Opposite of HOLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When talking about antonyms for holy, we are referring to words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning of sacredness or divine significance. Antonyms represent terms that are contradictory or opposite in nature to a specific concept or idea, offering a contrast in meaning.

These antonyms can range from secular or profane terms to irreverent or sacrilegious expressions that lack the reverence or sanctity associated with holiness. By exploring antonyms for holy, we can gain a better understanding of the diverse spectrum of beliefs, values, and attitudes that exist in relation to spirituality and religious practices.

In various cultural and religious contexts, the concept of unholy or impure may be used as antonyms for holy, illustrating the contrast between sacred and unhallowed states or actions. Understanding these antonyms can help to deepen our comprehension of the complexities and nuances surrounding ideas of holiness and its opposite counterparts.

35 Antonyms for HOLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for holy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HOLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Holy Sentence with Antonym
Unholy She entered the holy church with reverence. She avoided the unholy place with fear.
Sinful The priest led the holy ceremony with solemnity. The criminal led a sinful life, full of wrongdoings.
Profane The holy water was used during the baptism ceremony. She defiled the church by using profane language.
Impure The holy rituals brought peace to the community. The water from that river was impure and not safe to drink.
Wicked The monk prayed in the holy sanctuary. The witch cast spells in her wicked lair.
Unrighteous The holy scriptures are revered by believers. His actions were unrighteous and immoral.
Unsanctified The relics were considered holy by the followers. The ruins were left unsanctified and unhallowed.
Profane The holy site was where pilgrims gathered for worship. They chose to defile the place with profane acts.
Blasphemous The holy leaders guided the followers with wisdom. The false prophets uttered blasphemous words against the gods.
Godless The holy day of observance was met with devotion. They lived in a godless society devoid of faith.
Irreligious The holy festival was a time of celebration and praise. He mocked the traditions and was considered irreligious.
Ungodly The holy celebration lasted well into the night. They feared the ungodly creatures that lurked in the dark.
Pagan The holy text provided guidance for daily living. He followed the ways of the pagan and worshipped multiple gods.
Hellish The holy place was a sanctuary for prayer. The dark forces made the area feel hellish and sinister.
Desecrated The holy ground was where miracles were witnessed. They defiled the area and made it desecrated.
Secular The holy songs filled the church with peace. She preferred secular music over religious hymns.
Impious The holy artifacts were displayed in the museum. They showed a lack of respect by handling the objects impiously.
Diabolical The nun led a life of holy devotion to her beliefs. He followed a path of diabolical deeds that brought chaos.
Atheistic The holy man provided counsel and comfort to the seeker. They rejected the existence of a god and identified as atheistic.
Profanity The holy teachings emphasized love and compassion. He filled the air with profanity and disrespect.
Wretched The holy site brought solace to those seeking redemption. The wretched state of the place made it unwelcoming.
Sordid The holy day of remembrance was solemn and quiet. They preferred a life of sordid affairs and indulgences.
Cursed The holy site was believed to be a place of miracles. The nearby forest was said to be cursed and forbidden to enter.
Mundane The holy music lifted the spirits of the congregation. They found no joy in mundane activities and rituals.
Unhallowed The holy ground was where the first church was built. They avoided the area, claiming it was unhallowed soil.
Ungodly The holy man lived a life of charity and selflessness. They engaged in ungodly deeds that harmed others.
Demonic The holy texts were a source of guidance and wisdom. They were whispered to be in league with demonic forces.
Infernal The holy fire burned brightly in the temple. The neighboring village was rumored to be home to infernal creatures.
Godless The holy leader preached love and forgiveness. They lived as if in a godless world with no faith.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HOLY

The concept of holiness can often be expressed through its antonyms. Profane, impious, and sinful are words that represent qualities opposite to holiness. Actions or behaviors that are deemed profane or impious go against the sacred or divine. While the notion of holiness is associated with purity and sanctity, its antonyms encompass ideas of irreverence and immorality.

Understanding antonyms for holy allows for a broader perspective on the concept of holiness itself. By recognizing and exploring these contrasting qualities, it becomes clearer what holiness entails and how it is distinguished from its opposites. The diversity of antonyms for holy sheds light on the complex nature of sacredness and the various ways in which it can be perceived and understood.

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