Opposite of HOARSE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to describing vocal qualities, one of the common terms that we encounter is “hoarse,” which refers to a harsh, rough, or raspy sound in a person’s voice. Antonyms for hoarse are words that represent the opposite vocal qualities, offering a smooth, clear, and melodious sound. These antonyms provide a spectrum of vocal tones that contrast with the characteristic roughness associated with hoarseness.

Antonyms for hoarse serve as linguistic counterparts that highlight the diversity of vocal characteristics and qualities. By using these antonyms, individuals can effectively communicate the specific nuances of someone’s voice or describe the pleasant and smooth sound they produce. Embracing a range of antonyms for hoarse enables us to paint a more vivid picture of vocal attributes, allowing for richer and more precise expression in our descriptions and conversations.

35 Antonyms for HOARSE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hoarse. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HOARSE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hoarse Sentence with Antonym
Clear His voice was hoarse after shouting all day. Her voice was clear and melodious.
Silky The singer’s voice was hoarse from the cold. The singer’s voice was smooth and silky.
Loud He could only speak in a hoarse whisper. She spoke in a soft, quiet tone.
Melodic Her voice turned hoarse after the concert. His singing was beautiful and melodic.
Mellow After cheering at the game, his voice was hoarse. His voice was mellow and calming.
Soft The teacher’s hoarse voice echoed in the hall. The teacher spoke in a gentle, soft voice.
Smooth His voice was rough and hoarse from yelling. Her voice was smooth as she sang.
Rich She struggled to speak through her hoarse throat. The orator’s voice was rich and full.
Lyrical The singer’s voice sounded hoarse at the end of the show. The singer performed with her lyrical voice.
Refined His voice became hoarse from too much talking. Her voice remained refined and elegant.
Clear The kid’s voice was hoarse after crying all night. The kid’s voice was now clear and calm.
Serene Despite being hoarse, his voice conveyed authority. Her voice, though gentle, was serene.
Harmonious Her voice grew hoarse after hours of speaking. The choir sang in perfect, harmonious tones.
Pure His voice was hoarse after the long speech. Her voice was pure and angelic.
Gentle The singer’s voice grew hoarse as she performed. The singer’s voice was gentle and soothing.
Modulated His hoarse voice showed signs of strain. Her voice was beautifully modulated.
Soothing Her voice was hoarse after cheering at the game. The nurse spoke in a soothing tone.
Melodious His voice sounded hoarse after the concert. Her singing was heartfelt and melodious.
Polished Her voice was becoming hoarse as she kept talking. Despite talking so much, her voice was still polished.
Articulate He tried to speak, but his voice was hoarse. She was always articulate and confident.
Sweet Her voice went hoarse from constantly singing. The baby’s laughter was sweet and pure.
Refined His hoarse voice made it difficult to understand. Her voice remained refined and dignified.
Elegant Despite feeling hoarse, she sang beautifully. Her voice was elegant and sophisticated.
Harmonious The singer’s voice turned hoarse from fatigue. The strings played harmonious melodies.
Velvety His voice became hoarse from shouting all day. Her voice was low and velvety.
Harmonic His hoarse voice indicated a lack of hydration. Her singing was harmonic and pleasing.
Comforting Her voice grew hoarse as she gave instructions. The sound of waves was calming and comforting.
Audible The man tried to speak, but his voice was hoarse. Her voice was clear and audible.
Velvety Her voice turned hoarse from overuse. The musician played with a velvety tone.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HOARSE

In conclusion, the opposite of “hoarse” refers to having a smooth, clear voice. Individuals who are not hoarse can speak with clarity and without any roughness in their vocal tone. They are able to communicate effectively without any strain or raspiness in their speech. Conversely, being hoarse indicates a roughness or harshness in one’s voice that can impede clear communication. Therefore, cultivating good vocal health through proper hydration, vocal warm-ups, and avoiding strain can help maintain a clear and non-hoarse voice.

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