Opposite of HANDFUL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary and increase your word choices? Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to another word. In this discussion, we will be exploring antonyms for the word “handful.”

When we refer to a handful of something, we are talking about a small quantity that can be held in one hand. Antonyms for “handful” will describe a larger amount or quantity of something. By learning antonyms for “handful,” you can better express yourself and communicate more effectively in different contexts.

Understanding antonyms for common words like “handful” can help you diversify your language and be more precise in your communication. Stay tuned to discover a variety of words that convey the opposite meaning of “handful” and enhance your vocabulary.

35 Antonyms for HANDFUL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for handful. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HANDFUL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Handful Sentence with Antonym
Abundance She grabbed a handful of candies. She was overwhelmed by the abundance of candies.
Many He picked up a handful of pebbles. He gathered a treasure trove of pebbles, not just a many.
Numerous The child held a handful of balloons. The sky was filled with an numerous of balloons.
Crowd I managed to grab a handful of tickets. It was impossible to get through the crowd of people to purchase tickets.
Multitude We only need a handful of volunteers. We were blessed with a multitude of volunteers eager to help.
Heap He scooped a handful of sand. There was a heap of sand on the beach.
Pile She had a handful of papers. The desk was covered with a pile of papers.
Bunch I plucked a handful of grapes. There was a bunch of grapes hanging from the vine.
Ton He carried a handful of apples. He transported a ton of apples.
Stack She took a handful of books from the shelf. The library had a stack of books awaiting reshelving.
Collection The artist picked up a handful of brushes. She had an impressive collection of brushes.
Selection I grabbed a handful of candies from the jar. There was a wide selection of candies to choose from.
Surfeit She could only manage a handful of bites from the dessert. The dessert table offered a surfeit of options.
Profusion The gardener only needed a handful of seeds. The field was teeming with a profusion of seeds.
Array I held a handful of crayons. The art store displayed an array of crayons.
Horde He gathered a handful of shells on the beach. A horde of shells covered the shoreline.
Abundance He was content with a handful of fish. The lake was teeming with an abundance of fish.
Dozen The chef grabbed a handful of fresh herbs. She needed a dozen herbs for the recipe.
Gather He picked up a handful of fallen leaves. The children worked together to gather all the leaves in the yard.
Cacophony She could only hear a handful of voices in the distance. The conference room was filled with a cacophony of voices.
Overflow I took a handful of candy from the jar. The jar was on the verge of overflow with candy.
Bundle She carried a handful of sticks. The lumberjack had a bundle of sticks to use as firewood.
Exiguous He only brought a handful of supplies. The amount of supplies he brought was exiguous.
Scarcity She shared a handful of snacks with her friends. Despite the scarcity of snacks, they savored each bite.
Profusion He grabbed a handful of seashells. The beach was scattered with a profusion of seashells.
Diligent She only needed a handful of moments to solve the puzzle. The student was diligent in her quest to complete the puzzle quickly.
Abandon He held onto a handful of memories. She was ready to let go and abandon all her memories.
Plentiful The farmer only harvested a handful of fruits. The orchard was abundant with plentiful fruits.
Excess She took a handful of candy from the jar. Her excess of candy overflowed from the jar.
Limited They found only a handful of options. Their choices were limited to just a handful.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HANDFUL

In conclusion, instead of a small “handful” of options, there is a wide array of selections available. With numerous choices to pick from, you are not limited to just a few possibilities. Rather than being restricted to a “handful” of opportunities, the world offers an abundance of alternatives for exploration and decision-making. By acknowledging the diverse range of options beyond just a “handful,” individuals can open themselves up to a richer and more fulfilling range of experiences.

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