Opposite of HERO – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of a hero, we conjure images of bravery, selflessness, and noble deeds. However, the antonyms for hero paint a contrasting picture. These are individuals who lack the courage, integrity, or moral character typically associated with heroes.

The antonyms for hero encompass a range of characteristics such as cowardice, selfishness, and dishonesty. These individuals may prioritize their own interests over the well-being of others, shy away from challenges, or engage in deceitful and dishonorable behavior.

By exploring the antonyms for hero, we gain insight into the qualities and actions that are deemed undesirable or negative in comparison to the noble attributes of a hero. Understanding these contrasting traits can help us appreciate the true essence of heroism and the importance of integrity, courage, and selflessness in our society.

35 Antonyms for HERO With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hero. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HERO antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hero Sentence with Antonym
Coward The hero bravely saved the hostages. The coward cowered in fear and fled.
Villain The hero fought against the villain. The villain plotted evil schemes.
Defeatist The hero never gives up hope. The defeatist surrendered without trying.
Traitor The hero remained loyal to the cause. The traitor betrayed his allies.
Wimp The hero faced the challenges courageously. The wimp shied away from any difficulty.
Antihero The hero stood up for justice. The antihero chose the path of selfishness.
Weakling The hero exhibited great strength. The weakling crumbled under pressure.
Scoundrel The hero acted with integrity and honor. The scoundrel deceived and cheated others.
Deserter The hero remained steadfast in battle. The deserter abandoned their comrades.
Villainess The hero saved the city from destruction. The villainess wreaked havoc and chaos.
Cowardly The hero faced danger fearlessly. The cowardly retreated at the first sign of trouble.
Dark force The hero stood up against the dark force. The dark force threatened to consume the world.
Reject The hero was embraced by the community. The outcast felt like a reject from society.
Renegade The hero upheld the values of justice. The renegade turned against their own principles.
Villainy The hero fought against the forces of villainy. The kingdom was plagued by villainy and deceit.
Betrayer The hero remained loyal to their friends. The betrayer sold out their companions for personal gain.
Timid The hero faced the challenges boldly. The timid individual shied away from taking any risks.
Scoundrel The hero acted selflessly in the face of danger. The scoundrel exploited the vulnerable for personal gain.
Wicked The hero strived to do good for others. The wicked witch cast spells on the innocent.
Traitorous The hero remained true to their oath. The traitorous knight turned against their king.
Malefactor The hero fought against the malefactor. The city was plagued by corruption and malefactors.
Loser The hero emerged victorious from the battle. The loser admitted defeat and walked away in shame.
Hateful The hero inspired unity and love. The hateful words of the demon sowed discord among the people.
Unheroic The hero performed a courageous act. The soldier’s actions were deemed unheroic and selfish.
Disloyal The hero remained faithful to his companions. The disloyal soldier sided with the enemy.
Doormat The hero stood up for what is right. The doormat let others walk all over them without protest.
Despicable The hero’s actions were noble and honorable. The criminal’s behavior was deemed despicable by society.
Abominable The hero was a beacon of hope in times of darkness. The abominable creature terrorized the villagers.
Lifeless The hero breathed life back into the town. The town was under a curse that left it lifeless and barren.
Deceiver The hero always spoke the truth. The deceiver tricked the people with his false promises.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HERO

In our everyday lives, we encounter individuals who display traits that are the antithesis of a hero. From cowards who shy away from challenges to villains who harm others, the spectrum of behaviors is vast. Instead of courageous feats and selfless acts, these individuals embody fear, selfishness, and cruelty. Society often condemns these actions and lauds heroes who embody bravery, selflessness, and compassion.

While heroes are celebrated for their noble deeds, it is important to acknowledge the presence of their antonyms in our midst. By understanding and recognizing these contrasting qualities, we can strive to cultivate virtues that support and uplift others, contributing positively to the world around us. By reflecting on the range of behaviors represented by the antonyms for hero, we can appreciate the importance of courage, kindness, and altruism in creating a better society.

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