Opposite of HIT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for hit are words that represent the opposite action of striking or making contact with something forcefully. These antonyms can describe actions that involve missing a target or not making physical contact with an object.

Antonyms for hit can also convey the concept of avoiding or dodging an impact, symbolizing a deliberate act of not coming into contact with something in a forceful manner. These words offer a versatile range of expressions to describe actions that are opposite in nature to hitting or striking.

By exploring antonyms for hit, we gain a better understanding of contrasting actions that involve not connecting with an object with force. These words provide an insightful look into language’s ability to convey opposing meanings and offer a wider vocabulary for expressing different types of actions.

35 Antonyms for HIT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hit. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HIT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hit Sentence with Antonym
Miss He swung the bat but missed the ball. He swung and hit the pitch perfectly.
Avoid Try to hit the target on your first attempt. Avoid the obstacles on your way to success.
Resist The boxer delivered a powerful hit to his opponent. The opponent couldn’t resist the blow.
Spare The rock hit the window and shattered it. I tried to spare the window but failed.
Dodge The car narrowly avoided a hit by swerving. The cat successfully managed to dodge the dog.
Fail He tried to hit the bullseye but failed. Success was elusive as he continued to fail.
Protect The goalie tried to hit the soccer ball. His primary role was to protect the goal.
Avoid Hikers were warned to hit the trail early. The guide advised them to avoid the trail at night.
Strike The batter managed to hit a home run. The bowler made sure no one could strike him.
Connect She tried to hit the target with the arrow. There was a poor signal; her call failed to connect.
Retreat The general ordered the troops to hit the enemy camp. Soon, they were forced to retreat.
Shield The goalkeeper blocked a hit on the goal. He used his hands to shield himself from the ball.
Protect The bodyguard took a bullet meant to hit the VIP. His duty was to protect the VIP at all costs.
Shield The knight used his shield to hit the enemy’s blow. The enemy found it difficult to shield himself.
Land The bird made a perfect hit on its prey. The prey managed to land safely on the ground.
Prevent The vaccination helped hit the spread of the disease. Adequate sanitation can prevent the spread of germs.
Block The defender successfully hit the opponent’s shot. His job was to block any attempts to score.
Pass The batter managed to hit the baseball into the outfield. The outfielder caught the ball before it could pass.
Defend The soldier prepared to hit the enemy’s attack. The soldier was outnumbered but ready to defend.
Guard The boxer managed to hit his opponent with a strong blow. His opponent tried to guard himself against future attacks.
Miss He managed to hit the target with the dart. Every throw thereafter seemed to miss the mark.
Avoid The pilot had to hit multiple checkpoints during the flight. The pilot skillfully managed to avoid turbulence.
Shield The superhero blocked each hit directed towards him. He used his shield to shield himself from further blows.
Surrender The combatant refused to hit despite being cornered. He realized it was better to surrender than face defeat.
Bypass The driver had to hit certain checkpoints before arriving. He managed to use a shortcut and bypass checkpoints.
Clip The boxer managed to hit his opponent with a powerful strike. The doctor then, carefully proceeded to clip the bandages.
Slip The surgeon managed to hit the specific nerve during the operation. The nerve then caused the patient to slip into a coma.
Match The striker managed to hit the ball into the goal. The defender tried his best to match the striker’s movements.
Fall The boxer calculated a hit on his opponent’s chin. The opponent couldn’t balance and began to fall.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HIT

In conclusion, it’s essential to recognize alternative phrases for “hit” to convey ideas more precisely. Instead of saying “hit,” one could use “miss,” “avoid,” or “skip” to emphasize the absence of contact. By employing a rich vocabulary that includes antonyms for “hit,” we can foster clearer communication and convey nuanced meanings effectively. This diverse language usage enables us to express a range of concepts accurately and capture subtleties that a single word like “hit” may fail to encompass, enhancing our ability to articulate thoughts and ideas with precision.

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