Opposite of HANDSOME – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we consider the term “antonyms for handsome,” we are exploring words that convey the opposite meaning of the adjective “handsome.” Antonyms are words that have contrasting definitions or convey opposite qualities to a specific term. In this case, we are focusing on finding words that represent the opposite of being handsome.

Exploring antonyms for “handsome” allows us to delve into a spectrum of descriptors that convey different meanings and qualities. These words provide an alternative perspective on appearance and can help us to understand the various ways people are perceived and described. By identifying antonyms for “handsome,” we gain insight into a range of attributes and characteristics that exist on the continuum of physical appearance.

Considering antonyms for “handsome” broadens our vocabulary and understanding of how individuals are described. By examining words that contrast with “handsome,” we can appreciate the diversity of language and how different terms can convey distinct meanings and nuances. Identifying antonyms for this well-known adjective expands our linguistic knowledge and deepens our ability to express a range of thoughts and observations related to physical appearance.

35 Antonyms for HANDSOME With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for handsome. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HANDSOME antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Handsome Sentence with Antonym
Ugly He is handsome and charming. He is ugly and repulsive.
Plain She thought he was handsome, but she found him plain. She thought he was plain, but found him handsome.
Unattractive People often find him handsome but others find him unattractive. People often find him unattractive but some find him handsome.
Homely Despite being handsome, he considered himself rather homely. Despite being homely, he was envious of handsome men.
Unappealing The model’s pictures looked handsome, whereas his real-life appearance was unappealing. His unappealing appearance was in stark contrast to his handsome pictures.
Unsightly The painting was handsome despite the unsightly frame. He may be handsome, but his clothes are quite unsightly.
Repulsive She found his attitude handsome but his behavior was repulsive. His repulsive behavior was a far cry from his handsome demeanor.
Unlovely He considered her most handsome while she thought of herself as unlovely. She thought she was unlovely compared to his handsome appearance.
Hideous The child’s drawing was cute, but the adult’s portrayal was handsome and hideous. Although lauded for his handsome features, his inner self was hideous.
Uncomely The royal entourage presented a richly adorned and handsome appearance, while the rebels were uncomely in their attire. Her elegant dressing was in contrast to the uncomely, yet comfortable clothing he wore.
Disfigured Her face was once handsome until it was disfigured in the accident. His face was disfigured but his personality remained handsome.
Grotesque The sculpture was handsome in its simplicity, yet grotesque in its shape. Despite being handsome, his unique features were sometimes considered grotesque.
Unprepossessing The new neighbor seemed handsome and friendly, whereas the old one was unprepossessing. Her unprepossessing looks were in contrast to his handsome appearance.
Brainless She found him utterly handsome, yet he considered her brainless. His brainless behavior was a stark contrast to his handsome looks.
Unattractive Despite his handsome appearance, he felt unattractive on the inside. Whereas she believed she was unattractive, he found her handsome.
Horrible The things he did made him handsome, but they were horrible. He may appear handsome on the outside, but his actions are absolutely horrible.
Unpretty She considered him most handsome, while he thought of her as unpretty. Her unpretty face was a stark contrast to his handsome features.
Ghastly The home was handsome and inviting, yet outside lay a ghastly scene. Despite his handsome demeanor, his actions towards her were ghastly.
Deformed The once handsome dog was now deformed due to its illness. Although deformed, his heart was as handsome as his smile.
Monstrous His actions were handsome on the surface but monstrous in scope. He may look handsome, but inside him lurks a monstrous character.
Unpretty His paintings were handsome and intricate, while hers were unpretty and simple. Despite being handsome on the outside, his thoughts towards her were unpretty.
Awful He was considered handsome by many, but his actions were awful. Although his looks were handsome, his actions were undeniably awful.
Unlovely The morning was bright and handsome, yet he felt unlovely. Despite being unlovely to himself, he always thought her to be handsome.
Despicable He was handsome in appearance, yet his deeds were despicable. Despite his despicable actions, he possessed a handsome charm.
Grotesque The dress was handsome except for the grotesque colors. Her grotesque attire was a stark contrast to the handsome party dress.
Unbecoming The suit looked rather handsome on him, but unbecoming on his friend. His unfriendly actions were unbecoming of his handsome appearance.
Homely The house had a handsome exterior but a homely feel inside. Despite having a homely appearance, she was a handsome sight.
Monstrous His body was handsome except for the monstrous scar. The baby may be handsome but its cries were monstrous.
Uncomely The handsome prince caught the eye of all at the ball, except for the uncomely villagers. Her uncomely attire was a stark contrast to his handsome appearance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HANDSOME

Plain, unattractive, or ugly are some antonyms for handsome. These words convey a lack of physical appeal or charm. While handsome typically describes someone attractive and pleasing to look at, its opposites suggest the opposite – a person who may not possess conventional beauty or comeliness.

Terms like unattractive, plain, or ugly can be used to describe individuals who are not conventionally attractive, in contrast to the positive connotations of handsome. These antonyms emphasize the absence of physical attractiveness and highlight the varied ways in which beauty and aesthetics can be perceived.

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