beliefs and values.

35 Antonyms for HALAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for halal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HALAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Halal Sentence with Antonym
Haram The meat was certified halal by the Islamic authority. The meat is considered haram and not permissible to eat.
Forbidden Eating pork is haram in Islam. Eating pork is not forbidden in some cultures.
Unlawful It is halal for Muslims to consume dates. Consuming alcohol is unlawful according to Islamic law.
Prohibited The butcher assured us the meat was halal. The restaurant had a sign stating that alcohol was prohibited.
Disallowed Pork is completely disallowed in a halal diet. Pork is not disallowed in a non-halal diet.
Impermissible It is impermissible to eat non-halal meat during Ramadan. Eating non-halal meat is permissible outside of Ramadan.
Restricted Muslims are restricted from consuming non-halal foods. Non-Muslims do not have dietary restrictions on consuming halal food.
Taboo Eating certain types of meat is considered a taboo in a halal diet. Consuming those meats is not considered taboo in other diets.
Unacceptable The meat served was clearly not halal, making it unacceptable to Muslim diners. The food was deemed acceptable as it was not halal.
Illegal Selling non-halal products is illegal in some Muslim-majority countries. Selling halal products is perfectly legal worldwide.
Restricted The menu was restricted to only halal options for the event. The menu had no dietary restrictions and included non-halal items.
Off-limits Non-halal products were off-limits to those on a strict diet. Those products were not off-limits to people not following a halal diet.
Inappropriate Non-halal items were considered inappropriate for the occasion. People brought various appropriate and non-halal dishes.
Outlawed Non-halal items are outlawed in this religious community. Halal items are not outlawed and are widely accepted.
Banned Banned substances include anything not halal under Islamic law. Items that are not banned are considered halal.
Proscribed The consumption of alcohol is proscribed in a halal lifestyle. Alcohol is not proscribed in non-halal diets.
Unlawful It is considered unlawful to serve non-halal food in this restaurant. Non-halal food is lawful to serve in other establishments.
Contraband Halal goods were provided for the Muslim guests, but non-halal options were considered contraband. Contraband goods were allowed as they were not considered halal.
Blacklisted Non-halal items were blacklisted from the event due to dietary restrictions. Those items were not blacklisted and were freely available.
Forbidden Consuming non-halal meat is forbidden in Islamic dietary laws. Eating non-halal meat is not considered forbidden in other diets.
Contrary The meat was not obtained in a halal manner, contrary to Islamic tradition. The meat was obtained in a manner that was not considered contrary to religious beliefs.
Permitted Eating pork is strictly not permitted in a halal diet. In certain cultures, eating pork is permitted.
Unclean The food served was not halal and deemed unclean by religious standards. The food was not deemed unclean and was not required to be halal.
Unsanctioned The dish was prepared in a way that was unsanctioned by halal standards. The dish was sanctioned and did not have to comply with halal regulations.
Unacceptable Serving non-halal meat is unacceptable during certain religious ceremonies. Serving acceptable dishes that are not considered halal is permissible.
Unethical It is considered unethical to serve a dish that is not halal in a mosque. Being ethical involves serving food that is both halal and ethical.
Invalid Claims that non-halal meat is just as good are invalid to those adhering to these dietary laws. Halal options are considered just as valid as non-halal for different contexts.
Unlawful Distributing non-halal food in a halal-only event is considered unlawful. Distributing lawful non-halal food is permissible in other events.
Unapproved The non-halal dish was cooked and therefore considered unapproved for consumption. The dish was approved and not required to be halal for indulgence.
Lawful Serving halal meat is lawful according to religious beliefs. Serving non-halal meat is also lawful according to different beliefs.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HALAL

In summary, the antonyms for halal encompass a range of terms that imply something being forbidden, impure, or unacceptable within Islamic dietary guidelines. While halal denotes what is permissible and lawful, its antonyms such as haram, impermissible, prohibited, and unclean signify what is not allowed or considered unacceptable for consumption by Muslims. These antonyms draw a clear distinction between what is deemed lawful and what is forbidden according to Islamic principles, guiding adherents in their dietary choices and adherence to religious guidelines.

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